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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans

Arrested for Hanging with

DRUGGIE Boyfriend

8/9/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans wasn't just arrested for alleged drug use yesterday -- she was also busted for getting too personal with her boyfriend Kieffer Delp ... "a known drug user."

As we previously reported, Jenelle allegedly violated her probation by testing positive for marijuana and opiates -- but the terms of her probation also prohibit her from "knowingly associating with any person or previously convicted users, possessors, or sellers of any illegal drugs."

And according to the North Carolina probation violation report, Jenelle's BF Kieffer Delp -- a "known drug user" -- fits that bill to a T.

It's no secret the two have been hanging out either -- as we previously reported, Kieffer was arrested in June for punching two people in front of a convenience store ... and Jenelle was right beside him.

According to the report, Jenelle is expected in court for a probation violation hearing on August 24 -- and funny enough ... Kieffer's due in court exactly a week later to face assault charges.


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She, is a douche. I hope she never gets custody of her son and I hope the court mandates supervised visitations.

1169 days ago


She is the perfect example of what happens when you do what you want and NEVER have any consequences. She needs to go to jail and stay there for awhile. Maybe that will straighten her ass up.

1169 days ago


This is just part of the crap they put on TV and young girls watch this crap. Times need a changing people, nobody respects anyone anymore. Let's get back to basics people!!!!

1169 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

I don't memba her, but, it seems that she is not all growed up yet.

1169 days ago


I don't think this girl will ever get her crap together. She's already walked away from her son don't think there's much more motivation.

1169 days ago


I can't believe we are wasting cyberspace on this dimwitted ****!

1169 days ago


When I saw Jenelle on season two of "Teen Mom," it was quite apparant that she thinks she is someone who is above the law. It's too bad that her mom is unable to control her. I honestly think that all the major networks including cable need to look at how they are portraying young people on TV. It's like art is imitating art; reality does not exist anymore. It's nice to get ratings and money, but this country has set a poor example to young people that it is okay to get into trouble and not take responsibility for it. And my comment goes beyond TV.

1169 days ago


Was he her boyfreind when she was put on probation? If so, she needed to get an exception for him if they think being wit him would violate her probation. Don't get me wrong, I think she's trailer trash and her boyfreind is s***, but if that's who she wants to screw, that's her business. Now, if she started dating him after she was put on probation, that's a different story.

1169 days ago


who cares?

1169 days ago


Poor Jenelle. You will NEVER get custody of your son after this. How can you be so stupid as to continue hanging out with that loser of a boyfriend. He has no job, no education, and he's got you on drugs with him. You get what you deserve.

1169 days ago

Lisa Pierce    

Why give these idiots airtime? Really MTV?????? People need to boycott MTV until it is off the air....Opiates??? Not a surprise there....Trash in the most simplistic form...with babies....and MTV promoting their life style...

1169 days ago

Lisa Pierce    

Why give these idiots airtime? Really MTV?????? People need to boycott MTV until it is off the air....Opiates??? Not a surprise there....anyone remember hailey *******s??? Anyone? Trash in the most simplistic form...with babies....and MTV promotes that life style...

1169 days ago

Anne O' Loughlin    

Jenelle,is a lost soul, with a self loving mother,who thinks her children owe her, for just givin birth 2 them..I've never seen a more I love..and fell sorry 4 me, by a mother.. that women is nasty..she is so full of her own self worth,there is no room 4 anyone else.

1169 days ago

know what I'm saying    

wow..why is it whites always distance themselves when a white person does something but a black person on here represents the whole race..any black story is filled with thug ghetto gang but you guys act like there are different whites that just happen look like u. It's time u guys are studied.

1169 days ago


Can we just save everyone some time and throw any one that appears on Teen Mom in jail? You know it is gonna happen anyway!

1169 days ago
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