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'OC Housewife' RIPS Tabloid

I'm NOT Going Broke!

8/21/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alexis Bellino from "Real Housewives of Orange County" is out for justice -- threatening a legal FIRESTORM ... after a tabloid rag claimed she was going broke.

It's all over an issue of In Touch Weekly that came out earlier this month -- the cover of which shows a picture of Alexis, over the caption "Bankrupt!" ... but it gets worse.

Inside the magazine, the article reads, "Bankrupt! Evicted! Foreclosed! Housewives Are Going Broke" -- continuing, "After selling off her home at a fraction of its cost to avoid foreclosure, Alexis Bellino still refuses to admit she and her husband ... have money troubles."

But Alexis claims it's all BS -- and her lawyer fired off a nasty cease and desist letter on Thursday, demanding In Touch retract its "patent, malicious, and libelous comments."

According to the letter, Alexis is "in great financial health" -- and if In Touch doesn't retract its comments ... she'll sue. So far, no word back from In Touch.


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actually, i'm so sick of all of these fakes. at least the beveryly hills wives knew they would be "labled" as plastic, etc. and they were the last one i said i would NEVER awatch. but as i watched 1 or 2 episodes that caught my attention, i admit, it was more believable and REAL compared to all of the other "nobody losers" from OC, NY, NJ, AT, DC, andwherever else these slime out of the ground to humiliate their children by seeing how riduculous and a-holes their parents are. when is enuf going to be enuf? i say ENUF ALREADY!!!! plz! my head is going to bursst from these fake, wannabees on ALL of the shows and worse yet...NETWORKS that i thought had a little more integrity than they have shown. but they're right in there trying to dig up the stupiest, trashiest ppl so they can show AMERICAN AND THE REST OF THE WORLD how ridiculous and tacky we are. (just as they always believed and were angy at us-----no morals. (and i'm wondering if we have any brains left in the country?) i fear they have all turned to mush and cant even speak up for what's right or wrong!! are we all as pitiful and stupid as the rest of the world thinks of us. i'm so ashamed and embarrassed to even be a part of any of this planet. everything has gone completely crazy and i dont choose to be a part of it at this moment. but i said..everywhere u turn channels, another stupider show with even more stupid A-holes they cN DIG UP. WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PPL?!

1125 days ago


Of course, she's broke. They have bought everything on credit and now it's coming home to roost. Maybe her mobster husband can land a few more hit jobs to bring in some money. In the meantime, Alexis needs to shut the F up. I qui*****ching this show about mid-season because I couldn'*****ch or listen to these plastic bimbos.

1125 days ago


Somehow I just don't think she knows anything about their finances. I suspect he tells her what he wants her to know and he wouldn't be the first husband to do so. I don't think he trusts her with knowledge of their true financial picture.

1125 days ago


If she is in SUCH great finanacial health why did she de-valuate her neighboorhood by not paying what she agreed to on her mortgage? She has money for botox then pay your mortgage like the rest of us!

1125 days ago


Waffle Whiffer...

1125 days ago


I think it would be funny if she came out and said, yeah we are broke, my fashion line tanked I realized what a turd I married and we are getting a divorce and if the next season of RHOC doesn't start taping soon, I won't be able to pay for my 2 nannies but in Reality TV world its deny, deny,deny!!

1125 days ago


I liked Alexis on the RHOOC, but her marriage persona is hypocritical! She dresses like miss s l u t t y , but is a slave to her man ?

1125 days ago

not a lawyer    

The letter contains a huge number of grammar errors. It seems semi-literate.

The is no "tortuous interference". It's "tortious". And there is nothing wrong with being "patent", which just means "obvious." There are strange capitalizations ("Per Se", for instance) and italicizations throughout as well.

1125 days ago

Pompano Ann    

I think what bothers us is; why these ladies try to hide the truth when they are broke and we know the truth and there are a handful of them; maybe there should be a new program BROKE Housewives; why do we have to see rich housewives; what if we saw real people?

1125 days ago


Apparently RHOC is getting ready to air their next season. This is part of the media ramp-up and TMZ is dutifully playing along.

1125 days ago


After their home received a notice of default, my girlfriend and I saw them at the Landmark Restaurant in Corona Del Mar. They came in with all the designer wear on, sat down and ordered some champagne and started texting at the table. After dinner, Jimbo threw all of it on the plastic for Bimbo. We didn't stay to watch them call for a cab. I wonder who drove the soon to be repossessed car back to Balboa Bay Club short sale property??? Posers.

1125 days ago


If she's not broke why was she trying to sell the tablecloth she converted to a dress for the reunion on her facebook page? "I can have one custom made for you ladies for only $400 dollars!" She's another lying, plastic hick poser.

1125 days ago


Their attorney needs to proofread his letters before firing them off, especially regarding punctuation. How did they find this guy, anyway...he's an immigration attorney :)

1125 days ago


she obviously saves money on her food since she is anorexic and doesn't eat! or she puts condemints on her food to prevent her form eating!

1125 days ago


What does the dude do for a living? It's never mentioned. That guy is dirty as hell. Probaly has a boatload of cash stashed somewhere but can't use it cuz he'll get pooped b y the IRS.

1124 days ago
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