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'19 Kids and Counting' Family

BLOWING UP $100 Bills

At The Lincoln Memorial

8/4/2011 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803-money-washinton-water-exThe adorable religious zealots on "19 Kids and Counting" were right on the money yesterday in D.C. -- when the family stormed the Lincoln Memorial to fight spiritual bankruptcy ... with GIANT $100 bills.

Patriarch Jim Bob Duggar tells TMZ, he and his family felt like the country could use a pep talk during these hard financial times ... so they handed out over-sized fake Benjamins, inscribed with uplifting spiritual messages.

Jim Bob -- who was vacationing in the capital with his family -- adds, "Our hope in passing them out today was to encourage people to reflect on the things that are most important and to re-evaluate their relationship with God."

Given the memorial backdrop ... maybe $5 bills would have been more appropriate?


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I guess holding up a five dollar bill at the Lincoln Memorial would just have been tacky. Every one knows that Ben Franklin was our greatest president ever and never had affairs while he was in France and was totally this spiritual person!

Wait.. what?

1175 days ago


wow another rich person telling us what we should do, sorry guy but to busy WORKING like millions of others who are not as lucky as you, to feed my family.

1175 days ago


Wow "religious zealots", that's not biased at all TMZ.

1175 days ago


Say what you want about them, but they are not on welfare, and are good people. They won't be getting DUI's and flashing paps cooch shots. They also recycle and buy used clothing, etc... their carbon footprint is probably smaller than mine.

1175 days ago


Hey it's the Banana Man! (Look it up on youtube)

1174 days ago


I wish these religious people would mind their manners and stop pushing their beliefs in "The religious fantasy" down our throats...
It's not your world, it's not your country....Keep your mouth shut for the lord....isn't that what your bible say's let the lord work in his own mysterious think some lefty homosexual is going to stand in god's way...
get a grip Christians...
Read and obey your own bible...

1174 days ago


So when do their older girls get a life of their own? And they may be really nice people but the fact that everyone dresses the same and the girls all have that long, messy hair - individuality is sorely missing in their lives.

1174 days ago


Yet another case of confusing religion with spirituality. The two terms are NOT synonymous.

1174 days ago


Tell these Jesus freaks to go back home and stop littering in DC.

1174 days ago


You and your family are contributing to the most serious problem we face: overpopulation. Shame on you. You may be a religious fanatic, but you were born with a brain to use. I suggest that you do.

1174 days ago


there's nothing wrong with what they are doing.someone else here pointed out that they aren't on welfare,they self-support themselves,can't say that about 90% of the ghetto trash living in all our major cities and elsewhere...THEY are the real drain on society,and just look,we're in an economic crisis,no connection there...*rolls eyes*.

1174 days ago


If they want to be religious, fine.. but why do they feel the need to try to shove what they believe down the throats of others. They want to preach about love and understanding and all that jazz, but from my experience, Christians show these characteristics to others the least. As for the Duggers... they might not be on welfare... good... BUT.. popping out kid after kid to "build god's army" (their words) and so they can keep that paycheck coming in from TLC doesn't seem much like "earning a living" either. Has anyone every watched that show? I've seen a a couple of them, and it was basically the mom teaching the girls to cook and having the older girls take care of the younger ones and the dad teaching the boys to farm (or something)... the kids take care of each other while mommy and daddy make more babies. They marry off their kids to other families who have lots of kids so they can continue to "build god's numbers". I don't dislike them for their religion... but they way they are raising their kids and the things they teach them and what they consider "life lessons" only teaches the kids that they should marry other's like them and have baby after baby after baby. (One of the sons got married and the wife got preggers pretty quick.. but when asked if how many they were going to have, they said they couldn't have as many as their parents because they didn't have their own TV show..)

1174 days ago


Zealots? Someone needs to grab a dictionary around your office. I don't see anyone saying that Orthodox Jews are Zealots. - & KateMae - Overpopulation by the Duggar family? This family is paying for everything by themselves and not living off the government, like the crack mothers who keep having babies which our taxes pay to house, feed, and provide health care for. Give me a break. Heaven forbid anyone believes in Jesus anymore - then they are persecuted. What a joke.

1174 days ago


I commend them for being self reliant (they were long before the tv show), but I canno*****ch the show due to their love of "god". Hanging with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comb/The Banana Man (I believe that is the other dudes name) says it all for me. I lost all respect for Kirk when I saw him selling jesus on tv.

Sidenote: The are not tolerant of homosexuality. The odds of them having a gay child are high. What are they going to do when one of their own wants to bring a same sex partner home? Oh wait. The kid won't. It's not accepted, so he/she is going to a life their parents want and not be who they are... for "god".

1174 days ago

moe l.    

This family is DISGUSTING.

1174 days ago
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