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Halle Berry

Victorious in Custody Fight

8/26/2011 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score one for Halle Berry in the latest custody battle with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

TMZ has learned Halle and her lawyers, Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen, prevailed in court today -- as both she and Gabriel stood by while their lawyers argued before the family law judge.

We're told the issue had to do with the custody agreement the couple signed.  There's a provision in the agreement dealing with how much time each of them gets to spend with Nahla when Halle shoots a movie.

Halle is going to Europe soon to shoot a flick, and Gabriel and Halle were arguing over the "movie clause" -- specifically, how they're supposed to divide their time with Nahla.

We're told the judge bought Halle's interpretation of the "movie clause," meaning Gabriel won't get as much time with Nahla as he wanted.

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Courts are so *********-whipped, men don't stand a chance... and BTW courts, what's best for the CHILD, HELLO. Halle is going to keep this chit up until she wears Gabrial down... She just wanted a pretty white boy for a sperm doner to insure she'd had a beautiful child, she never anticipated him being a real man and father. But hang in there Gabriel, you have a cute daughter and I'm sure you love her, don't let Halle or the courts interfere with that relationship. Any DECENT parent would be glad to have someone to share parenting when there's a job commitment. But she can't stop being a bitch long enough to appreciate that... Gabriel, all she wanted was the arm candy and some seeds.

1163 days ago

Fed Up    

Gotta give Aubry credit for fighting for his and Nahla's rights. As usual, it's the lawyers who are winning in this ongoing saga.

1162 days ago


I wonder if Halle Scary has enough sense to know this is NOT good for her image, AT ALL.

1) She can't keep a decent man to save her life, no matter what his race

2) She plays dirty and sleeps around too quickly after dysfunctional relationships

3) I don't plan to line her pockets with my $ because her attitude speaks for itself

4) She is the one with issues in her many relationships.

5) She will “REAP WHAT SHE SOWS” and it’s not going to be nice when the shoe is on the other foot. After all God don’t like ugly.

That movie she is going to be in is going to flop because people are tired of her playing the victim and acting nasty to the child's father. If I was the producer of that movie I would replace her. Halle drama is going to hurt their bottom line .

She layed down with him and now trying to prevent that child from seeing him. There are numerous children in this world that wish for a father to be apart of their life. I dare her.

1162 days ago


First, doesn't Aubry work and go on location? Aubry caused problems before and interfered in Halle's work schedule costing her a job when she only went away for less than a week. B y Aubry's actions the judge knows that Aubry is capable and desires to cause trouble and he is not be trusted. Aubry is not a saint because he looks good to some on paper, is white or a model. FOR the record: HIS sh** stinks too.

1162 days ago


I see 95% of these comments are negative regarding Halle Scary and rightfully so. No mother should go out their way to prevent a child from seeing her father.

She didn’t have a problem with Gabriel when she was bedding him on a regular making this child. SMH

She is ruining what is left of her career. Its sad she is so busy playing the victim and too dumb to see it.

1162 days ago


Halle may be beautiful on the OUTSIDE but she's nothing but a hideous b*tch inside. All the guy wants is to spend time with his child.
I am a mother and I would never keep my kids from their father, no matter what happened between us. I will never watch another of her movies. She'*****eful and vindictive and that's why every single man dumps her sorry a$$.

1162 days ago


I would like to see Gabriel Aubrey get a movie in New Zealand then he can pull the "Movie Clause" and Berry can lose time with her daughter.

1162 days ago


Yeah, grownups. Stupid custody battles. Suck a lemon.

1162 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

Halle isn't getting any younger, sure her boobs are there but her face is jaunt. soon the movie offers will fade and that means more time with dad. Looks don't last honey and in your business they are everything.

1162 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

Halle isn't getting any younger, sure her boobs are there but her face is gaunt. soon the movie offers will fade and that means more time with dad. Looks don't last honey and in your business they are everything. (damn keyboard lmao)

1162 days ago


Halle got her way. Halle saw Gabriel as a sperm donor. She wanted a kid out of him so she was nice in the beginning even got him a restaurant but now that she has her light skinned daughter she don't need him so her true colors come out. Most black women only view white men as sperm donors anyway. They get the pretty baby so the white man could go jump off a bridge.

1162 days ago


she laid with this man, had a child, and now doesn't want him in her life. When the child grows up, she will HATE her mother.

1162 days ago


He's often seen in photos with Nahla and seems to be an involved father. If she's doing a movie overseas I don't see why Nahla can't stay with her father. It's so often fathers choose not to be in a child's life. Of course we don't know all the facts.

1162 days ago


He's a father, plain and simple. Child Support does not go up and down based on the child spending a little more time with one parent every once in a while, so this is not about money. Child Support get's set and it's tough to move it from there, even if he spends more time with the child. She will have the child when she is working, so the kid will be with a nanny, and not the child's need BOTH parents.

1162 days ago


Shame on her!!! She may be a good actress, but she has to set aside her feelings for the child's father and try to work out different visiting times. You should not have to deprive the father of seeing his child.

1162 days ago
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