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Johnny Bananas:



8/2/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV reality star Johnny Devenanzio -- aka Johnny Bananas -- tells TMZ ... he's VERY serious about his beef with "Entourage" claiming, "I'll be damned if some half-ass ape is gonna come and steal my identity."

TMZ broke the story ... the former "Real World" star is threatening to sue HBO over the "Johnny's Bananas" storyline on "Entourage" -- claiming he owns the rights to the name, and never gave permission for the show to use it.

Johnny was out at Beso in L.A. last night ... and told us, "It's not like I spilled hot coffee on my vagina and I'm trying to make a buck off of it ... my identity has been stolen man."

He adds, "I've been on television for the last 5 years, acting like a jerk-off, creating this name, making it a household name, and I'll be damned if some half-ass gorilla is gonna come by and steal my thunder."


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Ha ha...It's funny how Americans sue eachothers for even stupid names.

1117 days ago


He could easily have a case, does seem kind of strange for that particular name to pop up in a pop-culture-self-referential show about guys who appear to be basically the same as any of MTV wannabe, they just went to the beach rather than down the shore

1117 days ago


what a tool... he assumes people knows who he is and that he has a nickname.

1117 days ago


He wants no one to take his gay name...hes been on tv shoving a bananna up his azz...thats how he was associated with the bananna,,,frivolous lawsuit a waste of paper and says hes been on tv...i never seen the (p) rick before.....dudes not only got a bananna up his butt, also is a jerk!

1117 days ago


He has worked VERY hard at being a complete tool with no brains and even less clout. He is the bottom of the barrel of our society and MTV pays him tons of money to be an absolute monkey. The fact that he considers this his JOB is a JOKE. Johnny Bananas is his nickname, not his identity and he needs to get a real life outside of reality tv. Not to mention his total disregard for the facts when it comes to the woman who was burned by hot coffee. She actually HAD a case and WON. This guys just wasting everyone's time. I hope he DOES burn his vagina.

1117 days ago


TMZ will put this guys mugg on this site every dayand make him famous for being a nobody. Go sue Joey (bananas) Bonano and see how far that will get you. Don't forget to check your car before you start the engine.

1117 days ago


The thread for the "Johnny Bananas" animated series began on Entourage last season. If he's so vigorously defending his identity was it only now becoming an issue?

1117 days ago


Who? And arent you supposed to be ashamed that you were on the Real World and never admit it?

1117 days ago


go away loser! no one except mtv views know who you are and even the viewers don't give a crap!

1117 days ago


Is this guy serious? Nobody knows/cares who you are. You are nothing but an insignificant addition to a reality TV show, you don't even have your own show. Get a real job and contribute to society. When you die all you will be known is Johnny Bananas, some d-bag from reality TV who never accomplished anything in his life. Great legacy! What's even worse is that his moron attorney took the case. I've only taken one intro to business law course when I was in college and I could tell you there is absolutely no case for trademark infringement. They're just hoping HBO will settle and hand over money to avoid the headache of dealing with with retard.

1117 days ago


Hey Johnny Douchebag--here is some news for you. Pray that they mention your stupid name lots considering it is the last season for Entourage. When Entourage is over so will the tiny bit of recognition you are bringing yourself. You don't even deserve the 15 minutes that TMZ is giving you, Jackoff!!

1117 days ago

April Etheridge    

The hot coffee remark made me have to post a comment, which I never do! Just last week the daughter of the lady who sued McDonalds over the coffee did a hour special. I wish TMZ would get those photos and post the truth about that story! McDonalds did an awesome PR job spinning that! She almost died. The photos of her burns looked like a horror movie. She only asked McDonalds to pay her hospitals bills not paid by insurance, they sent her an 800$ check. The doctors treating her had never seen such damage. They notified McDonalds to check the temp of the coffee to prevent anyone else from being harmed and were treated disrespectful. The lady that was burned signed a confidentiality clause when she settled but her daughter didn't. The daughter felt she needed to speak on her mothers behalf because of comments like this guy have made. (For the record, I used to make comments too! Not ever again after seeing that!) I really wish TMZ would get some of those pics and tell the other side!

1117 days ago


Maybe his name is famous in his household, I don't know who he is.

1117 days ago


The original Johnny Bananas is actually a mobster who had claim to this name long before this guy. Check out his wikepedia listing. This loser did not come up with that name on his own and he may want to watch his back since he stole a true mob guy's name.

1117 days ago


20 bucks says this douche watched the Casey Anthony trial and saw how a Zenida Fran Gonz is suing for Casey using that exact name (even though there are prob 25 others with that name in the world) and he thought...."WOW....I can do that too! No one watches these challenges and my $ is spread thin so this is a easy way of trying to get some $$."

Mr. Real World Loser- no one watches that crap anymore and honestly not that many people know you. You are far far away from a household name other than your mothers and grandmothers. As for HBO...millions watch them. Do you really think HBO's legal team would allow them to rip off a name and chance getting in trouble? HELL NO they wouldn't. HBO has their own legal team that ideas, art, etc. have to pass through before it even gets aired. ( I work for a tv network.)

Johnny get a life. And ps. The way you are slandering HBO and Entourage....they could prob. end up taking you to court.

1117 days ago
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