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Justin Bieber

I've Never Heard ANYONE

Ever Call ME a BRAT

8/10/2011 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber
says he has NO IDEA why people would think he's a "brat" -- telling TMZ, "I've never heard that rumor before."

Bieber was leaving Katsuya in Hollywood yesterday ... when we asked about a report that he was a total jerk on a recent American Airlines flight from L.A. to Asia ... being difficult with flight attendants and refusing to take a photo with the pilot.

Justin replied, "I don't think you should believe everything you hear ... people make stuff up all the time."

He adds, "Supposedly I'm dead today ... that's the rumor."

Still, we gotta ask ...


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He's clearly stupid, he is a spoiled brat that acts like a 5 year old.

1139 days ago


That's right Justin don't pay any attention to people!!!

1139 days ago


what an ugly, untalented little girl...send her and the bowl cut back to the trailer park please...oh wait, it claims to be a boy - ooops

1139 days ago


A pilot asked for a photograph???? How old is the pilot? 16 years old? I find this story a little far fetched. If a pilot was interested in getting a photo from a celebrity rather than fly the plane I would be jumping off that plane. American Airlines I would be firing the pilot. Brat? Define "Brat". Harvey Levin would be considered a brat. Now if you used a better word like "practical joker" I would agree. Brat is a mouthy child/adult that is used to getting everything his/her way and when they don't they have a temper tantrum. So "Brat" is not appropriate.

1139 days ago

Mike H    

YOU ARE A BRAT...which is why I dont listen to your music or buy it. Maybe one of these days you will just fade away...or grow up and figure out that the world owes you nothing...then folks migh pay attention and appreciate your work.

1139 days ago


You're not a brat,.....You're a retard and you'll soon be forgotten junior!

1139 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

(very high tiny little girl voice): "The guy's a douchebag..."

1139 days ago


total brat.....wait until someone decides it's not cute anymore, he looks like a cryer.

1139 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Jesus Christ! Did TMZ go and make the fonts even BIGGER???

Save your money, Bieb. Save your money. Here today, gone tomorrow.

1139 days ago


A friend of mine worked production in one of this kid's videos. By the end of filming he wanted to put the little monster over his knee and giving him the spanking his daddy should have given him.

1139 days ago


too bad the rumor about him being dead isnt true...would make the world a better place withoout this lil homo's cata walling...he sounds like a lil girl experiencing her first period. hey justin shove a tampon in your mouth....makes your singing sound better.

1139 days ago


Is it me or does Bieber look like a young Jim Carey? What a goofy looking kid.

1139 days ago


That's because people preferred calling you a "douchebag".

1139 days ago


I was on that flight from LAX - the boy IS a brat; he's obnoxious, full of himself and rude to everyone. Next time I'm on a flight he's on, I'll change seats.

Almost all celebrities who fly are quiet and want to fade into the woodwork. They don't want to be noticed when they are in jeans and no make up. They expect excellent service but they also know how to say please and thank you.

Sometimes they will interact with the crew but most times they send of*****racious vibe that says "I'd like some privacy now please". Usually they sleep or read scripts, etc, making the flight time into work time for them.

Baby Beiber embarrassed himself. It was very uncomfortable to watch him. What a self-entitled brat. It almost seemed to me that he had ADD - couldn't sit still, couldn't keep his mouth shut. He has a bad habit of telling someone to do something instead of asking politely.

I wanted to smack him silly.

His time will be up, or he'll make some Lohan kind of mistakes. He definitely won't make it to the superstardom he aspires to with his personality and attitude.

1139 days ago


He looks like a pretty normal kid. He should just ignore the hate and false rumors, he'll make a killing regardless and can laugh all the way to the bank. Just remember to invest your money safely and don't take any risks, there's no guarantee you'll be making this kind of dough in a few years.

1139 days ago
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