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Russell Armstrong

Business Associate Commits Suicide

24 Hours After Hanging

8/27/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Russell Armstrong
's friend and business associate committed suicide the day after Russell's body was found hanging from a beam in his bedroom ... TMZ has learned.

Alan Schram -- the managing partner of Wellcap, an L.A-based hedge fund -- was found on August 16 outside of his car on Mulholland Drive with a gunshot to his head.  The L.A. County Coroner concluded Schram's death was a suicide.

Alan was connected with an exclusive group called Tiger 21 -- a organization of high net-worth folk who jawbone with each other about investments ... and we're told Russell Armstrong was a member of Tiger 21, even though he was clearly having money trouble.

We're also told they became friends, and during Russell's memorial, Taylor and some of the other "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" were talking about how shocked they were that the two men killed themselves -- possibly a day apart. 

As we previously reported, Russell, who did not leave a suicide note, was in deep distress over money problems.  As for Alan, he also did not leave a note, and his money situation is unclear.


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She's baaaack    

Makes you kind of glad to be common folk doesn't it?

1156 days ago


Everyone wants to blame Bravo and Taylor on his death!!! But the bottom line here is this man choose to enter this path of spending money!!! This man has been down this road before when it comes to spending up on the man! He's "been" bankrupt before Taylor and Bravo TV came into his life! Look people ....this man played into "keeping up with the Jones" prior to Taylor came into his life. Is this sad.....yes!!!! But he wanted "arm candy" and he got it! He didn't have just a average women, clothing, watch, cars, homes, lifestyle....the man wanted the BEST! He didn't want he worked his ass off to get the best! But the best comes with a price! It's very sad that this man took his life to get there though! Like everyone you wish you can advise those "fame/fortune" is not the only thing that can make us happy! To bad he's children have to grow up w/o a father.....death is bad enough on any child but taking your life is another story! I wish the best for all of his family! 

1156 days ago


Nice post.. Its really informative and great for new generation's future.. Please keep it.. I hope in future every one will adopt it.. Thanks…

1156 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

Hard times are moving their way up the food chain. This is exactly why the super rich have got their hand tightly gripped on the ba-l-l-s our government representative that THEY do not want to pay taxes. They are gettin' scerd...scerd! They better. This ****** is not going away soon.

1156 days ago


This is too much nasty, bloody, grown up evil for me, YUK!!! - and I am 53 years young. Listen, money troubles can always be eventually solved, snd sre never worth the cost of a human soul.

1156 days ago

Christopher Murphy    

After hanging for 24 hrs he killed himself?

1156 days ago


Jawboning? seriously??? I knew Harvey was about 75 but you guys?

1156 days ago


I guess these idiots scammed the wrong investor.

1156 days ago


Obviously they were lovers...My "Gaydar" was always on whenever Russell was on.

1156 days ago


WoW... If it LOOKS like it, SMELLS like USUALLY IS IT! Dead men don't talk!!

1156 days ago


I went to High school with this creap who pretended to kill himself because he stole a gold mining dredge(It's an underwater va***e)from some who did not do gold dredging full time he had a job, teacher or something. Some dumb hick town in N. Cali they paid off the Corner with marijuana money to make a death certificate and the paper to run an Obituary. I think he just wanted to see who would come to his funeral. The Guy's Nerd always has been always will be.

1156 days ago


The Ex-wives of Beverly Hills...Bravo, is doing a lousy PR spin.

1156 days ago


Two men, somehow financially connected, suddenly commit suicide, hours apart? One being sued for absconding with investor's money for personal gain? His marriage is 80% business? His wife doesn't want to speak to the coroner? Taylor, you better run, mojito!

1156 days ago



1156 days ago


Anybody else involved with Taylor Armstrong going to commit suicide? OK Bravo/Andy Slimeball - time to pull your plug!

1156 days ago
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