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Chris Brown, Rihanna Case

Chris' Neighbors Want

Probation Revoked

8/25/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chris Brown domestic battery case (over Rihanna) just took a bizarre turn, when the prosecutor revealed in court today that Chris' neighbors are trying to get him in trouble with his probation officer over what has become an epic, Hatfield and McCoy feud.

The brouhaha centers around Chris' West Hollywood condo, where residents have complained Chris is the neighbor from hell.  As we first reported, Chris' neighbors claim he incessantly parks in handicapped spaces, blares music at all hours, and even vandalizes the property.

In court, the prosecutor told the judge ... the homeowners association will send a letter to Chris' probation officer, claiming he's violated various laws by his conduct in the building and has therefore violated one of the terms of his probation -- to obey all laws.

Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, called the biggest complainer "a nut," adding that Chris is the victim of the management in the building, who misled him over the parking spots.  Geragos also said he's met with the West Hollywood City Attorney, and believes the numerous citations Chris received for parking in a handicapped spot will be dismissed.

The judge is noodling over the conflict.



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You have got to be kidding me!..That is a handicap parking spot..clearly marked !,,,,Period!...Even if you park in the marked blue striping, that is part of the spot!.....I saw a guy park his very expensive car in a handicap spot...police showed up and his car was towed!...does not matter if the spot is on private or public property!...Pay ur fines !!!!!!

1101 days ago


The comments I read on this site are from true dummies.

1. The condo is only for temporary purposes.
2. He was most likely told he could park his cars in there.
3. He travels too much to be playing loud music all hours.

You people have no common sense! His neighbors obviously dislike him because of the Rhianna incident.

1101 days ago


What a piece of grade a crap this 4 coiler is. Man oh man alive though, pity the poor saps unlucky enough to have this sh** stain move into the building. Imagine dropping half a mill on a condo and having some turd move in next door? What a d-bag. This is the type of loser who would be slinging crack on a gheto corner if there was no rap industry.

1101 days ago


That's a smart lawyer calling someone a nut. I smell a lawsuit

1101 days ago


who cares?! none of this pertains to us, so why should we care! Chris Brown is a human just like anyone of us and I am pretty sure that each and everyone of us has parked in a handicapped parking spot due to us being in a rush or has turned our music up so loud to the point that the police had to come shut it down and vandalism psh don't get me started I am sure some of you have vandalized something in your days and if you say you haven't then you're a liar. So why make a big deal about it when it has something to do with Chris Brown? is it because he's famous? and why are they still bringing up the altercation between he and Rihanna? I mean that happened like what 2 years ago?! it's in the past now obviously she has gotten over it and also she dropped the damn charges so he couldn't have beaten her as bad as the media made it out to be they claimed her jaw had been broken but I knew that was a lie because she would have not been on television talking about it. His neighbors are just ******** and they don't like him because of the whole rihanna incident so they are trying to find legitimate reasons to have his probation revoked. People these days will do anything to keep a person down and to the people who keep saying the word "ghetto" just because you live in the ghetto doesn't mean you are ghetto I know a lot of people from the ghetto who don't act ghetto most of you are stereotypical douche-bags.

1101 days ago


Post is full of f****ing "black boy doing well" racists. The boy beat rihanna....did his service...apologised...what more to you want...he should vanish? Kill himself? *******... @ #Sputnik2...I am sure you got more talent.
Let him be and go find other people that committed other crimes to hammer.
Charlie Sheen put a knife to his wife's throat and you all are "winning" with him..punk ass racists...go get a life

1101 days ago



1101 days ago


Once again someone else that "IRRELEVANT"!!!

1101 days ago


Throw that whiny little b!tch back in jail!!! I hope his neighbors key the f*** out of his douchey little Matchbox cars.

1101 days ago


Chris just needs to move!! Buy a house somewhere's else where he can make all the noise he wants and park his many fine cars somewhere's else.

1101 days ago

Mike Sims     

Okay, Law abiding commentors...your trying to tell me all of you haven't created a simular parking violation and or got a ticket if not worse. How some people will sit on a higher pedistal and JUDGE others like they've done now wrong....WOW, Good ol American antix. Let's go after child molesters and pedifilers...Not so-called Stars of the media.

1101 days ago

taisez vous    

tchip racist white people i'm sure the neighbors are white people you chris dead or what **** the haters everybody make a music in their house what the problems

1101 days ago


i love chris

1101 days ago



1101 days ago


Chris your neighbors are some little punks if they really had a problem with it they could have came up to you and asked you to stop but no becasue they were not invitied :-0

1100 days ago
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