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Arnold Schwarzenegger

I Survived Maria!

The Ultimate Dis?

8/8/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0808_arnold_ex_shirt_wm_2On the surface it's the unkindest cut of all ... Arnold Schwarzenegger out bike riding Sunday in Santa Monica, wearing a shirt that says, "I survived Maria" -- the woman whom he betrayed so badly.

But there's more to this story.  We found out ... Arnold got the shirt last November, during a farewell party for the Governator's staff.  The shirts were actually designed by Maria's staff, as a joke.  The shirt they presented to Arnold had 2007 crossed out and 1977 scribbled above -- that's the year Arnold and Maria started dating.

And, we're told, Arnold and Maria are not at war.  They're well along in the process of settling their divorce, and they speak frequently.

But all of this begs the question.  Given the events of the last few months, should Arnold have worn the shirt in public?


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Ha-ha! Maybe he grew really tired of her and can't stand her, who knows! People don't cheat just because...

1151 days ago


Perfect T-shirt. Always wondered how he would ever put up with her. I remember the first time I seen them together on Entertainment Tonight. The guy asked Arnold a question, Maria jumped in as if he couldn't talk for himself and though because she's a Kennedy people would want to hear her. Arnold, stopped her and said, "I can talk for myself"...loved it...and thought god Arnold what the hell are you doing with this woman. She's not into sharing the spotlight. She came across like everyone wanted to talk to her...wrongooooo. Still love Arnold and will continue watching his movies. As for her...will have to take a pass.

1151 days ago


What an insensitive A**hole!

1151 days ago


Here's a better question, "Should a used up droopy old 'roid muscled body builder be seen in public in a pair of bicycle shorts"?

1151 days ago


Arnold and Maria probably have made peace with the situation and it's an inside joke especially if they talk frequently. It may turn out that these two may be better friends than spouses. Unfortunately for Arnold, the shirt still makes him look like a jerk.

1151 days ago


He ran out of laundry since his cleaning lady isnt there anymore he had to dig into the "ill never wear this out" pile.

1151 days ago

some guy    

Ehh... if it was a joke it's a pretty bad one. Did Ashton come up with this?

1151 days ago


He can take that shirt, and his moral and put them where the sun does not shine... jerk

1151 days ago


Arnold is a real DB

1151 days ago

Kevin J. Street    

Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost his mind. That is so tasteless and classless. It is boorish. What did his wife do to deserve this redicule? I actually thought he had some class. Apparently none of the class came from him. it was all Maria.

I will no*****ch or order, buy anymore of his movies. While losing me as a fan will not effect him much, if the rest of his fans abandon him, maybe he will get the message that he messed up bigtime.

1151 days ago


This begs- the question, how long has Maria Shriver really known about his love child??????????? Did she really found recently?

Its just too convenient that the news broke out after his political term was over. Just TOO odd.

I don't believe that Maria just found out a kid after 13 years- NO WAY! She's not that dumb.

I think their marriage in the last 8 years- was more so a- Business Arrangement for the sake of his political career. The marriage might have already been over before he ran for governor.

1151 days ago


lol Classic....

I have more respect for him now.. Funny...

Oh yeah TMZ how do you know she didn't cheat also? heck isn't that a family game for those Kennedy.

1151 days ago


Stupid is - as Stupid does!

1151 days ago


everything is on arnold, and no one is commenting on maria, but, she is a total bore, and from the kennedy clan. why do you think she married schwarzenegger, b/c he is like her family...has an eye for women, which she denied the whole time, til he humiliated her, then she blamed and shamed him. she is looking like her mother. skinny and boring. he didnt need that tee shirt. everyone knows it, but, she laid him out cold, but, she knew all this all along, til people found out, then, just like the kennedy's she was humiliated, so it was done, and he was hammered by him..sick system, maria, and her family...from generations back...get therapy maria, and break the cycle, at least for your kids...arnold too.

1151 days ago


What an a'hole.

1151 days ago
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