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I'm Going to SUE

Over AZ Speeding Arrest

8/26/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

claims Arizona police had NO RIGHT hauling him into jail yesterday -- insisting there is NO POSSIBLE WAY he was driving more than 100 miles per hour ... and now he's ready to sue the cops!

X -- who was allegedly going 102 mph in a 65 zone -- tells TMZ, "I was going 85 miles per hour ... I know for a fact I didn't go more than 90."

X adds, "I'm used to driving fast, I'm a New Yorker ... but I constantly look at the speedometer when I'm driving ... I need to make sure I don't drive too fast."

The rapper says he knows he was technically speeding, but he feels the cops abused their authority by putting him behind bars ... even though his rap sheet takes longer to read than "War and Peace."

"I plan on suing ... and I plan on suing for harassment," DMX says ... adding, "I'm in discussions with multiple lawyers who are not afraid to go against the system in helping me clear my name because I have been harassed."



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X is a F@&king idiot. I was only driving no more than 85 mph, really?

1100 days ago


aww, I bet it was racial profiling, silly law enforcement, the entitled can do as they please

1100 days ago


I THINK I agree with him. Considering how many times the cops have FOUND a reason to go after this guy, I suspect he is being harassed. Furthermore, going 20 miles over the speed limit is an offense where they write you a ticket and send you on your way. They seem to believe ANY offense should land him in jail, which I don't necessaaily have a problem with IF they do that to everyone. So the question is: do they routinely lock the average joe up for speeding or give him/her a speeding ticket and send them on their way?

1100 days ago


Can this guy be anymore of an idiot?

1100 days ago


Move dumb ass!

1100 days ago


What an ass!! Grow up, slow down and pay your fine!! Another "celebrity" who thinks he can do what he wants. Hey idiot, 85 in a 65 is SPEEDING!!!!

1100 days ago


haha, he wants to clear his name for this offense but none of the other thousand or so offenses.

1100 days ago


20 MPH over the speed limit in Arizona falls into the category of "Criminal Speed" a Class 3 misdemeanor - so by your own admission of going 90 MPH you have admitted to a crime beyond a normal speeding violation not to mention you have no drivers license.
Sounds as though you are clearly being picked on and have done nothing wrong, your clean criminal record should help your case - I would contact Harvey Levin I'm sure he would take the case on your behalf.

1100 days ago


I'm from NY too, and I know for a FACT you don't drive fast if you live in the city, because you can't. As for driving fast in other parts of NY, yes you can, but you can also drive fast in Arizona. The speed limits in NY are also much lower than any other place I've been, and trust me, I've been to both coasts. Being from NY doesn't mean you drive fast, it just means you're arrogant about it when you get pulled over and cited for it. Us New Yorkers have major attitudes.

1100 days ago


Mesa police are a bunch of punk bitches.. I got pulled over on the 202 by some ******* who started freakin screaming at me like a damn drill sergeant. Literally. I told him not to talk to me like that he started threatening to take me to jail for recless driving and speeding over 90. I absolutley was not driving recklessly or speeding nearly that fast. He ticketed me and I fought it and he never even showed up to court because he knew he was a LIAR. It got droppped. I wanted him to show up to court so he can lie to the judge. He knew he didnt want to LIE again..

1100 days ago

Scotty G    

I know I wasnt going over 85. Maybe it was 90. I'm from NewYork, I drive fast. Where's Carlos Mencia at. I'll fill in for him. DMX dee dee dee

1100 days ago


I live in AZ too, & according to AZ 28-701.02. If you exceed 85mph in AZ you are guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor, punishable by 30 in jail. He's an idiot, I hope they sentence his dumbass to 30 days.

1100 days ago


Just because the speedo read 85, which most tap out at, doesn't mean he was actually driving 85, lol. To admit he WAS driving that fast, now that takes a real genius.

The weather is nice this time of year in Arizona. He should get a nice breeze in the afternoon when he is camped out at the tent city. Way to go schmuck.

1100 days ago


"I'm used to driving fast, I'm a New Yorker"
Yeah, that will sway the cop. Arizonans despise the New Yorkers even more than we do here. That sealed your fate, dip_s_h_i_t!

1100 days ago


punk a$$ b!tch, blowing ****

1100 days ago
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