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Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Should Pay $500k

For Traumatizing My Son

8/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made it clear to the family law judge Friday -- she wants a bundle from Mel Gibson, including a half a million bucks for the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14-year-old son, fathered by actor Timothy Dalton.

TMZ broke the story ... Mel and Oksana met separately with the judge and a mediator Friday, trying to hammer out a settlement in the custody war that is laced with financial overtones. We're told Oksana asked for a huge amount of money for various reasons, and one involves her son Alexander (aka Sasha)

Oksana claims Mel traumatized the boy during the January 6, 2009 explosive fight, which ended with physical violence .... Oksana has alleged Mel knocked two of her teeth out, while Mel says he merely slapped her because she was out of control and endangering the baby.

Oksana claims Mel was abusive to Sasha during the argument, calling him names and scaring him so much he allegedly hid under the bed.

Oksana also claimed on another occasion Mel threw her son onto a table, but Mel's camp has denied it.

We're told Oksana and Mel are still far apart in settling the claims -- both financial and custody of Lucia -- and the mediation continues next week.


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Professor Chaos    

Can't we just deport this gold digging piece of sub-human trash?
Hopefully she gets ran over by a car or something hilarious like that.

1169 days ago


Won't this B*TCH just go away already??? ALL she wants is money, money, money...GO GET A JOB!

1169 days ago


-Would give anything for the-true-mental-processes of the Judge as Oksana went in, weeping, and with her cash list.

-My prediction is he threw-up within eleven minutes of Oksana leaving -

-But it might have been eight.

-She probably put on extra lipstick, as well.

-Make a good IMPRESSION, you understand.

1169 days ago


LYING. I'm female and a mom, and if these accusations are true, why didn't she mention them right away? Oh, wait -- maybe, like Casey Anthony, she only pretends to care about the well-being and safety of her child when it's to her own benefit. What a gold-digging piece of trash.

1169 days ago


If he ends up paying it, it needs to go in a trust for the kid for when he turns 18 or so. Otherwise, it will be spent and not on him. Oksana doesn't need to use his "trauma" money for her.

1169 days ago


What a greedy wh*re.

1169 days ago


Oksana to Judge:

"Hey, for an extra six mil - Mel can HAVE the damn kid!"

1169 days ago


What she and her co-horts are doing is as clear as day, milking Mel Gibson, cant the judge see it?
If we are to "believe" OG, Mel tramatized her son in Jan 2010. And being a good mother, instead of getting the boy help and ending her relationship with the abuser, she continued the relationship with Mel, red carpets, trips to Europe... and most importantly, according to do***ents, she didnt want Eric George TO JEOPARDIZE THE RELATIONSHIP WITH MEL, WHILE SHE WAS NEGOTIAING THE "MONETARY FOR BUYING HER SILENCE FOR THE DOCTORED TAPES"
Still pimping her kids, nothing new here, no wonder the boy is enraged.
Feel sorry for Mel, was really surprised when he didnt charge her for extortion in civil court. Might have to rethink this, otherwise he will never get rid of her.
Glad to have you back fuddy!

1169 days ago


Oksana To Therapist: "If only Mel gave me an STD, then I could have ALL of it !"


Therapist: "But they would check Mel out, Oksana, and if he didn't HAVE that particular STD..."


Oksana: "But that's just the thing! I could have ... PLANTED it ... smeared some on his breakfast or, or, or ... put it in his coffee!"


Therapist: "Hmmm, yes, then I could *up* the fee that Mel's paying for this..."


Oksana: "Up it, hell, double it!!! And, and, and ... put down extra sessions!"

-Oksana stands up, paces: "There's no reason we ALL shouldn't be benefitting from Mel Gibson."

1169 days ago


On top of her free housing and $20k a month she pays no CA or US income tax. Sickening. This woman need to be warned by this Judge that she is getting nothing more and that this looks more and more like extortion.

1169 days ago


Oh please; this bitch is a gold digging WHORE. The INS should look into ways to deport her money grubbing *ss back to Russia...

1169 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Why isn't it mentioned here that ALL evidence she provided for the 'domestic violence' was REJECTED by the courts?? (ie. it was FAKE.)

Why isn't it mentioned here that Ox finally, after all attempts to get money with it, 'dropped' her claims of DV in the eyes of the court?

Why isn't it mentioned here that ALL witnesses to her 'Mel threw Sasha' claim DENIED it ever happened as she said?

Why isn't it mentioned here she also claimed TD beat her and yelled endlessly at her and maybe THAT traumatized Sasha?

Why isn't it mentioned here how she continued her relationship with Mel for months after the 'fight' that so traumatized Sasha? What kind of mother does that??

Why isn't it mentioned here what an excellent father Mel has been to his other children, how Robyn came out in support for Mel when these allegations first started?

Oh there are a LOT of things that should have been mentioned din this article...

1169 days ago


Timothy Dalton pays $2500 a month in child support, over 14 years that totals $420,000, and she wants $500,000 from Gibson. It still makes no sense to me that TD pays so little and Mel has to pay $20,000 a month. I think she should be denied any additional payments that she is whining for, that Mel should get 50% custody and her child support is cut to a comparable amount, that she should be ordered to get a job and start supporting a portion of her family which should cut child support even more, that a 40% of her current support should be put into a savings account for Lucia, and she should be ordered to pay a portion of rent monthly to Mel.

1169 days ago

There's a problem here    

Mel? In a way I feel bad for you because she is a golddigging who .re but Mel, I can't believe you are so stupid that you'd think she wanted you instead of your fame and your money. Seriously, you thought that? HAHAHA ... Anyhow Mel, You dipped it without a coat, or being snipped, etc. You gladly contributed your sperm, and there ya go. 18 years of golddigging grief. Courtesy of you thinking with the wrong head. Looks like you lose.

1169 days ago


I think Mel shoulld sue her for the trauma to his family, that Robyn should sue Oksana for alienation of affection (wi***** was possible in CA like in NC), that Mel should sue her for the trauma she has caused him, along with how all of her public utterings and release of the tapes, interviews, etc., hurt his career, Robyn and his children should be a part of this suit because it hurt them also. I think she should be liable for all of her own future attorney costs. She has never held a real job, she lives off men, and she thinks she is never a part of the reason for the break up of these relationships. Oksana needs a douse of reality. Her own actions have traumatized her son, she needs to be responsible for that.

1169 days ago
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