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Charlie Sheen

Ashton SAVED My Career!

8/8/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is extremely grateful that Ashton Kutcher replaced him on "Two and a Half Men" -- telling TMZ, if Ashton hadn't taken his old spot ... Charlie would never have been able to kick-start his career.

According to Charlie, his funeral on the show just adds some closure to the story -- telling us, “I have always been told that I have 9 lives, so it is going to be amazing to witness my own funeral which is clearly a win/win situation because Ashton has just given me a 10th."

As we previously reported, Charlie is making a huge comeback after "Men" -- announcing his brand new TV project based on "Anger Management."

But something tells us, Ashton won't be getting a "Thank You" letter in the mail.



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Seems like folks are jumping the gun with suggesting it was a bad fit for Ashton to be on the show. Anyone see his performance on the Teen Choice Awards? He's gonna rock the younger market, as well as ANYONE who's ever watched "Punked" or "70's show". He's badd-ass, and a breath of fresh air. Can't wait!

1172 days ago



-Charlie stands to make more money on "Anger Management" than he ever did on 2.5.

-Oh, and a Nof-taste-test:

-Two venues, side-by-side, you get paid 20 grand to attend one OR the other -

-Choice of speakers, Charlie Sheen v. Ashton Kutcher.

-Who, honestly, do you go to see?

Which line do you stand in?

...I rest my case...

1172 days ago


Anyone who's ever shot-themselves-in-the-foot has to respect and admire the way Charlie has endured.

If anyone's listening/cares, I have one of the great treatments/proposals ever written for "Anger Management."

It'll be sent out, sent back, placed neatly in a no-thanks cabinet but at least I'm trying.

1172 days ago


nof, put the crack pipe down. You're ranting like Charlie. . .no sense. He'll make more money than on 2 and a half? You're high. Never will he make that dough again. Nowhere near it.

1172 days ago


Nice way to be positive Charlie. Best of luck to you on ur new show

1172 days ago


nof, yes I admit he stands to make more with new show compared to his old show but lets think about this. He has an idea for a show but no network or money to actually make the show for. If he can somehow pull that off, it will have to then become the mos*****ched show for how many years to make him as much as he was making from 2 1/2 men?

1172 days ago


He needs to just shut up for a while and quit embarrassing himself. His ego is still taking over him and making him look like a complete ass. Delusional . . . to say the least.

1172 days ago


Ashton has the face of a movie star - Charlie has the face of a crackhead

1172 days ago


I believe that Charlie Sheen is grateful that Ashton is taking his place. No way could Ashton do the show any justice!!!

1172 days ago


@Kari - I agree with you! All these comments from Charlie are just him or his new intern trying to keep himself relevant but in truth it's not working - He's trying to show himself as this "nice guy" again after his horrific rants and raves against his ex-wives and employers but I'M NOT BUYING IT EITHER! He's shown himself to be unreliable and someone you can't trust - so I don't!
Why would anyone do business with someone who will stab you in the back? That's just what Charlie did to his fellow actors, associates, his publicist, his boss and creator of the part that made him so much money and the network that ran his shows and brought in the advertising dollars -
His stupid tour was a bust - he blasted his ex-wives - the mothers of his children and finally his ignorantly named "goddesses" left him - So now he wants to come across as Mr. Nice Guy? - Humph - I don't buy it!

1172 days ago



1172 days ago


Charlie Sheen and ONLY Charlie Sheen has ruined his career. He needs to face the reality of that. The guy is a mental mess and a severe drug addict. He needs to realise he ha***** his bottom...again...and get his **** together or he will end up hangin with Amy Winehouse.
Charlie should be concentrating on his recovery....because NO ONE in their right mind is going to hire him until he can prove he is worth paying for.... and for him to keep trying to blame everyone for his actions just proves my point. The guy is in denial BIG TIME and hasnt seen the pink cloud yet...
I pray for him.

1172 days ago


Charlie Sheen need to STHU. What is he talking about anyway? No one kicked-start his career.

He screwed up on one show, got fired from it and now has the chance to work on another show...that's it. Don't screw up on this show Charlie.

1172 days ago


The truth is even though Charlie is crazy he was the only thing that made that show semi watchable.No one is watching to see how "Ducky" is in his old age.Counting the minuets until I can say " I knew this new formula for the show would tank"....I wonder what will replace it ?

P.S. I love you Harvey !!! :)

1172 days ago


OK.....setting aside the whole Charlie gets killed stuff...Walden (AK) buys Charlies home and is a internet billonaire(stupid). How do they plan to have Alan (JC) and the kid still living at the beach house if they aren't related?

1172 days ago
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