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Lawrence Taylor's Sex Victim

My Pimp Should ROT In Prison

8/10/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lawrence Taylor's underage prostitute is lashing out against her former pimp -- begging the judge to throw the book at the scumbag after he pled guilty to allegations he used her in a sex trafficking ring.

The girl in question -- buttressed by the one and only Gloria Allred -- will be holding a news conference today at 3pm EST (12 noon PST) ... in front of Federal Court in New York ... to speak out about the nightmare. We'll be LIVE STREAMING the entire thing.

Allred tells us the girl -- now 18 years old -- believes Rasheed Davis deserves "the maximum sentence in prison" ... and according to Gloria, that's 10 years.

It's not likely he'll get that much time -- Rasheed's lawyer is asking for the minimum allowable sentence of 5 years in prison ... but prosecutors are gunning for 10.


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Dear TMZ, please, please please stop giving Allred a voice. If everyone would stop coming to her press confereces maybe she would go away. TMZ, you are the worst. I understand Harvey is in love with her, but the rest of America is not

1067 days ago

northern gypsy    

right-on...let's shed some light on the underbelly of humanity...
perhaps it will send a message to these parasitic predators aka pimps
just hope G.A. doesn't forget her cause and get some justice...

1067 days ago


LT admits to masterbating in front of this child. Its an adults responsibility to make sure our sex partners are o****e. I dont care if your bi, straight, gay, into orgies whips chains whatever floats yer boat but kids are off limits no excuses. Our children are not for sale.

1067 days ago


So sell some weed and you'll get 25 years in jail. Sell a child for sex and the most you can get is 10 years. Who decides this ****? Our justice system is so ****** up.

1067 days ago


Considering what the stock market is doing today, I really needed a good laugh, and seeing that Gloria is holding yet another "news" conference gave me that laugh. Incidentally, does anyone besides TMZ follow these things?

1067 days ago


um.....not quite understanding why she believes he should rot in jail for setting her up with "clients," but her getting paid for sex is ok.

1067 days ago

Make it stop    

I can't possibly be the only one who sees Gloria's name and immediately forms an opinion that the allegations simply aren't true. Please climb back into the hole from which you came Allred!!!

1067 days ago


whore crys prostitution trafficking. oh please. u should have thought about it before u got in the business. everyone wants $$$$$$$$$.

1067 days ago


This "victim" readily admitted on the news last evening, that when she entered LT's room, the lights were already off other than the television being on, she had her back to him without direct facial visual eye contact throughout most of her time there, and she never discussed any information about herself with him. While she is now 18 years o****e, she could easily pass for 25 or 26 based solely from her appearance. She easily could have appeared to have been an adult to most persons, even if the lights weren't off in the room. LT was an idiot for doing what he did, and for not asking the "right" questions, but I honestly believe, that he had no reason to even question whether she was underage. The outcome of the trial, and punishment for LT, were completely appropriate given the cir****tances. Now, as far as the "pimp" would be concerned, he is going to get exactly what he deserves, and won't be bothering anyone for quite some time to come.


1067 days ago


Oh, you gotta be joking right? Now she wants the book thrown at him, meanwhile she was cool with everything until the cameras came out!!! SHE IS A WHORE, SLUT, PROSTITUTE, who cares what you think bitch?

1067 days ago


There are 2 faces that I hate to see - Gloria Allred and Casey Anthony.

1067 days ago


Let me guess...Reality show? SMH.

1067 days ago


this coming from some whore , who should be in jail with him....she let the pimp control no one twisted this whores arm to become a sges had more std than any other skank out there.....believe me once a skanky ho always a skanky ho...just ask her mother!

1067 days ago


Wow. That is one UGLY hooker. THAT'S what he should really be ashamed of.

1067 days ago


Ok i get that maybe LT could have got a harsher sentance but it was however a first offence. What id like to know is why the girl who was at the time a prostotute not being arrested or prosouted for any crimes. Im sorry but there all guilty of crimes here,some harsher then others but a crime non the less. I dont think shes anymore a victom then the rest of them. She didnt have to be a prostotute and theres no reason if it was a forced situation then she could have just left. Its not that hard to just get a bus ticket to anywhere away from that person or people and start over. Now LT, you have all that money and fame and you cant get a nice little 18 year old piece of a** that would do you just in hopes of gifts and money and parties with the right people? Ive always found it odd when the rich pay for sex because theres plenty of hot fame whores that will do anything you like even if you are a dirty freaky dude, seriously, the rich and famouse never cease to amaze me with the dumb stuff they do.

1067 days ago
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