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The Game

Suspect In Hollywood Street Fight

Caught On Tape

8/23/2011 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Game has been accused of punching a man in the face in front of a Hollywood nightclub early Tuesday morning ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told the rapper has been named in a police report ... filed by a man who claims he was attacked by The Game in front of Colony nightclub.

TMZ obtained footage of the incident -- which shows The Game engaged in a physical altercation ... but it's unclear if the rapper actually threw a punch.

After the initial skirmish, a fired up Game can be seen yelling in frustration -- and was restrained by his friends.

We're told the LAPD is investigating the incident ... but no arrests have been made.

So far, no word from The Game himself -- but people close to the rapper tell us he denies hitting anyone.


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The game look like an NFL line backer

1155 days ago

tmz posters dont know sh1t    

Bunch of stick in the a$s uppity minorities & old white geezers always on b1tching about rap because its the voice of the youth. Yes even the same youth that lives in your lilly white community! Haha! Keep hating on Hip Hop they love it! The more you hate it,the more your son will blast a rappers album & the more your daughter will be inclined to f*ck one thier entourages lmao! When will you ever learn. My thing is the hate...the hate for the entire genre as whole when you hear the stories of the ones who are always in to something. You chastise every one who does this art form & some of them are NOT violent,gangbanging, pimpin hoes,etc. Thats when I have to view you as the racists you really are. I can name a ****load of rock artists who have criminal records,use & abuse all types of drugs...but I dont **** on all of them! It is what it is. Bunch of old fu#kin geezers & country ****kickers! Lmao!

1155 days ago


The ******ry and douchebaggery boggles the mind in this video!

1155 days ago


yup, it's called, "you KNOW we can get some new album promo on TMZ if we fake a fight...". do these mobs of losers who are desperate to hang onto so-called stars ever WORK?!

1155 days ago


Wow, nice censorship TMZ! They censored my prior post. LAME and PATHETIC.

1155 days ago

The Real JJ    

All a sudden hes been all in the news when his album drops today????

1155 days ago


You can give them all the money in the world. They'll always be a ******.

1155 days ago


What fight, i saw pushing, holding and talking..boooo

1155 days ago


He is such a punk a** idiot. Grown a** man acting a fool

1155 days ago


1155 days ago


i cant even get a comment posted ... **** tmz ban this too

1155 days ago


Just looks like one of those things, not much of anything. You see it all the time in front of bars, it just so happens Game is involved in this one (it's just 'Game' too, 'The' was dropped a year or two ago after WWE and HHH threatened to sue).

Wouldn't even surprise me if this is due to steroid/growth hormone use, because afterall, Game has grew in size quite considerably in the last 4-5 months.

I wouldn't call this a 'publicity stunt' though, especially if a man has already filed a report to police over this. A little publicity stunt would not see him potentially going to jail and serving a stretch (lets not forget he's already a three-time felon I believe, so it all adds up of course, having just got off a three-year probation too last year). I highly doubt it is purely a publicity stunt, but more so 'just one of those unfortunate things' that often happens when you go out drinking, which I suspect Game was doing - toasting his new album which is apparently actually quite excellent.

1155 days ago


How many times can he be arrested in a week? He's such a punk.

1155 days ago


This dumb ass needs to stop embarrassing himself to get attention. You suck at rap, and you're just making yourself look like a fool. Stop it.

1155 days ago

Tired of IT    

Unfortunately this guy does this ALL THE TIME. Usually at pick-up basketball games around the city. Always starts the same way... he 'picks on' smaller guys OR guys that are obviously alone and then yells loudly until the other guy is backed into a corner. Then "Game" starts a fight with the guy and, worse, then his (usually two) goons jump into it as well. A minimum of 3 knuckleheads against one guy who just came to the gym to play a few games of basketball.

Just arrest him already. Enough. Be 'tough' in prison... when YOU are the one that is alone.

1155 days ago
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