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Released from Jail After 16 Days

8/18/2011 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA star Jalen Rose was released from a Detroit jail this morning -- after spending 16 days behind bars stemming from a DUI arrest back in March.

Rose -- who currently works for ESPN as an NBA analyst -- was originally sentenced to 20 days in the slammer ... after pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated during a March 11 crash.

TMZ broke the story ... the 38-year-old ex-Fab Fiver was driving along an icy roadway in Michigan with a female passenger when he lost control of his vehicle, flipping the car.

After the judge basically threw the book at Rose -- Jalen's lawyer called the sentence "outrageous" ... and an "abuse of discretion."

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That's 13 days less than Donte Stallworth did for KILLING someone.... flawed system there.

1161 days ago


I think the sentence he got was ridiculous considering it was his first offense of any kind. He should have been given the standard first offense sentence that everyone else gets. Not the max. Stars shouldn't get special treatment. They should be treated like everyone else.

1161 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

If it was a well known celebrity like Lidnsey Lohan he would have gotten away with it.... He should sue, 16 years for DUI mean while how many celebrities have been caught in a DUI and they we let go? Celebrity Justice!

1161 days ago


Sure his attorney called the sentence "outrageous", and "abuse of discretion"! WHY would we want to hold anyone accountable for driving drunk and endangering the lives of so many other innocent people??? How would the attorney feel if a a drunk driver killed someone he loved?? So did he plead guilty just because he thought he'd get a lighter sentence or no jail time at all?? Gotta give that Judge credit for doing what is right-no matter who you are!

1161 days ago


Celebrities Suck, you really didn't read that as "16 years" did you? If so, no wonder you're upset!

1161 days ago


The sentence IS outrageous. No one said to let him off with NO punishment at all, but going to jail for FIRST offence seems a little over the top esp when you consider how many celebrities get busted for FAR WORSE than that and get off with nothing more than a fine (which is mere pocket change to them). I think that he should have been punished for what he did, of course, but JAIL... for a first offence? Ridiculous.

1161 days ago


The guy was driving drunk and flipped a car over? Should have been tossed in jail a lot longer than that and why wasn't he fired? First offence? so what, a first offence can kill someone just as quick as the third fourth fifth offence.

1161 days ago


He's out of jail (for now-he'll do it again, worry not) after 16 days, but he will rot in Hell forever, as he should.

1161 days ago


It wasn't a Detroit jail. It wasn't even in the same county as Detroit! Aren't you supposed to be telling the truth in these stories? Detroit area jail would have been acceptable.

1161 days ago


Funny how LiLo can have drugs and have a DUI and she spends 8 hours in jail.

1161 days ago


Sixteen days in jail for driving drunk and flipping his car over on an icy road and his lawyer is screaming it's outrageous. He should have gotten a year and 16 days. Jalen is old enough to know better.

1161 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

For you idiots who believe people with DUIs get jail on the first offense - think again morons. Thousands of people get picked up for DUI - if we threw them all in jail you would probably have a half of the population in jail.

Worse - you imbeciles who drink and drive all the time but just haven't been caught - your day will come you son's of bitches. =D

Of course this judge was throwing the book at this guy because of his status. It is scary knowing that people are so willing to conform and allow/give these judges so much discretion. Don't you morons understand these guys/women are nothing more than people who do the same **** you people do when you get home? You don't really think these people come home and behave any differently than ordinary folk. Idiots.

1161 days ago


There done..was that so hard?

1161 days ago


the joys of being black in america

1161 days ago


Say what you want about Rose ... at leaest he didn't jump out of bounds and try to call a timeout he didn't have.

1161 days ago
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