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Matt Hardy

I'm NOT Suicidal!!!

8/31/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former TNA wrestler Matt Hardy is NOT in the middle of a suicidal crisis ... despite a cryptic message he posted on YouTube starting with, "Goodbye, World" -- and ending with, "September 23, 1974 - August 31, 2011."

Hardy -- who was busted for DWI earlier this month and fired from TNA -- posted the message late Tuesday ... but when TMZ contacted Hardy he was fine.

Hardy was apologetic saying the post "was not in any way a suicide note. I want to reassure everyone that I am doing great right now."

Matt believes the statement was really about his last 2 weeks since the DWI arrest -- and that he feels it's time for a change. He adds, "I went from being the guy who wanted to change the world, entertain and inspire people to being someone who was more concerned about shock value."

He claims the YouTube post is the last of his over-the-top antics and he's going back to the "Old Matt Hardy."

We'll see.

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She's baaaack    

Yoo Hoo Matt! FYI: People who want to kill themselves kill themselves with no fanfare. People who want attention pretend that is what they are going to do. We'll know when you do it quietly, you meant it. Until then you're just a freaking drama queen. FAIL.

1158 days ago


I agree..The ones who talk about commiting suicide want attention....people who are serious about commiting suicide do not talk about it...they do it....
according to you tube,,see ya in the next life matt

1158 days ago


That's one cry of "Wolf!", Matt. You get one more, maybe two, then people stop listening.

1158 days ago


Looking for attention much??? If you're going to commit suicide you either keep quiet about or you only tell the people u are closest too. You don't put it up on facebook and Twitter for the world. Douche

1158 days ago


Matt Hardy. He's a washed up joke. Why? Because of this stuff that he pulls, if you ever watch his videos, read his tweets or FB statuses, he's clearly crazy. Yeah, I get it, he saved enough money to last two lifetimes. But he needs help and fast. Matt Hardy will never be a World Champion, he had his chance in the WWE and TNA.

And to think that Jeff Hardy was the messed up one; I think we've been looking at the wrong Hardy this whole time.

Matt, you need to get professional help. Contact the WWE for their help. You know that WWE will help you out with your issues.

1158 days ago


He used a suicide note as a way of publicity. I wish he really did die because he will never have a career again and watching his doped up videos is sad. He has been using this, I am born a new person gimmick for many years (starting with Lita). It's old and people are over it. If you don't believe me, look at how people have rated and left comments on the video he released today. When Hardy fans have had enough, something is very wrong because they supported Jeff through his drug use.

1158 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

I don't memba him but please post another story when he's a;; growed up....or dead.

1158 days ago


im sure his not .. but the the fact that celbs have been falling off what whats this a wagon? .. and not finding their careers in hollywood any more after the effect of the promotion for an american deliquency !! ..unless your a g string wearing rapper leaving prison.. . now lets hear the actuall comments being left for hardy.... !! mmm? or jsut do what charlie does parties in mexico .. were they will get you drunk .. and boycott a state of the u.s. . tequilla for your poverty !!!

1158 days ago

watching all of you!    

Good Luck Matt it's a rough road but it's worth it. I don'*****ch wrestling, but have watched your career, you are more than what they think you are. Also, should you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to, I am 5'4 110 lbs and would keep you company any time you need it..... Just sayin' ;-)

1158 days ago


Honestly.. it's probably your best bet to get famous...

Matt & Jeff Hardy are a disgrace to society.

1158 days ago


Lay off the steroids! It brings on depression,suicidal thoughts...

1158 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

More gay idiotic hand signals that only you & your ilk give a sh*t about. Douche.

1158 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

What is it with wrestlers and just completely falling apart after a while. There are some seriously sad stories about these guys and too many tragic endings. Well, not this guy, he is just a kid looking for attention.

1158 days ago

Ricky Corporan    

it's sad that matt hardy turned out to be like this, videos like these are sad and depressing. Matt seriously you need A Whole Lot of Help bruh because the way you're acting brings resentment and a bad negative feedback, sure we had our troubles with the law somehow but it's not a way to be acting like this. check yourself into rehab, conform to Christianity, join the peace corps for a couple months, ask vinny mac to give you your job back in WWE (your fanbase was not good in TNA) and rule ass again by capturing both the IC and World Champion.

1158 days ago


Matt is an attention whore, he's worse than those Kardashians.

1158 days ago
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