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Javaris Crittenton

FBI On The Hunt

8/28/2011 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI has joined the search for ex-NBA player Javaris Crittenton -- who is wanted for murder in the shooting death of a 22-year-old woman.

The feds have announced they are working with police in Atlanta -- where Jullian Jones was shot and killed on August 19.

Cops believe Crittenton was not aiming at Jones -- but rather someone else in the area who may have robbed the former basketball player back in April.

It's unclear if officials have an idea where Javaris may be hiding out -- and the FBI is not releasing any further information.

As TMZ previously reported, Crittenton -- a former member of the Washington Wizards -- was the other man in the Gilbert Arenas locker room gun incident back in 2009.

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don juan    

how stupid is this guy, he made millions of dollars and hes going around doing drive by shootings. wow.

1155 days ago


Another product of the Frankenstein monster NBA Commissioner David Stern created for America...only greed and power are of importance to the Stern's of the world and this wanted fugitive proves it. Guns and ghetto in NBA lockerooms will never work. Clean that mess up starting with the leagues employees--the players. Stern should be indicted for enabling the behavior that has resulted in this innocent mothers death.

1155 days ago


1. One of his friends is hiding him out but as soon as the FBI put a bounty on his head his friend will give him up in a heartbeat. lol.

2. He's out of the country.

3. He killed himself.

1155 days ago


Dog the Bounty hunter will get him, LOL. Remember, the FBI couldn't even get Andrew Luster, but the Dog did.

1155 days ago


Some idiots carry around guns like their packs of Dentyne. The other day I was in McDonald's and some fool came in with his kid, who was no more than eight. The kid had a real gun with him (in Arizona that's legal). Too bad idiots can breed.

1155 days ago


He murdered a mother of four, btw. What a POS.

1155 days ago


If this shooting was the result of retaliation from a past robbery, then I am wholeheartedly in approval. All men have the right afforded them by Natural-Law to locate and execute those whom have perpetrated against him.

When one undertakes robbery as a profession, one must also undertake the strong possibility of being killed for one's felonious activities.

The only mistake that was made in this attempt at retribution was that the robbers in question were not isolated and/or captured, and then unceremoniously executed, eliminating any risk of innocent casualties.

Simply stated--- the more muggers and robbers that are executed, the less muggers and robbers will be left to harm you and yours.

The police cannot secure the streets alone. Vigilantism, if practiced correctly, can be a remarkable tool in ridding the streets of those whom pose nothing positive to society, yet are burdens onto it.

For example----The extensive every day killings that seem to permeate the streets in Mexico by the drug cartels, would not exist if the good citizens of Mexico were allowed to own firearms. This is just one example of how the police cannot bring order to our American streets alone.

The good citizens of this country, America, must insure safety for themselves, and if it means the permanent dispatch of those that bring misery and death to our communities, then so be it.

Every neighborhood in America has troublemakers, and the worse the neighborhood the more depraved the troublemakers---and every decent inhabitant within these neighborhoods knows whom the troublemakers are.

In other words, every neighborhoods has its human rodents, and every person within that neighborhood knows the identity of these particular human rodents.

What does one do when rats infiltrate one's home?---One locates where they nest, and one terminates them all. The result is no more rats in the home and/or immediate surroundings---and the world by and large is a much better place for doing so.

In conclusion---My condolences towards Miss. Jones, and her family for their great loss.

Not withstanding, is my apology extended for the attempted executions of the two thugs that accompanied her, for they are the ones that should no longer be amongst the living....Artofwar

1155 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

What is the point of getting out of the ghetto if you are just going to live the same life style and end up where you would have anyways? What is really sad is there are so many people out there who scrape by and struggle but still manage to live a decent life and keep out of trouble. People like this guy make the rest look real bad.

1155 days ago


I am so tired of seeing young black males,on the news for shooting or beating someone,usually another black person,so sad for the black community and America!

1154 days ago

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