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Tiger Woods' Mistress


8/8/2011 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Jungers Mug ShotTMZ has obtained the mug shot for Tiger Woods Mistress #4 Jamie Jungers -- after she was busted in Vegas early Friday morning for DUI.

As we previously reported, Jungers had gotten into a car accident near the strip -- and after cops showed up, they arrested her for driving on a suspended registration, having no proof of insurance, and driving under the influence.

She was taken into custody and has since posted bond.



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She has some great eyelashes! Haha

1170 days ago

Jamming Jim    

The stuff on her lip?.....wait for it......Tiger tracks.

1170 days ago


ok now. Show of hands. How many people here care about this twit?

Someone? Anyone?

1170 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Now now. We're not supposed to judge are we? After all, she only had sex w/ a married man & dwi. Don't we all make those mistakes? How dare you question her! May the wrath of Gloria Alred rain down on you! This poor innocent girl was put-upon by society & had no choice when trapped in a corner & set upon by the animals and yada yada yada! I hope this THING gets the book thrown at her.

1170 days ago


It's a birth mark you pieces of ****! My makeup had come off! It's not you guys don't have DUIs. You're just jealous that I'm on TMZ and you're commenting

1170 days ago


Whats that brown stuff on her left lower lip? She must have just finished doing a ******

1170 days ago


As usual TMZ attracts the most hateful jerks to comment. First of all the girl is quite attractive with all done up with makeup on so it is easy to see why Tiger Woods might have picked her out in a club.

Also unless two virgins get together and they have never even kissed anyone else then there is chance that one will be a herpes carrier and give it to the other.

I hope this girl gets her life on track.

1170 days ago


I am having alot of trouble commenting-though my name appears on the right hand side and I have gotten your email and I keep on loggin in-this seems to be a new problem!

1169 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Jamie Jungers is Tiger Woods Heroin connection! Yes, Indeed!
If you are in need of the dirt in a fifteen cubic cm vial with syringe, to the left thigh with the mudd! Yes, indeed! This shot broke his left humerous like a piece of chalk!
Overdose? Well, perhaps in the near future! Too bad he was not offered the milk cow gun shot, instead of the manual type applicator!

1169 days ago


This just shows how classless Tiger is. No wonder Elin wouldn't have any more to do
with him! Who knows what STD he has! Money has ruined him.

1169 days ago


If Tiger doesnt get some poly Max Extremes on his golf clubs soon he's never going to win a tournament again.

1169 days ago

There's a problem here    

All she needed with those sharpie eyebrows was some brown pencil color around her lips. Oh yeah baby! That would go great with the herpes lesion.

1169 days ago


Girl, you are really pretty. You need to wash these painted eyebrows, take off the false eyelashes, and get a new life. Leave Vegas, go to a quiet place. Forget the fake stuff. Try to get rid of the booze /drugs and the bad friends. You need to find your true self. Take care of yourself. Be happy.

1169 days ago
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