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'Real Housewives of Bev Hills'

Keep Quiet

8/16/2011 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Silence is golden for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- TMZ has learned, Bravo just instructed the entire cast ... NO talking to the media about Russell Armstrong's suicide ... whatsoever.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, each cast member received both a phone call and an email from Bravo just hours after news broke about Russell's death -- ordering them to keep their mouths shut.

But the new directive isn't holding up production -- we're told, shooting is set to resume tomorrow as scheduled.

Right now, it's unclear if Taylor will also be returning to work at the same time.

3:58 PM: We're told Bravo just canceled the shooting schedule for tomorrow and called a meeting for the entire cast -- it's unclear about what, but we can take a wild guess. A rep for Bravo denies they are having a meeting with the cast tomorrow.


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ok you guys do know that these people do these shows at their own will?? Its unfortunate that such a thing happened but we definitely shouldn't blame the show. The people on these reality shows agree to film on their own. No one MAKES them do it.

1162 days ago


I watched Housewives of BH. Russell was a fish out of water. You could tell he did not want to be on that show. I assumed he was doing it for his wife Taylor. The other housewives and husbands made fun of him a lot. Mainly because he was not a party person. I think he made the others feel uncomfortable. He was a good guy, im my opinion. His wife was not. She was a **** stirrer if you know what I mean. Money was very important to her. I feel Bravo and his wife should have seen this coming. Even I could tell something wasnt right.

1162 days ago


Its unfortunate that he died. But, instead of being portrayed as the abusive and selfish monster he is, this way he can be the "victim". Bravo did not creat this mess. They just aired their dirty laundry. Those big a** cameras in your face at scheduled times during filming allow you to choose how to "act" for the show. He abused both of his ex-wives and children and he chose the "easy" way out not to face the consequences. Would you guys have had Chris Brown's back after beating Rihanna? His death is tragic and sad, but it was his decision.

1161 days ago


As with all tv shows, events prior to airing must be kept quiet as not to ruin the plot or suspence. ALL networks do this. They signed the contract with this knowledge and they can be sued if they(the stars of the show) break it. If you cant take the pressure, he shouldnt have signed up for a second season. Such a weak person

1161 days ago


Bet he had life insurance, tons of it. Wonder if the suicide will negate any of the policies?

1161 days ago

Grace Taylor    

So, you'd rather watch fiction TV; such as Law & Order, The Good Wife, The Closer, where they feature women getting beaten up, stabbed and bloody, children being abused. Give me reality TV any day where they feature silly family squabbles, fun loving and charitible pepople!!

1161 days ago


Well Taylor and BRAVO - I hope you are all happy now. Don't know how you can live with yourself. PATHETIC!!! Guess you know this is why I don'*****ch reality shows - because it's all drama made to happen by the networks.

1161 days ago


This show needs to be cancelled!! It's a huge waste of time to watch these gold digging women...who don't really deserve to be on t.v......!!Losers!!!!!

1160 days ago


Sounds like Bravo is circling the wagons. There going get sued & they know it.

1160 days ago

gigi 2     

Bravo needs to screen these housewives (or in every group the single mothers), to ensure they have the major wealth to have the over-the-top lifestyle that they portray. It seems to me that many of them are living way beyond the means and are paying the consequences. This time with a possible financial crisis suicide of Russell Armstrong. He was not portrayed as warm or likeable. Now I understand more of why that was. He was stressed out to maintain a lifestyle that he couldn't accomodate.

Bravo - please decrease the bad drama (the cat fighting with the women) your ratings are going to soon deflect my sentiments as I talk with others and watch CNN and other major news outlets share my concerns.

It is like adult "mean women" and I am mortified at how horrified that these women treat each other. The example the shows set to teenage girls is a bad message. Bethenny Frankel's show was quite a breath of fresh air as it was positive and more "real".

