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8/3/2011 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson wants more quality time with his little girl -- and in order to get it ... he's demanding a change to his child custody agreement with Oksana Grigorieva.

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ Mel has filed a request with the court ... for additional overnight visits with 1-year-old Lucia.

Under the current agreement ... Mel gets 3 overnights with Lucia every 2 weeks.

Nothing's decided yet -- a hearing is set for September -- but if the judge grants Mel's request, he and Oksana will be much closer to an even 50-50 split of their time with Lucia.



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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

LOL! Those three posts lined up like that remind me of Bill Cosby's Fat Albert 'Hey hey hey!' lol.

1177 days ago

little aussie reader    

LOL Sam.

Hey hey hey, it's fat Albert!

They wouldn't be able to say that on a cartoon today - it's not politically correct.

1177 days ago

little aussie reader    

Ira - have you seen this?

I think you'll like it.

1177 days ago


4 nights out of 14 is not CLOSE to 50-50. It's more like 29-71. Get it? Do the math. Don't just pull things out of your butt when writing this stuff.

1177 days ago


Hiya Sam, Ira, LAR Hugs to all lol!!

My dear computer dropped out (again!!grrrrr!!) so just been out on a system restore lol!

I agree Sam it could have happened as you say with Sasha and I doubt we'll ever know the ins and out as you say, unless something shocking comes to light lol! It's just that anger issue and the neighbours saying they heard shouting and her own statement that Sasha was shouting at her that lead me down that road! Dalton no doubt will do his best that we never know on that score, it's to OG's advantage to do so as well lol!

1177 days ago


LAR Thanks for the link to the Mariachi Band and the Beluga Whale, that was so cute lol!

1177 days ago


Night guys have a good one hugs!

1177 days ago

little aussie reader    

Ira and em - you're welcome :o)

I'm out for a while guys - see you later!

1177 days ago


Why not She is in far better hands with Mel her Dad than with Oinky Looney Tunes.

This thing that you call a mother is a joke beyond belief The stupid story last week of her son from Dalton being rushed to hospital because he put his hand through a window and she panicked and ran out into the street holding her daughter screaming for help if you asked me he no doubt threw a tantrum , probably had a fight with it the mother.

No doubt she go to court to try and stop it


1177 days ago


Sasha falling through a glass window, Lucia being shaken, etc...neither child seems to be safe around their mother. Both children are better off and safer with more time spent with their respective fathers.

1177 days ago


ok, I am did KH end up in this conversation?

lost as usual.

1177 days ago

little aussie reader    

Hiya Azlee :o)

I didn'*****ch TMZlive so I don't know if it happened or not but here ya go:
Frieda: 8 hours ago

ROFL!!! Did anyone catch TMZ Live?? Someone told me Herzog was on and says he is Casey Anthony's bodyguard!?

Why does this creep attach himself to baby abusers?? This is beyond fame-whoring..!

1177 days ago


Howdy Folks :)

Dagumfrickenfracken - I missed Tell & antbabs!
Waving frantically at you both and hope all is well with you!

I'm avidly awaiting Miss Oksana's response to this - primarily to see of Attorney Horowitz is still around. It might take a little bit, though, since he's got his hands full with other stuff.

PS from previous thread regarding that $100,000. The "concert" Miss Oksana gave in February of 2010 was on 2-11, the benefit at the Romanov sponsored by her AND Mr. Mel for the Chernobyl children. Her only credited sources of income prior to hooking up with Mr. Mel was writing the lyrics of "Una Dia Llegara" on Josh Groban's album in 2006 and possibly from some songs written with Sam Oriti - whom she later sued (with Mr. Mel paying the bill) and lost when the court said Oriti's name should be added to song credits. Not sure how she made $100,000/year on a regular basis - unless she meant child support from Mr. Timothy.

1176 days ago


Mel should have full custody. She is really weird! Lucia is much better off being full-time with Mel and his family. Can't wait for more of his movies to come out! Hope he's working on the Viking movie.

1176 days ago


thestupid: 15 hours ago
Oksana is 100x worse than Casey Anthony. I hope a bu*****s this bit*h!!!
though OG isnt exactly the text book definition of the perfect mother, I believe Casey "trumps" her and is FAR worse. To be accused of murdering your child (and most seem to believe she did), that seems to out do OG's actions.

1176 days ago
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