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Taylor Armstrong

Daughter Doesn't Know Yet

8/16/2011 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong hasn't broken the news yet about Russell's suicide to her 5-year-old daughter Kennedy ... TMZ has learned.

Friends close to Taylor tell us, "She's not emotionally ready to do so just yet."

Taylor's attorney, Robert Thorne, tells us, "Taylor Armstrong is devastated by the tragic events that have unfolded. She requests privacy at this time so that she may comfort her young daughter."

The attorney adds, "Her thoughts and prayers are also with Russell's 11 and 13-year-old sons."


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Some women, out of greed lust selfishness will bleed a man completely dry..then... surprised when they off themselves.


1110 days ago


This bitch doesn't care. He had no money for her, so she ditched him.

1110 days ago


Honestly...if I was married to that prune...I'd kill myself, too!

1110 days ago


@Freakhater, you are satin on earth, you pig! Who are you to judge the pain another human being is in? You are pathetic, go screw yourself, as I'm sure no one else wants to. Now, this is a man who has died, no matter the cause, he is gone. Anyone that ever watched the show could see Taylor is a sick gold-digger, and she cut this man down to the quick...she should feel guilty as hell right now. You could look into his eyes during the show and could just tell, all he wanted was to have a happy marriage and be great father...she deprived him from that...selfish beyond words. It is always so sad when someone takes their own life, one more day, it could have been better. God Bless him and his children...

1110 days ago


Taylor may not tell her daughter, but I'm sure the parents of Kennedy's classmates will tell their children and tomorrow Kennedy will know.

1110 days ago


Gold-diggers never go away. They drain you for everything then want ridiculously inflated spousal support forever as well as inflated child support well above what the kids need.

They really do ruin you. Just look at what that Russian gold-digger did to Mel Gibson; his career is destroyed by her extortion. Just look at Jenny McCarthy who took over half of everything Jim Carrey spent his whole life working for under threats of tell-all books that she can still write at any time once that money runs out. Or Loni Anderson, who had Burt Reynolds go from millionaire to homeless and shacking up with a waitress almost overnight.

He got away from her the only way you can ge away from gold-diggers. It's a tragedy for his daughter but hopefully when she gets older she'll see what he did was more like seppuku with escaping a captor than anything else.

These kinds of women (and men too) are one of the worst by-products of the greed-induced Hollywood culture

1110 days ago


I really hate greedy gold digging Taylor
but my heart goes out to Russel's son, daughter and parents.

Awful. So sad when people feel that desperate :(

1110 days ago


Three kids??? Rest in peace coward.

1110 days ago


rest in peace, COWARD.

1110 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

The only thing that's "devastated" is her face. YUCK. No wonder he hung himself.

1110 days ago


Regardless of all the RUDE AND JUDGEMENTAL REMARKS MADE ABOUT THIS FAMILY.. What they are going thru is a complete living hell.. Unless ANYONE HAS WALKED thru what Taylor and her family is WALKING THRU .. SHUT UP!! OMG~ It is a club ( suicides ) that NO ONE WANTS TO BELONG TOO.. I lost a family member to this.. It is by far the most horrific experience anyone could EVER GO THRU.. Life is so very fragile.. So please.. Stop with the rude remarks..

1110 days ago


This is a Text book case of a typical gold digger. As soon as this man lost his money; This Bitch wants to get a divorce. She was not supportive of him. All she wanted to do flaunt around BH with her friends, spend his money and didn't give a damm about him. What happened to "for better for worst"? Like someone said earlier. She needs to take her "OVER BOTOX-ED ASS BACK TO OKLAHOMA. (I added the over Botox part). She looks like a Zombie. Hell they could have filed Ch. 7, moved from Beverly Hills and started over somewhere else. Now look what she has done; lost a man that loved her. She is unemployed, unskilled and has a small child. Now she will be depending on the County to take care of her. What a Skank.

1110 days ago


This bitch got beat with the ugly stick!

1110 days ago


She spent $60...,000 on a 4 year olds birthday party, when she knew they had no money! She should be ashamed of herself for pushing him in to hanging himself!! I hope she has to go live like real people have to live now!

1110 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Remove your giant-lipped, Wilma-Flinstone-necklace-wearin' guilty a** self from the public eye, you fame whore.

1110 days ago
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