I actually feel like I am going to have a panic attack when I watch the over-the-top fighting on reality tv. Not just Bravo but all the shows that adopted thi model of it is okay to throw a drink in another woman's face, flip a table in restaurant with children watching (and yes I haven'*****ch Real Housewives of New Jersey since). I won't be watching Orange County after Tamera's borderline presonality behavior continued last season.

I saw last night a major news outlet saying experssing the same feelings. Keep down back stabbing and fighting and focus on women supporting each other. Ruby is wonderful (from Style Newwork and has none of the glamorous but a envious group of friends and family that help each other).

1159 days ago


The only Reality in Reality TV is the bottom line financial rewards for the production company and the shows ratings on the channel. In today's fast paced media Reality TV producers know what viewers are looking for, hope happens, wants someone to do something or say something to or about someone else. And depending on they are 'handled' by the production company the company gets the stuff the audience wants the most. It can be a comment dropped here, a question asked during one on one interview (TV couch time); fed to them through things said to other actors and so on. I think the only reality TV that is a little honest that that goes on is one of the more original Reality TV shows - Big brother. Just from that title you know that its inherent that BB messed with their heads and tries to manipulate then through knowing they are watched all the time. If you never read 1984 - read it and understand Big Brother. that is why comments from the cast creep in about what was discussed in the Diary room because the cast knows they maybe being manipulated. the only reason they are told not to talk about the Diary room conversations is they are the 'one' thing that BB keeps from the feed watchers 7/24 view of the cast to make some reason for you to watch the shows if you watch the feeds and know ahead of the show pretty much what happened. For other shows, the same manipulation goes on but everyone pretends it does not even between the cast - mostly cause each individual thinks they are the only one production feels safe telling them or suggesting stuff. You know if one reality star admits to being feed a line or two, or an action that its many more then 'one' or a 'couple' and its not happening to just that one cast member. Some, like Jon and Kate Plus 8, were obviously scripted throughout even if most of the scripting was pure Kate and probably was never going to lead anywhere but a breakup once the show was rolling in millions. Kate just did not realize that with losing Jon and the whole divorce thing with 8 kids was the downfall of the show. Has she known that in advanced Jon would never have been scripted out of the show. Reality is in the eye of the beholder... if you believe its real then no one will change your mind and you will live for the next episode and be very involved in the 'real' lives of these people vicariously. If you know reality TV to me just a drama using non-actors (which get a great deal less then 'real' actors) and do many more episodes, then you realize that its fun to watch what production has done to then in the interim but your not invested in their lives and can sit there and wonder how gullible the cast is, let alone that people think they are seeing anything that's the truth (except the decor of the living spaces). If you consider it for even more then a minute you realize that 'Reality' only uses cheaper 'real' people to make your show instead of higher paid actors - yeah they are 'real' but what they do, say, how they act, portray themselves to the camera is anything but.

1157 days ago

mj blondin    

heres how I see it.......MALOFF....BUNDLES OF MONEY and a HOUSE to PROVE IT.....VANDERPUMP...BUNDLES OF MONEY and a HOUSE to PROVE it....GRAMMER...BUNDLES of MONEY and a HOUSE to PROVE it.....KYLE RICHARDS...MONEY and a NICE HOUSE .....KIM RICHARDS..some MONEY...OK HOUSE....SHE HAS SOME SERIOUS ISSUES ( I would keep an eye on her) ARMSTRONG..some MONEY.....NICE HOUSE......BUT KYLE, KIM and TAYLOR have NOTHING on the other 3....NOTHING!....Jus*****ch show..YOU KNOW WHOS GOT IT ALL....How could the OTHERS ever think they could keep up??????

1139 days ago


I am about to qui*****ching, loved the show but never really liked Taylor, and in light of all that is and has happened, it would be in Bravos' best interest to drop her from the show. She is looking horrible. She tried to live up the the life style the other wives have and look what has happened. 60,000 dollar birthday party is ridiculous! Please Bravo dump her... I am sure you have a good editing dept. and can cut her out... Thanks for listening

1118 days ago
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