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"Big Brother" Champ

Sued for Embezzlement


8/3/2011 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A partner in one of the biggest restaurant groups in Hollywood claims two of her fellow partners -- both reality stars -- stole the business blind ... but one of the guys is coming right back at her and alleging extortion.

Shereene Arazm claims former "Big Brother" winner Mike "Boogie" Malin (pictured left) and his business partner, VH1 reality star Lonnie Moore (pictured right) "illegally siphoned away [money]" from the Geisha House, LLC restaurant group for years in order to "support their lavish party-boy lifestyles."

In her suit, Arazm claims, "They gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars that never belonged to them, they used some of the stolen monies to pay for sex, and they traveled the world at Arazm's and the restaurant group's expense."

Arazm also alleges in the docs, Malin used company resources "to have multiple sexual encounters with various older men during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies."

But before Arazm filed her lawsuit, Malin -- who now co-stars with Moore on the reality show "Famous Food" -- launched a preemptive strike Tuesday  ... filing his own lawsuit claiming Arazm and her lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, were trying to extort him.

Malin clams he received a draft of Arazm's complaint -- written by Singer -- a week ago. Malin claims he was told by Singer that he either had to pay up quickly or Arazm's explosive lawsuit would be filed and all the dirty laundry would be aired.

Malin claims Singer's threat constitutes civil extortion. Plus, Malin alleges Arazm and Singer had people hack into his emails and illegally tap his phone.

Both parties are seeking millions of dollars in damages.

Singer tells TMZ, "The lawsuit filed by Malin was simply a preemptive strike since Malin and his partners knew they were being sued for serious wrongful conduct. The claims in the suit are completely false and fabricated. We fully expect to get the suit promptly dismissed."

UPDATE: Moore released a statement saying, "I don't care how many celebs a lawyer represents, and how many times they are referred to as a 'pit bull.' That does not give them the right to make up lies, threaten blackmail and extort."

He adds, "I believe in our legal system and look forward to the truth exposing Mr. Singer and the others for what they are."

Malin says he feels the same way ... and says, "As far as Ms. Arazm's allegations that I am a washed up reality star, you can tune in tonight at 8 PM on VH1 and watch our show, 'Famous Food.'"


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Ca Girl    

Yes, wasn't Mike featured on Dr. 90210 as a patient who had contracted on STD????

1177 days ago


Very easy to believe, I watched the season with that d-bag, he's total s***. Too bad it isn't illegal to be an awful excuse for a human being, wigger boy would be locked up for life.

1177 days ago


You could swipe a credit card thru the one guys chin.

1177 days ago


Holy crap I just read the wigger from Big Brothers quote. It's exactly what you'd expect the d-bag to say.

1177 days ago

sue ann    

In my opinion I always knew he was a creepy dirty sex pervert who would get what was coming to him!! I hated him on Big Brother and the way he treated the women on there!! I don't know how any woman could stand to have that ugly thing touch them and then he went on tv and had his privates examined by Dr Will Kirby because he had some STD and had to have it treated!! Too many sex partners can do that to you !! Hope You Win your case Ms Arzam!! GOOD LUCK!!

1176 days ago


Couldn't stand Mike Boogie on Big Brother, and his Famous Food sucks with that loser NJ Housewife Danielle and that other reality star loser Bachelor Jake Pavelka. Funny, now that I think of it, the restaurant designer/contractor that Boogie and Lonnie referred to their Famous Food players is ripping them off...must be the crooked crowd they hang with.

1176 days ago


i have close ties and friends with Dolce grp and i have personally done coke and other stuff with these two at after hour parties in hollywood. mike has always came off gay but secret about it. Lonnie after a bump would **** any slut off the strip. Th3se dudes wer fun to party with dont get me wrong. sucks this **** caught up with them. Theyre good guyz, just wannna make $, do drugs and have sex. who can blame them.

1176 days ago


They probably did embezzlement and pay for drugs, gay sex, and trips. Wasnt the butt chin accused of raping an underaged girl in one of their nightclubs? How did these losers get a show?

1176 days ago


Who? and Who?

1176 days ago


I used work for these dirtbags!and they treated all there employess like crap!and they really need to stop hanging around teens!So i hope and prey they get whats comming to them!WHAT COMES AROUND GO'S AROUND!!!LOL!

1176 days ago


Funny how they seem more concerned about defending their status as "reality stars" than their innocence in the embezzlement case. I wonder if that Adolfo guy was involved too, since he is the landlord on some of the properties they rented.

1176 days ago


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1153 days ago

jat nano    

You Go NOW

1150 days ago

Go-Go Girl Documentary     



786 days ago


The Director/Producer of "Go-Go Girl" had her gmail account email hacked after Tiffany Lee Trenda hired Lavely & Singer to represent her.


770 days ago
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