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Oksana Grigorieva 911

"He's Losing Blood Badly!"

8/23/2011 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Oksana Grigorieva -- moments after her teenage son put his hand through a stained glass window in July, slashing his arm wide open.

Oksana screams frantically into the phone, "A huge chunk of meat is missing out of his arm!" 14-year-old Sasha faints in the middle of the phone call.

According to reports, Sasha -- Oksana's son with actor Timothy Dalton -- was treated at a local hospital and released soon after his bloody accident ... but not without several stitches.


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I don't understand why would Dalton distant himself from his son. Why would he have not taken his son away from his boy's mother's difficult relationship? If she chose to stay with the man who she claimed had abused her why NOT have taken HER son away? Where was Dalton???? How fit a father is he?

1135 days ago

NoMo Lohans    

I am sure she'll be asking Dalton for mo money to cover the expenses of the kid gettin hurt

1135 days ago


What a drama queen!!!!!!Betcha it was her fault, OMG T Dalton stand up and do the right thing. get your son out of her house and into a safe environment

1135 days ago


So when she says "He's losing blood badly", is she referring to his skill at losing blood, or...

1135 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Wow, that is scary

1135 days ago


She will find ways to blame Mel for that.

1135 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Woman needs to get a friggin' grip. What a horrible parent - he fainted from her stressing him out so badly, not from blood loss. I'm SO tired of seeing her face, but at least all this media coverage serves as a warning to the men of Earth to STAY THE F AWAY FROM THIS CRAZY SUCCUBUS.

1135 days ago


Oksana told the dispatcher that her son shoved the door very fast and chips of glass caused the cut. This is different from the official story released to the media (including her friends at ROL) that said Sasha fell and his arm went through a stained glass window. Why are her stories about events never consistent--never?! My guess is he was angry, and like the teenager he is, took it out on a door that ****tered unexpectedly.

1135 days ago


Well I guess we know WHO MADE THE CALL to 911. Sorry haters, you lost this one!

1135 days ago


sounds like raging to me. poor kid; he needs some attention but mommy is too busy with her legal / money making schemes, than caring for her Golden Anchor Babies, just sayin'

1135 days ago


she tells the 911 operator he just fell down and not breathing but then as you listen she says stay (or lay) down. now is he trying to get up or what. that was strange. NOT breathing means laying their lifeless...not struggling to get up. am i missing something?

1135 days ago


I can help but LAFF OUT LOUD. If you listen to this call IN FULL - OG did a FINE job after some initiate hysteria, she calmed down and handled the situation FINE. She even asked if he could move his fingers.....This must really be pissing off some folks.....hey notice SHE WAS WITH THE BOY the WHOLE TIME!

I guess she didnt run out of the house with baby hysterical like it was reported - AAAAAAHAHAHHAHAH - The fraus must be having a collective melt down.

YOU LOSE!!! SORRY LADIES - all this time spent trying blame her!

1135 days ago


I don't know who is worse - Ox or the 911 operator. They both suck.

1135 days ago


Seeing your kid covered in blood will freak out any mom.

1135 days ago


Both of these two are idiots.

OG sounds like a screaming banshee! She would drive me nuts.

Sasha sounds like he is as vain as his mother. All he was worried about was a scar. Good grief! I think Mel is right about him...

And like other posters have said, what Sasha states on the 911 audio is quite different from what OG's buddies at ROL have said. Maybe OG didn't think of the 911 call being released...

Where was the nanny in all of this? Body guard? Housekeeper?

1135 days ago
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