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8/3/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803_monica_beresford_redman_exThe family battle over former "Survivor" producer -- and current murder suspect -- Bruce Beresford-Redman's children is so intense ... police were recently called to enforce a visitation with the kids' aunts.

Bruce's parents and the sisters of his slain wife -- Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman -- have been warring over guardianship of the former couple's two children ... Camila and Alec.

In new documents filed in the case -- and obtained by TMZ -- the grandparents claim the aunts called police when 6-year-old Camila did not want to join them for a visitation.

According to the docs, the grandparents claim Camila and Alec were traumatized -- and they already think "police are bad" for taking their father away.

Bruce was arrested last month and is awaiting extradition to Mexico to stand trial for his wife's murder.

The grandparents wanted to suspend visitation with the aunts ... but instead the judge ruled both sides should stop bad mouthing each other -- and visits should continue as scheduled.


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The Aunt for sure should have the kids... the grandparents are too old to take care of the kids and their son killed the mother of his kids.

1144 days ago


Those poor kids.

Their mother is dead.
Their father is in jail for killing her.
Their grandparents and aunts do nothing but fight.

I say give them to Angelina Jolie. She's good with kids.


1144 days ago


These kids are in a stable home and have been through enough - if they don't want to go stay with their Aunt where they constantly have to hear derogatory things about their father they shouldn't be forced to by a judge. This family needs to stop thinking about what they want and think about what's best for the children.

1144 days ago


Stormy, that is the most sensible post that I have read on this website in a very long time. You win the Internet for today.

1144 days ago


Fortunately for theses kids, the judge is on their side! (the rest of the participants seem to be out for themselves only. Ugh!).

1144 days ago



1144 days ago


God this is ridiculous!!! His parents have ZERO rights before the slain mother's family!!!! Actually, there are no winners here, but give custody to the murdered mother's family, period.

1144 days ago

Gracee C    

Wow! According to some of these comments, it sounds like some people probably supported OJ Simpson and Casey Anthoney as well. If my son murdered his wife, I could
never condone him or his actions. Instead I would have a talk with the murdered wife's family and discuss what is best for the children. Remember OJ was also given custody of his children. Let's hope this guy gets what he deserves in a Mexican prison and the families can somehow come together for the best interest of the children.

1144 days ago


Wow, Bruce's family and attorneys are actually posting here again?
Reminder: Bruce was a serial cheater, who had been having multiple affairs for years behind his wife's back. His wife caught him in many lies, and finally uncovered his mistress, found out his mistress was receiving money from Bruce via expensive jewelry! That's just the beginning of this disgusting story. PLEASE - search for Bruce's crybaby emails where he admits everything to his wife. It's all online. And then his wife is found dead in a septic tank after a fight in their hotel room. Hmmm.. Bruce has been sitting in jail in LA for months, awaiting his eventual extradition to Mexico (because he fled) to face murder charges. A U.S Magistrate found probable cause that Bruce is guilty.
The wife's sisters are trying to maintain their lawful visits with the children, even though a judge gave 'permanent' custody to Bruce's parents????? wow, a new low. I ask one more time... is any "friend" of Bruce brave enough to identify themselves publicly and say that they believe he is innocent? It has never happened...

1144 days ago


This Bruce guy is pathetic. I hope he gets the death penalty for killing his wife. Those kids should be with the aunts -- not with the murderer's parents.

1143 days ago


Stormy, I think you missed the point. The grandparents are saying bad things about the aunts which is making the kids afraid to go with them. Everyone involved should love the kids more that they hate each other and stop with the badmouthing.

1143 days ago

john smith    

I hope that this Murderer's parents pass away. Bruce was a sociopath and serial cheater. He's not going to survive Mexican prison and there is no jury. He will be convicted by a judge in Mexico City and will maybe survive a year in jail.

1141 days ago



946 days ago


In first hearing about this story I was quick to think the husband was a pretty slimy guy that may have done this. But the more I heard (and read) the more I became convinced he very possibly DID NOT harm or murder his wife. I, too, was nearly killed while staying in a nice hotel down in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) alone several years ago. And not only was it a hotel employee that stalked me and threatened to kill me in the middle of the night--it was a hotel security guard!! It was frightening!! The management apologized, but in no way were they enthusiastic in helping to investigate this crime. I'm sure the man might even still work at the same hotel--and may have killed or raped another young female. Mexico is just so crazy and uncaring about their guests. They truly are just so disinterested and soo unorganized. A joke!! I really feel for this man. The Mexican authorities can be soo sloppy in their investigations. I don't think they care much for us Americans-- and it would look bad for tourism if they were to say it was one of their own people. If this man is innocent--and I believe he very well could be-- it is a double tragedy. How in the world was he able to carry her body that far? Come on!! And what have the children said to Mexican authorities? I will pray for this poor man (although he doesn't seem to be the greatest husband in the world), as I fear in my heart he is very possibly quite INNOCENT!! Just a real shame-- all the way around. I really believe it may have been a hotel employee. One who is probably still working there. Just nuts he is behind bars, as nothing really points to this man. Nothing!

936 days ago

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