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Living in Waterworld Hell!

8/18/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman has a big problem with one of her kids -- the Doughboy.

Octo got a ticket from the City of La Habra for having a Doughboy, above-ground pool in her backyard, without a proper permit.  The City fined her $100, with a deadline for either removing the pool or getting the permit.

But Octo refuses to budge, because she believes some vindictive neighbors have unfairly singled her out for something that is pretty common in her neighborhood.  So now the fine has swelled to $600.

But all this fuss over the pool ignores the bigger problem -- What's Octo doing with a pool in her backyard when she has 14 kids she can barely control?


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Why on earth would anyone have a pool without fencing around it when you have children... I don't care if you have 2 or 20 kids. Pools need fences, who cares about bylaws.

1164 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

When I copied MsSarcia's post....I forgot to add my 2 cents.

I agree that pool is dangerous and only an idiot would have it around all those small kids. Octo is a selfish, scheming, lazy, lying b--tch....who can NOT be trusted to watch those kids. Until one of those kids is hurt....or much worse.....CPS isn't going to do anything. By then it will be too late.

1164 days ago


Generally, pools of this sort do not require a permit because it is not a "permanent structure". It is technically no different than a "baby pool" that one can empty and store indoors. Doesn't her Code Enforcement have better things to do? Just saying. I'm so sick of hearing about this woman. Aren't there better things happening in the news ... or with other, more interesting celebrities?!

1164 days ago


And, no fence. Perhaps she is hoping to find a few of them accidentally floating. The woman is paranoid, and narcasistic.She should not have one much less 14 kids.

1164 days ago


Its not only La Habra. Most of California cities have you get permits for things such as replacing a fence or even replacing your front yard sprinklers. They are all money hungry. Maybe thats why you will never find a weed in a single sidewalk or street in San Ramon. San Ramon is ridiculous in the permits required department.

1164 days ago


I want to help her get that pool permitted!

1164 days ago


I can't believe people actually sitting around waiting, hoping, wishing and praying that Nadya children get seriously hurt or die so the state can step in and take the rest her children away, then they can say I told you so. I tell yah, I'm more scare of you people then I am of Casey Anthony, you people if you don't mind me saying-- are completely SICK!

Nadya isn't the one that's insane, you all are. Far as I know, Nadya has never left her kids unintended in the yard. She had that pool for months and never have there been an accident with it, thank God! She's a good mother who loves her kids and they love her back equally. State will not step in to take away anybody kid's without just cause. So get over it already!!!

1164 days ago


Did Octonut call in to TMZ today whining about having to get a permit and calling her neighbor that reported her a perpetrating pedophile???? TMZ hung up?? Thumbs up!

1164 days ago


She claims Czech hasn't been her lawyer for 1-1/2 years???? Well, 8 months ago she said he was according to RadarOnline!

Octo-Mom's Dad & Lawyer To Blame, Says Man Who Wants To Evict Her
Posted on Dec 28, 2010 @ 04:07PM print it send it

1164 days ago


Does that picture of Octo remind anyone else of the scene in the HP where part of Valdemort is curled up in a fetal position?

1164 days ago



Nobody is targeting her because of who she is. She is required to have a gate with a latch with a pool that is this size.

She totally lied on TMZ live when she said there was only 15 inches of water in it. She was just on Inside Edition recently and there was around 4 feet of water in the pool.

She also lied when she said all her kids know how to swim. One of the babies fell all the way under the water when she let go of him.

Here is a quote below from the building inspector in La Habra. Octoliar does not have a "right" to have a pool without following the rules. You sound just as irresponsible as she does by defending her on this.
Read his quote where he says that the biggest cause of death is drowning for kids under 5.
I have a pool and unlike her, I understand the responsibility of being a pool owner.

You should educate yourself before commenting on things like this. Google "above ground pool safety" and read some of the articles. Kids that are the age of her babies can drown in a bucket of water with just a few inches in it.

Fewell [La Habra's chief building official] said Suleman's pool is 4-feet deep and requires at least a 4-foot self-latching fence just like any other built-in pool.

"She will be fined if she doesn't respond," Fewell, 65, said.

Fewell said Suleman's original violation was sent out on July 28.

"We'll give her seven days. We're not interested in close-order legalisms, just getting her to comply. With any pool it's a dangerous situation. We're not concerned with how many kids she has, but death by drowning is the No. 1 cause of death with children under 5. I don't want to see a death on my watch," Fewell said.

1164 days ago


Well said octo-is-a-liar. I don't know how anyone can defend this woman, when the rules are she needs a permit. She's no more special than the home next to hers. Why does she and her 'fans' feel she's above the law?

1164 days ago


I had to laugh at her telling Harvey that it was the fault of Toys 'r Us that she didn't know she needed a permit. As usual, it's always someone else's fault. I also got a kick out of Harvey's face while she was talking. The eye rolling was fantastic.

1164 days ago


I thought they were talking about one of her kids when they said "the Doughboy".

1164 days ago


Give the poor woman a break. She does have SOME rights you know. You guys attack her no matter what she does or doesn't do. Yeah, what does it matter whether she has a pool or not? I never heard of needing a friggin permit to have an above the ground pool for pete's sake--in-the-ground maybe, but not above. Sounds like the city just wants an excuse to attack her like everyone else. I don't know how she keeps from commiting suicide--I'm not sure I could take the constant pressure quite frankly. You guys ever heard of forgiveness? No, then look it up--might be a healthy exercise for you!!---the looking it up and then the actual doing it!! Put yourselves in her place--how would you feel? Yeah, I know--you would never make her mistakes--right--like you're all soooo perfect!!

1164 days ago
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