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Terrell Owens


By N-Word-Hurling Jackass

8/17/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terrell Owens pulled off the impossible -- keeping his cool like a boss while some disgruntled loudmouth hurled n-word after n-word at the NFL star ... and TMZ has the footage.

It all went down in Miami earlier this month when T.O. was posing for pics with some female fans -- and, according to one witness ... the foul mouthed dude started popping off because he thought Terrell snubbed him.

Check out the verbal onslaught to see why T.O. is a merciful man.

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F!cking adults verbal abusing themselves. I wonder what their kids think. Grow up.

1164 days ago


that bitch in the jordan shirt was just running his mouth like a punk ass bitch would do...

that bitch boy wasn't gonna bomb...

1164 days ago


I'm not going to watch the video. The name calling by adults to people of other races/genders shows how ignorant some people are and no matter what is done these people choose to stay ignorant on the subject of hate and prejudice and continue to spew forth their filth. Now we see why the youth of today is so out of control.

Kudos to Terrell though.

1164 days ago


Wow, I never expected this. I mean...there wasn't a WaffleHut or a Denny's anywhere around.

1164 days ago


The guy was just trying to look like a bad ass in front of the girls. He knew T.O. can't hit him or he will be sued for everything he has. The little punk knew that. He has probably gotten into little street fights with little kids and beat them up... and now feel like he can beat anyone up. I am NOT a T.O. fan, but if T.O. decided to get off the bike and throw down with the guy... I think the punk ass would have been saying, 'I'm sorry Terrell sir. Please Mr. Owens sir, stop hitting me, I am very sorry.' Little punk bitch is going to mouth off to the wrong person one day and get an ass beat down. I hate to say it... but T.O. did the right thing. Why give the punk ass the other 14 minutes of fame.

1164 days ago

some guy    

I remember when T.O. was a Buffalo Bill, and during a press conference the reporters kept goading him to talk trash about his team. T.O. kept his cool and refused to give in.

He may be a loudmouth, but he's a cool loudmouth IMO.

1164 days ago


T.O. did what an adult does & thats walk away from the ignorance & not indulge in it ike the guy was. That boy was a punk. He knew damn well that T.O. wasnt gonna hit him. He aint coming out his pocket for his bitch ass. That dude talked all that ****, but not once laid a hand on him tho because T.O. wouldve one hitter quittered that ass!

1164 days ago


Good Job T.O. I know it took alot to not get off that bike and knock his head off.

1164 days ago


Typical Miami garbage...stay in da hood and stay off the beach, b*tch.

1164 days ago


Wow!Testosterone and the Miami heat will make you say some stupid ass things! Get a grilled pork 'sammich' and STF down, mijo!

1164 days ago


male ego is sooo fragile!

1164 days ago


That was stupid. T.O did the right thing, non sense in getting tangled up with this dude and getting sued. You know people talk all kinds of stuff about people like T.O and Lebron James, but you never see them getting arrested, DUIS, getting into fights, because they're too smart for that crap.

1164 days ago


why bother putting this on here when you can't make out a word they are saying. Every word is bleep bleep...bleep...bleep. Really shows the level of intelligence these clowns have. Can't even say a sentence without massive cussing.

1164 days ago


Good for T.O. He kept his cool and made that punk ass bitch look like a punk ass bitch. Now everyone gets to see the punk ass bitch acting like a little jealous punk ass bitch.

1164 days ago


I remember when civility ruled. I miss those days.

1164 days ago
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