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Kris Jenner's Facelift Lawsuit


8/5/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner says the cosmetics company she endorses has NO RIGHT to sue her for getting plastic surgery back in June ... because the procedure didn't affect her face ... it just tightened up some loose neck skin.

The company in question -- called B&P -- sued Jenner earlier this week, claiming she breached a contract to endorse a line of their anti-aging skin care products ... when the famous mother publicly admitted to getting a facelift.

By doing so, B&P alleges, Jenner violated her agreement not to harm the reputation of the company and the product she's endorsing -- an eye care line called "Beautiful Eyes in a Bag."

But sources close to the Kardashian Klan tell TMZ, Kris is adamant ... the lawsuit is BOGUS -- because Kris' facelift didn't affect her eyes in any way whatsoever ... JUST HER NECK.

Kris' alleged agreement with B&P went into effect in March 2011 and was to be effective until March 2012 -- but Kris admitted ... she got the facelift in June.

So we gotta ask ...


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March 2011 Kris Jenner was an attractive older woman.

July 2011 Kris Jenner is a plastic version of an older woman.

Plastic Surgeon makes another payment on the yacht.
Patient loses her former attractiveness, forever.

However, Kris Jenner should HIDE her face in humiliation, disgust, and disgrace by the way she "prostitutes" her daughters with their foul mouths, their foul degrading acts etc. All the while, Kris Jenner continues to smile? Is this woman/"Mom" crazy?

If Kris Jenner needed to anything to improve herself:

1) Stop raising sluts
2) Stop encouraging slut behavior
3) Stop making 10% from daughters' slut behavior
4) Stop teaching them to talk in toddler voices. It makes
the skin crawl on a dead person.
5) Stop removing Bruce Jenner's bal*s
5) Stop decorating your home...was it all on discount or was
the designer blind?

Outside of California, your daughters are a laughing joke at best, and down and dirty sluts at worst.

1114 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Why is it called FACELIFT if it's not part of the face?

1114 days ago


omg. what is that thing? lol scared the **** out of me when i saw this persons picture. is it a guy or a girl? lol it's kinda hard to tell. who is this person anyways? never heard of this person before. but i must say that is the ugliest person i have ever seen. hideous face. just hideous.

1114 days ago


What a pathetic lot!! I would never buy any product Kris endorses!! Wish they all would just go away and stay there!! They set a bad example for women!!

1114 days ago


She always has so much makeup on that her face looks greasy , she could slid a mile on that plastic face. Your a over the hill old lady face up to it. You and the girls are a joke.You are a mother to a bunch of fame whore sluts is the word going around Hollywood.

1114 days ago


This Pimp mom reminds me of a evil greedy ugly witch.
This is staged dont fall for it She just wants all of you people to watch the next 2 stupid episodes because of her skanky slut daughter media whore wedding. They are trying to get the big TV rating back. Stop watching this crappy staged untalented show. The media is saying this family is royalty, but for what?? What do they do for this society other than no talent. Television is getting worse and going down fast. STOP buying their stupid crap that they endorse. Save your money for your family and something thats more meaningful in your lives. This greedy family are like flies they never go away. I will never buy anything from SEARS and I will no*****ch Dancing with the wannabe Stars.
What happened to the lawsuit about skanky Kim K whom was going to sue the other basketball guy that was lying about her. So why dont you hear about that anymore because IT was a publicity stunt and everyone fell for it like this stupid story.

1114 days ago


She just looks heavier, with deformed puffy cheeks. At least she doesn't look like an alien yet, like Bruce.

1114 days ago


Plastic people and their plastic problems

1114 days ago


You can see the stitches around her eyes. I am so sick of the kardashians. I saw a preview of next week's Project Runway, Kim is on it, and in the clip she is telling one of the designers that it is obvious they put absolutely no effort into their design. Now, I am sure that is not true and I just don't like this woman that is famous for having sex telling others who are really working hard that they expend no effort.

1114 days ago


Who did the work? They underdid it. She does not look any different.

1114 days ago


Kris must think we are stupid or blind..
You can see she had cheek implants put in, she looks like a chipmunk now....

1114 days ago


Could never make up my mind about which of the Ks is the most annoying and disgusting. Now I know: of course the cussing-in-front of underage kids, dressed in sluttish minis, dreaming of Playboy centerfold, willing to hurt her (idiot) husband feelings by giving up his last name MOMMY! After the first sex-tape which initially made Kim not famous but notorious, I as her mom would forever wear a burka so that nobody would recognize me as her mother. But no, here she is everywhere, comparing the K brand with the Kennedy! Sorry for the younger girls.

1114 days ago


TMZ, under We Gotta Ask there should be a third choice, who cares?

1114 days ago


She looks the same. She should try a different hairstyle and change her look for once.

1114 days ago


A Kardashian lying about her appearance? Nonsense.

Seriously though, how does a face lift only affect your neck? I could have sworn they have neck lifts for that. If you're gonna lie, at least make it believable.

1114 days ago
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