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Pauly D

FURIOUS Over Hollywood

Walk of Fame Ban

8/28/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D
has feelings too ... and dude tells us he was DEVASTATED when he learned that honchos at the Hollywood Walk of Fame have banned reality stars from receiving the honor.

The "Jersey Shore" star is in L.A. for the MTV VMAs -- but told us he's still thinking about his family on the East Coast ... who've had to board up their homes and evacuate because of Hurricane Irene.

Still, Pauly insists his hair is "Irene-proof!"


No Avatar

some guy    

Maybe Pauly can recycle his empty cans of hair product and make his own star on the Walk of Fame.

1115 days ago


He probably thought he wasn't allowed to walk there

1115 days ago

Cheryl A.    

The only way they would be worthy is if they actually became "FAMOUS" not just a reality person. Being a reality person would allow the entire world to be on the walk of fame. We all are "reality people" just not on TV.

1115 days ago

irritated at snobs    

They should be able to get stars, they are entertainers just like actors are and singers etc. I'm sorry that other celebrities are so stuck up they think they are better than other art forms of entertainment but they are not, that is why reality tv is so big they need to realize this and eat their pride, they are just the same, pick a different career if you don't want to be side by side with reality stars. Talk show hosts etc all forms of entertainers whether you like it or not, some actors are hired just based on their looks, age etc is that talent, some bands are formed the same way.

1115 days ago


DEVASTATED? Over not possibly receiving some what? Metal or whatever star in the ground? Wow, these people are a lot more in need of setting their priorities straight in life than I thought.

1115 days ago


Ego a bit much eh? Reality stars aren't even that; there is not much real about it. Scripted and nonsense. He's been on a stupid reality show for how long now and thinks he deserves it? So fricking funny.

1115 days ago


Let's take a peek at the "star" checklist:

1. Can PD act?
2. Can PD sing?
3. Did PD invent something special?
4. Did PD discover a medical cure or new planet?
5. IS PD a philanthropist?

Why do we celebrate mindless stupidity?

This meathead would lose 10/10 “Are you smarter than a 2nd grader”!

1115 days ago


irritated at snobs: How funny and stupid are you? These people are not stars. They have not paid their dues. They don't even come close to falling in the category of those who have received stars. You are a moron. Oh, and FYI, they are only entertainment to idiots who are dumb enough to watch these losers. The majority of the world thinks they are ridiculous.

1115 days ago


Most reality show "stars" are really spoiled adults acting out like spoiled delinquent children. Why should they be treated like disciplined actors who are credibly more deserving of a star on the Walk of Fame. Even if they do pay for the privilege.

1115 days ago


This is ridiculous. Fame is what came with having a talent ie. singing, acting or dancing, and now fame is the only thing people crave for. So basically, they're saying anyone who gets their 15 minutes should get a star, that's stupid. The point of the Walk of Fame is people for who made it, by having a f-cking talent. Being famous for being famous aka The KarTRASHians don't mean they deserve a star or the Jersey Shore reality show cast. This whole fame thing has become a joke, kids actually look up to these people? No wonder so many drop out of school and try to become famous. All you need to be is illiterate, stupid and a dumba--.

1115 days ago


You have to earn the star and being a drunken slob whose only talent is falling down or throwing crazy punches. The Walk of Fame is for Stars. The Jersey Shore cast don't do any acting, singing, dancing, directing, producing or writing. They just carry on like the drunks they are.

1115 days ago


People, people...why are you all so envious!

1115 days ago


How ridiculous of this child to think he deserves a star.He is not an actor of the caliber of Laurence Olivier,Cary Grant,Paul Newman,Sammy Davis,Jr.; he is not a writer,director or producer of quality work. Most reality television does not showcase the best,the brightest,the most talented,rather it showcases stupidity,tastelessness,ignorance and immaturity.

1115 days ago


Of course he's not worthy of a star right now. If we remember who you are in 10 years Pauly, come back and we'll talk about it.

1115 days ago


Because Pauly D has contributed so much to society and should be classed along with the likes of Tom Hanks,George Burns, Carol Burnett, Al Pacino! I'm glad it's that way! He and his cohorts don't deserve a star or any other reality star including Paris I need a real job Hilton and Kim Kardashian!

1115 days ago
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