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Kris Jenner's Facelift Lawsuit


8/5/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner says the cosmetics company she endorses has NO RIGHT to sue her for getting plastic surgery back in June ... because the procedure didn't affect her face ... it just tightened up some loose neck skin.

The company in question -- called B&P -- sued Jenner earlier this week, claiming she breached a contract to endorse a line of their anti-aging skin care products ... when the famous mother publicly admitted to getting a facelift.

By doing so, B&P alleges, Jenner violated her agreement not to harm the reputation of the company and the product she's endorsing -- an eye care line called "Beautiful Eyes in a Bag."

But sources close to the Kardashian Klan tell TMZ, Kris is adamant ... the lawsuit is BOGUS -- because Kris' facelift didn't affect her eyes in any way whatsoever ... JUST HER NECK.

Kris' alleged agreement with B&P went into effect in March 2011 and was to be effective until March 2012 -- but Kris admitted ... she got the facelift in June.

So we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


Her cheeks look like they have been pumped full of plastic..she looked better before ..guess some people don't like the natural look..

1183 days ago

"Beautiful Eyes in a Bag"? What about Beautiful Heads in a Bag or Beautiful Hands in a Bag? Could these items sell?

1183 days ago


NEWSFLASH.....Kris Jenner/Kardashian seeking company to market Kardashian SH*T AND VOMIT.

That's about all that's left for her to market to get her 10% or whatever terms she fancies.

The way society is going her phone will be ringing off the hook on Monday morning.

To the potential sleaze, you must make part of the contract that she decorates her house with will match beautifully with her current "style" and the disaster of a family that she raised.

1183 days ago


Seems like Kris Jenner/Kardashian had time to remove Bruce Jenner's bal and he probably gnawed the other one off.

1183 days ago


Stop changing your face, then there would be no so many celebs getting face lifts and nose jobs...everyone of them are starting to look related...they all have the jackson family nose...sorry but true.

1183 days ago


A paper bag with eye holes would have been cheaper...

1183 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Tanner needs a touch-up!

1182 days ago


living off there dad blood. got a killer off.

1182 days ago


look at the turkey neck

1182 days ago


Like mother, like daugher...

1182 days ago


Kris K. is another example of trailer trash. Other than rich trailer trash.

These people are discusting.

1182 days ago


BRUCE JENNER, apparently, was not belittled or humiliated when his wife dealt him the crushing blow how she wanted to reclaim the Kardashian name. Recently, she made an ABSOLUTE FOOL OF HERSELF when she announced, publicly, speaking to him personally, how she "LOVED" him and would keep the Jenner name. The family "fell" all over him by gleefully hanging his pictures on the wall. What an INCREDIBLE BUNCH OF PHONIES!!! Actually, why would Bruce Jenner care??? He has had a good thing going by living off his stepdaughters for years and years. A tacky man without pride, dignity, class, A real nothing, absent of, self respect.

1180 days ago

kandie k    

It pisses the hell out of me that she is so obsessed with her face, her body etc, on the episode when they went to bora bora, i just wanted to choke her, she has 2 younger girls that do not need to hear she hated the way her body is, blah blah blah, you rich bitch, get over it and be a good mom, and quite giving your girls the wrong msg, god, if i had 1/3 of what you had lady.

1155 days ago


Ugh, I don't think sooooo- her neck is as saggy as it was pre-surgery. If you are going to drop serious $$$ then fix the turkey neck. You can tell her wrinkles (not that there was much before) by her eyes are gone. Um, how MANY facelift has she had already? She will look like Bruce soon!! If it was just a "neck lift" why are there marks by her eyes and chin? Those are guideline marks made by the surgeon, so he knows where to cut - and she is wrapped head to turkey neck!

1143 days ago

Lisa G    

Kris is a beautiful and smart lady. I have never heard of the company (or the product) that she is supposed to rep...until now. They are getting their money's worth and then some.

1143 days ago
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