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8/2/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Rihanna partied her FACE OFF in Barbados ... while remaining half-naked the whole time. Warning: the following images are titillating and depressing -- because you're not there.

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And this i why the rest of the world hates you American because you all put your mouth where it don't belong and don't ever look at what going with your own you people need to take a long look at your all selves before judging anybody else culture(cuz you all don't have any to judge, Cuz war is not a culture)a bunch of sad ass bitches

1145 days ago


u r some negative haters, that is how they enjoy themselves its there culture. Why question and judge them when ur white raw asses are sniffing and injecting things into ur bodies, what can we say we make u do ur nasty and we dnt judge u. Shut the f@#k up and let her enjoy herself in peace and let loose in her damn country, u go rihanna atleast u dnt ave a stick up ass.

1145 days ago


Rihanna,another senseless half naked demorilizing role model for young american woman.

1145 days ago


Rhianna is a bajan she is dressed like everyone else was on Kadooment day not Harvest Day.That is how we party!On Kadooment day we are one people leave her alone.

1144 days ago

Bajan Angel    

God, sometimes it's amazing to witness the high levels of ignorance and stupidity some people's a Caribbean festival, and it IS tradition for that kind of clothes to be worn and behaviour to go on (which you would have known, TMZ, if you had done your research), and for you to make it sound like she was being some tramp that just stripped off her clothes in the street and ran around half-naked is reflective of the poor, poor research staff you have there at TMZ. I mean, how the hell hard could it have been for you to just find and read an article about the festival on the net, on the plane as you came into the island, or to Wikipedia Barbados, for Christ sakes. What the hell, you could've asked any one of the thousands of Barbadians lining the same streets you filmed Rihanna run up and down in, what the name of the festival is, and what was being celebrated. And if all you people who commented, calling Rihanna a skank etc., are too close-minded to understand that in some parts of the world, this type of clothing and behaviour (yes, the gyrating on other women etc.)are normal and okay, then it's your damn problem. Get your facts straight, TMZ, before reporting something and flinging it on the internet, because these kinds of things can hurt a country's, (especially one like Barbados, whose main industry is tourism)reputation. I went, and I had a great time, and it looks like Rihanna did as well.

1144 days ago

sharon McMay    

Rihanna is proof Money does not and can not buy Class...I find her disgusting.

1144 days ago


So I'm presuming most of you haters have NEVER been to Barbados and have NEVER experienced Crop Over so can not be objective when commenting on this anyway!!!! Most of you guys are probably from the US and only 37% of you have a passport so you're not going anywhere soon anyway (apologies to the 37% who do experience the rest of the world and different cultures...spread the word!!!)
And....third rate country?? Really?? Cause this so-called 'third rate country' is ranked 5th in the world with a Literacy rate of 99.7%!! The USA is waaaaaaaaaaaaay down the ladder at 45th place.
So before you start calling anyone 'third rate' - take a look in your own backyard - while people in Barbados go on having a good time, enjoying the sunshine and the ****tails.
And I'm not even from Barbados by the way...but I've been to Crop Over and know what it's about.

1144 days ago


Most you mofo's think Europe is a country and 3/4 of you can't name your own VP, so that qualifies you to discuss other cultures. Hope you all make it back to Kansas safely in time for your Victorian Gay parades.

1144 days ago


watch out TMZ staff....... YOUR IGNORANCE IS SHOWING!!!

1143 days ago


this is a costume which is a part of a caribbean festival for those uneducated out there
Be careful america....... YOUR IGNORANCE IS SHOWING!!
this also goes out to the TMZ staff who stated rihanna was a harvest festival....what's the friggin internet for..look it u before u talk rubbish

1143 days ago


for all the ignorants out there...the festival rihanna was at was called crop over ....come down some time and be educated
to the TMZ STAFF get on the friggin internet and friggin read...all yall make americans shame..talking crap about thing u dont know
TO all yall with negative comments about barbados, our festival and culture

1143 days ago


bajan-sha you tell them. You can see the haters. They to need a break to the islands for carnival. lmao

1142 days ago

Veronica Harris    

Have any of you stupid people travel anyway outside the U.S.A during their carnival celebrations - Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados or any other caribbean islands - well Rhianna was celebrating her culture which you all know nothing about because you have no culture or education for that matter.
You all are just jealous because you have to pay top dollars to see a girl from a small island like Barbados make it big.
We all love her and for your information she is the youth ambassador in Barbados and holds a diplomatic passport. I would love me children to grow up to be as successful as Rhianna as she shows what hard work is all about. Blow you all. We love you RiRi.

1142 days ago


Wow, stop hating on her this is what they do where she from it do not make her a whoe, it is good she has not let who she come keep her from what it the is tradtion from where she was born. Read about the islands. Then there will not be so many dumb comments.

1125 days ago


Ethnocentrism.. The more you hate the more ignorant you look. It shows you know NOTHING about other cultures. Rihanna is not grinding her ass in front of the whole world, she just happened to be in her home country enjoying her culture, when someone filmed her and sent it to TMZ. ANND if you really need a famous person to set examples out for your kids, you should not have any. Kids learn form parents not from celebrities.

1064 days ago
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