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Warrant Singer Jani Lane


8/23/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811_janie_lane_EX_01Ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane was carrying a note in his pocket on the day he died which read, "I am Jani Lane" ... but TMZ has learned Jani wasn't the person who wrote the note.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Jani had no official ID on him when his body was discovered at a Los Angeles motel on August 11 -- and we're told he hadn't been in possession of an ID for a while.

We're told the note contained a phone number for a person close to Jani -- and police contacted that person after Jani's body was discovered.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... investigators have confirmed the note was written by one of Jani's friends -- and that person had placed a similar note on Jani in the past. Cops have been in contact with that person.

However, the note has infuriated members of Jani's family -- who tell us whoever had written the note was CLEARLY aware that Jani had a substance abuse problem ... and should have helped Jani seek treatment instead of simply tucking a piece of paper into his pants.

It's unclear if the same person who wrote the note also checked Jani into the Comfort Inn -- but sources tell us it appears the room where Jani was discovered was not purchased by Jani himself.

Law enforcement sources tell us there is no criminal investigation into the death -- and so far, investigators believe Jani's death was either accidental or due to natural causes.

An autopsy has been completed -- and results from the toxicology tests are expected soon.



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Ghost Rider    

This is now a very interesting case, but I doubt they will find any conclusive evidence in this due to excuses like this is disrespectful to the family, as they did on the do***entary Kurt and Courtney.

1158 days ago


reading this makes me so sad.. this was clearly a guy who knew, or at least the people around him knew that his time might soon be up.

1158 days ago


A lot of people may laugh but Jani's publishing was worth a lot of money. He wrote EVERY song Warrant recorded (minus a couple covers) that were hits in their heyday. "Heaven", "I Saw Red","Chery Pie","Uncle Toms Cabin" - all of those songs still generate generous royalties to this day. The group owns the name, but Jani retained his publishing copyrights. I saw him at Sony Studios two weeks before he died for the Metal Show taping and he was in fine form, something really smells bad here and its not his corpse. This guy was WAY talented, he died too young.

1158 days ago


The family is mad because an acquaintance didn't drag him to rehab? If the family didn't know, they should have known, and THEY should have dragged him to rehab.

1158 days ago


He was a talented hair band rock star in the 80's, you would have to live under a ROCK not to know he had addiction problems. His family didn't know he had addiction problems??? If someone put a note on him, gave their phone number in case he got in trouble, and that same someone paid for his room at the motel, it sounds like they were attempting to take care of him.

You can't force anyone into rehab, you cant fight someone elses battles for them, we all take responsibility for our actions. His family is angry and didn't know he had addiction problems? If we wanted to play the blame game, perhaps we could ask where his family was when he was strung out drunk and dying. He apparently fought demons and did not win. He isn't a bad person, he was simply out of control. Enough with the blame. Unless someone was pouring the alcohol (or whatever) down his throat, he can only blame himself.

1158 days ago

The Real JJ    

There's a lot more to this story then whats being reported.

1158 days ago


Sounds like someone was trying to help him.

1158 days ago


Jani had issues for so many years, someone was trying to help him the best way they could. You can't force an addict to get help. If being kicked out of your own band won't do it there isn't much that will. His family is out of line on this one. RIP Jani!

1158 days ago


It's terrible that Jani's family are putting blame on his friends. Many of them could have tried to help. They don't know that. He was an addict who likely didn't want anyone's help. There is only one person to blame.

1158 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Lane's family should be grateful that their brother/son.nephew was not labled "John Doe" amd buried in a Potter's field. If Mr. Lane was not concerned that he was killing himself then why is his family holding the friend resposnsible for not getting him help? Where were they and why didn't his family intervene?

1158 days ago

Teresa E.    

to JJtheBeast: what do you mean there is more to the story? As a big fan of Jani's, I am saddened to think there was not SOMEONE that could have helped him! He obviously was still out there doing tapings, etc. I saw the photo from that taping and he looked so skinny. That in itself is unusual as he had battled weight issues in the past, remember him on Celeb. Fit Club? Where was his wife? Somebody please find out what the hell happened. Did the person who checked him in, what it a guy or girl? So many questions unanswered. TMZ is this ever going to completely all come out? And where is Jani's final resting place? There has been NO notice online at all where he has been buried/cremated and where he's at. Please, more info. thanks

1158 days ago

lets remember cherry pie guy

1158 days ago


Why even put the note there in the first place? Was the person who wrote the note still there in the room with Jani Lane when he died? If so, then why didn't this person report Jani's death? Makes one wonder. WTF! I don't like the sound of this at all. I would have never left Jani alone if it were I there with him. God! I hope they find out. This just sounds so wrong! Now I feel worse. I've always loved that Jani Lane. This is so sad. Poor Jani. It's hard to even believe he is gone. I wish Jani knew of an Uncle Toms Cabin just not far from where I am. Up above Georgetown, Ca. There is an Uncle Toms Cabin, out in the woods up there. I always think of it every time I hear him sing Uncle Toms Cabin. ~RIP~ Jani Lane...... Beautiful Man..... I Love You.......

1157 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

He was an adult, nobody was obligated to do **** about his problem. But when somebody dies, it's a natural part of the process to want to blame somebody, they're just grieving.

1157 days ago


Whoever wrote the note knew that the decision to seek treatment was Jani's alone. The purpose was probably to remind him that he did have support. Why should the family be outraged when they themselves obviously weren't around to do sh*t for him?

1157 days ago
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