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Montel Williams

I'm GLAD Cops Found My Pipe!

8/18/2011 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081811_montel_williams_v2_videoMontel Williams says he did NOTHING wrong when he brought his marijuana pipe through a Milwaukee airport back in January ... telling TMZ he's actually HAPPY he got caught.

The former talk show host was at LAX last night ... where he explained that because he uses weed for a medicinal purpose, he needs to have his pipe the same way that a diabetic needs to carry around a syringe ... strictly as a "utensil" for taking his medication.

Williams claims officials tested the pipe for marijuana residue -- and the tests came back negative so "the thing was completely thrown out of court."

Still, Montel says the fact that officials FOUND his pipe to begin with "bodes well" for security ... adding, "I'm glad they found it."


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Montel should just stay home and smoke weed. All he does now is shill bad product on late night tv.

1159 days ago


Sanctimonious POS.

1159 days ago


This is not a 1st for Montel, I remember it happening many years ago...he talked about it on his show. He needs to quit sitting next to Max on the plane. Seriously, what does he need weed for anyway?

1159 days ago


He smokes the weed because he's a cancer patient. He had/has breast cancer. From what I remember, he had it removed and then did chemo, but that was... nearly 10 years ago and he's had no remissions (from what I've heard) so I'm not sure why he still needs medical weed... regardless, the pipe tested NEGATIVE for weed?? Then why was he even carrying it around with him... wouldn't that indicate that he's not smoking weed with it. That doesn't make sense.

Personally, I think that the use of "medical weed" has become a joke. I get it for the use of cancer patients and those who are terminally ill.. but these days (depending on where you live) you can get it if you stub your toe. There was a woman near where I live who was busted with pot and her defense was "My doctor wouldn't give me medical weed for my severe nausea." She was 7 months pregnant.. clearly just a pot head trying to make up lame (and awful) reasons to continue smoking pot while she was pregnant. Point of that story is that I think NOW Montell might just be a pothead. The End.

1159 days ago


I'm pretty sure he has MS but if you are indeed using marijauna for medical purposes you can take it in pill form, other wise it is just an excuse to be allowed to smoke pot.

1159 days ago

Granny Linda    

Poor guy. It's a shame that a severe illness like his (doesn't he have MS) turns him into a criminal! As bad as our economy is, they should legalize it and find a way to tax it. Or, they should outlaw alcohol, it turns LOTS of people into criminals and has probably hurt more people than marijuana.

1159 days ago


HE DEFINITELY HAS MS (multiple sclerosis).... Get off his back.

1159 days ago


This guy is such a moron!

1159 days ago


Knowing a thing or two about MJ pipes, I find it
interesting that the pipe tested negative for res-
idue. Unless he boils it in alcohol after every use,
I think someone came to their senses and decided
that this case just wasn't worth the taxpayers money
to peruse. TSA has to devote time feeling up infants
and grandmothers.

1159 days ago


Persue, not peruse. Spellcheck is dumber than I am.

1159 days ago


Yup. He has Multiple Sclerosis. He does smoke medicinal marijuana. That's a fact. Can't knock him for having an illness and using the resources at his disposal.

However, I'm more interested in why he gave up a pretty decent tv show/career to hawk an overpriced blender and why he doesn't pay child support for his two youngest children. Hopefully he was flying somewhere to supplement his pitchman income and some of that money will go to his 2 youngest children.

1159 days ago


but if he has a medical lisence to smoke it why would they test his pipe in court? wouldnt he show his lisence and be able to take his pipe?

1159 days ago


Boy what an azzhole eh! I mean how dare he smoke weed to reduce his pain and give him a better quality of life. I mean really he should only take pharmaceutical drugs that don't work for him because we all know people that smoke weed today are tomorrows heroin addicts and sellers of weed to school children. If the people that are bitching had MS and it worked for them or they had a family member ill with this disease I'm sure they'd be singing a different tune.

1159 days ago


When you have a severe auto-immune disease(ex MS, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis) the pain is crippling. Pain isnt the only symptom. I personally have severe RA...been told by specialists to not worry about getting back to work or getting off disability. I have refused that attitude and their over-priced medications(injections can cost $1500.00 and even with insurance you can be left w/$300-500 out of pocket).Besides, these RA drugs, with nasty side effects, dont always last. You have to keep changing meds to try to minimize your symptoms and pain. I have found natural, herbal supplements that really work for ME. And YES started smoking MJ....walk a mile in MY shoes. Good for Montel....and as far as the "jobs" he's been taking, walk a mile in HIS is expensive to be SICK. And for most of us working-class folks, we end up on disability after exhausting our insurance and savings. At least w/MJ, I know its natural. Better than being prescribed drugs with multiple cancers as side-effects....why trade pain and misery for DEATH???

1159 days ago

St Murphy    

legalize it nationwide for more than just eminent death like NJ just did!marijuana can be used for many many ilness`s myself knowing how much it helps a very bad anxiety disorder i have had since childhood and have been on many company made pills with many bad side effects through my years but marijuana no side effects no harm no foul!

1159 days ago
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