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Meat Loaf's Video Message


8/3/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meat Loaf
has recorded a brand new video message to let everyone know his health is FINE -- insisting he DID NOT pass out at a balloon festival in NJ this weekend ... despite photos showing the singer sprawled out on the grass while hooked up to an oxygen tank.

In the clip, Mr. Loaf admits his asthma was "bothering me a little bit" ... and points out "the heat index was at 106" ... but insists he only took a "little bit of oxygen" to alleviate his breathing problems so he could attend a meet and greet later that day.

Meat adds, "The brilliant thing is Pedialyte ... Pedialyte will get you through anything."

FYI -- Pedialyte is an "oral rehydration solution" for kids ... often consumed by children suffering from bouts of diarrhea and vomiting.

As TMZ previously reported, Meat had fainted on-stage at a concert just a few days before the balloon festival ... and blamed the incident on his asthma.

Meat has another 3 shows scheduled for this weekend ... hopefully, he's stocked up on the Pedialyte.


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Look at him lying on the ground like a swine. What I find most repulsive about Meatloaf is his hair trigger temper. I would love to get him wound badly and watch him have a heart attack before my eyes. This guy has enough hot air to launch one of the hot balloons at that pathetic gig.

Instead of downing Pedialyte, why not try a balanced diet and getting in physical shape prior to a concert tour? Better yet, stay off the coke old man!

1174 days ago


I have asthma also and i totally believe u meat loaf ! i know exactly how hard it is to breath people who dont have asthma or know people who have it always think your faking or lieing! which pisses me off!!!!

1174 days ago


Those living in any of these states that have been suffering from this heat we can understand. And when you throw in the humidity it has been unbearable. I actually couldn't believe they didn't cancel some of the baseball games considering in the stands it was 150F!

1174 days ago


Great new review of Loaf's classic bat out of Hell album!

1174 days ago


I worked at the balloon festival up-selling tickets a couple hours prior to the show and all I heard was 'He's not coming...he fainted and passed out and he cancelled'. NOT. He showed up and did his thing...just goes to show you how rumors spread. The people I spoke with made it out like he was dead or near death. NOT. He does have a breathing problem but so did many attendees at the festival where the heat on the runway can reach 110 degrees.

1174 days ago


Great new review of Meat Loaf's classic Bat Out of Hell Album

1174 days ago


Love Meatloaf!!! We all get old...passing out happens so take life a little easier.

1174 days ago


he's a PIG!

1174 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Wow! Amazing, I also almost pass out after too much meatloaf...

1174 days ago


100% AGREE about the pedialyte. That **** does wonders when I am sick and dehydrated.

1174 days ago


He was fabulous on stage...extreme sunlight....concert schedule...
Let's see someone else perform in those extreme

1174 days ago


His name is Robert Paulson. ... His name is Robert Paulson. ... His name is Robert Paulson. ...

1174 days ago


Ya, I have asthma also and I ended up in the hospital last week... because of the heat my breathing passages were not only inflamed, they were swollen and my fingernails were starting to turn blue, so YES I BELIEVE MEATLOAF !

1173 days ago


I was there at the concert, 5 rows from the stage and he did NOT repeat did NOT pass out. And he was in direct sunlight and it was hot. The show was great. And anyone who wishes to dispute this feel free, but only if you were there. ..His show was great. Thank you Mr. Loaf.

1173 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

this untalented @ssclown has fans! his "music" has always suc*ed and he is sooo annoying. go back to trump with his #1 rated show (LOL) and kiss his @ss some more....."mr. trump, you should run for president, I'll vote for you"

what a insane clown without a posse!

1172 days ago
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