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BET Star's Hubby

I Hope I Get My Gun Back!

8/24/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy married to Toya Carter -- star of BET's "Toya: A Family Affair" -- has finally been released from custody after bringing a gun to an airport on Sunday ... and he hopes to be reunited with his firearm as soon as possible. 

TMZ spoke with Mickey "Memphitz" Wright ... who went in front of a judge in Clayton County, GA this afternoon ... after TSA agents at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport discovered the Desert Eagle pistol in his carry-on bag Monday.

Wright tells us the judge was "very understanding" of his explanation -- that he had placed the gun in a backpack weeks ago and simply forgot about it -- and released him on bail.

Wright says he was "completely shocked" when TSA agents discovered the gun in his bag -- but tells us, "I had my license and [the judge] did me right and let me out."

He adds, "The TSA did their job ... I just hate that it was me because I'm about positivity and motivation."

When asked if he will ask the court to return the gun, Wright tells us, "Yes, i want my gun back" ... but insists the next time he travels, he'll leave the piece at home.


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Made it Past 27    

whats up with the black people articles

1123 days ago


LOL...What was he thinking to a carry a gun to the airport.

1123 days ago


Why are there so many racist comments on here? @Listentomusicthatmatters This is an entertainment gossip/news site, as such, they report on those related to the industry.@Russell There is absolutely no need to call him an animal and a b***ard. Was his mistake stupid? Yes, but that doesn't mean you should call him an animal. As for the other name you called him, do you know if he grew up without his father? And lastly, there's @Joe. More violent acts are committed by caucasions, they also own more guns (feel free to look it up), Not being married and being fathers to their kids has no relevance to this article because he and Toya are married and Toya is Lil' Wayne's ex-wife, not his "baby's mama." Stupidity is a disgrace to good people, but it's obvious you feel black people are a disgrace. Poor misguided, uneducated, immature people. Let's quit being racists and grow up.

1123 days ago


Its that a real picture?? He look made of clay or chocolate...

1123 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

So, he puts a gun in a backpack and forgets about it for weeks? May I ask where else he "stores" firearms and ammunition and hasn't got a clue where they are? Does this tool have children in his house?

1123 days ago


Waste of fricken space here on earth!! Why do these people exsist?? Why?? They serve NO purpose. "Hope I gets my gun back".... jackass

1123 days ago


Desert Eagle? Probably the most powerful handgun one can buy and weighs about 4lbs. So, you didn't notice this dumbbell in your backpack? Hell, I notice 1/2lb bottle of Aquafina in mine. This guy is stupidest man on the planet or he weighs four hundred pounds, can lift a house, and has a backpack as big as a steamer trunk trunk. Either way law enforcement should throw the book at this menace to society.

1123 days ago


What a MORON! Yup, I always forget when I carry my bazooka with me.

1123 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Forgetting where you put your gun is exactly why you should not get it back. I have no issue with someone legally owning a firearm (and training) but if you cannot be responsible with a deadly firearm then you should not own one.

1123 days ago


The gun put in weeks ago. He's trying to say he's done nothing else with the backpack. Nothing was put in or taken out for weeks. He just grabs the pack as is and goes to the airport and just so happens to have his license with him.

1123 days ago


Even though this man made a dumb mistake..Why the racist's comments? IGNORANCE...

1123 days ago


He's all about "positivity and motivation"! What to be positive about carrying a loaded weapon in your backpack to motivate someone to do what you want! What a moron! Why do these people, which are a majority of black people, yes I said it, that feel carrying a loaded weapon is a macho thing to do!

1123 days ago


Actually, I can see how it would be an accident. I hadn't seen my camping knife in a long time, until I tried to bring my briefcase into a court house (to be sworn in by the Bar Assn). How in the hell did my camping knife end up in my brief case??? But it did. So I can sort of understand.

1123 days ago


Wow is all I can say about the racist comments. I understand he made a silly mistake but to call him names. It's so sad, The world is falling apart and no color will be chosen as a safe race. Racism is the biggest reason college educated stand up people cannot find jobs now.

1123 days ago


What kind of idiot forgets where he leaves his gun??? What if he wanted to shoot someone (why else would you own a gun?)..."oh, wait a minute...I thought I had my gun in this pocket...oh, just a second..look I really want to shoot you down gansta style..can you stay right it is...".

1123 days ago
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