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8/8/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kanye West compared himself to  HITLER ... so are his egomaniacal rants ruining his music? And, who's to blame for the stock market crash ... and if the presidency is taking its toll on Obama's face. Plus, is Arnold an a-hole for wearing that awful shirt? 


(0:00) Harvey's back! He's flanked by Charles and Brian.
(3:10) Kanye West compared himself to Michael Jordan AND Adolf Hitler -- Ryan attempts to explain why.
(7:00) Do Kanye's rants ruin his music?
(14:15) Arnold wears a shirt that says "I Survived Maria" -- an a-hole move or just accidentally inappropriate?
(17:15) Shirt happens?
(26:03) The stock market crashed today -- who's to blame?
(30:50) Harvey goes AFTER the Tea Party -- and believes their political play to make a name for themselves is treason!
(42:01) How does Charlie Sheen's "Men" character die? Mike explains the "meat explosion" to come .
(44:10) Huge controversy brewing over "30 Minutes Or Less" -- Evan has all the details.
(50:00) Eat your fiber, kids!


No Avatar


Remember Gary Hart and the "Monkey Business" shirt? Cameras were there as well. Some never learn.....

1180 days ago

Big Taters    

Thanks for swallowing first Jason. Much love.

1180 days ago


Harvey, remembered that because you recently rewatched Legally Blonde.

1180 days ago


people who get dumped for their own fault are bitter.... he is trying to provoke her because he wants to get back with her and she doesnt

1180 days ago

Kid Flash    

So I just called your line and the male that answered said "do you have a comment about Arnold" and I was well I want to talk about "Michael Pitt" and the male that answered said "well we are taking comments on Arnold", so I told this male "why would I want to talk about T1000 when I want to talk about Michael Pitt" and this male said "I don't even know who Michael Pitt is" and I told your male that answered "how can you work for the TMZ and not know who Michael Pitt" is, he's not only super attractive but a very decent actor" and your male hung up on me! Nice guys, I love you though.....

1180 days ago


I wish Charles would chop off the braids and show some more skin. You're still young Charles, show off the biceps.

1180 days ago

Granny Linda    

The president should have come up with some kind of plan. Our problem started back in the 70s when we started paying girls to have babies. Instead of giving welfare to any and everyone they should have just legalized prostitution. It's the same women to have sex!

1180 days ago


Why haven't you posted abt M.J family giving paintings away to a children hospital i guess you only report the negative stuff

1180 days ago

Big Taters    

I blame ALL STRAIGHT TICKET voters which is about 90% of our country.

Most people vote according the blatherings of people like Olbermann and Hannity - so....

I blame us. We gave them the power.

Time to pay attention people.

1180 days ago


The Democrats and Obama should have been more reasonable much sooner.

1180 days ago


for the most recent debt ceiling debacle--blame all the lawyers hiding as congressmen...lawyers argue their own point, they dont listen & solve problems

1180 days ago


Harvey, all parties made their decisions about the economy with an eye towards the coming elections! They should govern while in office, not make policy to get relected!

1180 days ago


Kanye just has an ego the size of Texas, that is all there is to it!

1180 days ago

Granny Linda    

The tea party did NOT get us into this problem. It's the politicians who want to give our tax dollars to people that haven't earned anything. The tea party is trying to lower our is that a problem? Why should people that have never worked get paid from tax dollars? Let them work in the fields...I have! And let's face it, in California the farm workers get paid well enough, have bathrooms, and water. Let's put our unemployed in the fields. It will help our deficit and our illegal immagration problem all at the same time.

1180 days ago

some guy    

WB Harvey. You look rested. How those sheep feel?

1180 days ago
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