Ex-TNA Wrestling Star Jimmy Rave Dead At 39 ... Mick Foley Mourns

Jimmy Rave -- who famously feuded with AJ Styles in Ring of Honor before becoming a TNA Wrestling star -- died Sunday, a rep for the former pro wrestler announced.

He was just 39 years old.

Bill Behrens, who helped represent Rave in his decades-long wrestling career, announced the sad news Monday ... saying Rave passed away after "struggling with drug addiction for many years."

"His struggles resulted in the amputation of his arm," Behrens said, "and, later, both of his legs."

Rave -- real name James Michael Guffey -- began his wrestling career in 1999 ... and joined Ring of Honor just a few years later, where he and Styles famously had beef.

The two feuded as part of their Ring of Honor storyline -- with the duo actually competing in a match for the rights to Styles' famous finishing move, the Styles Clash.

Rave went on to star in TNA Wrestling -- before ending his career with a variety of independent promotions.

"This really hurts," WWE legend Mick Foley said on social media, adding "Jimmy Rave has passed away. He was only 39. #RIPJimmyRave"

Behrens announced memorial services for the former wrestler will take place in Georgia.


Billy Corgan Out at TNA Wrestling ... Threatens Lawsuit

Billy Corgan's run at TNA Wrestling is officially over -- less than 3 months after he was named president of the company -- and now the singer is hinting at another major lawsuit.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman is a HUUUGE wrestling fan -- and had been named president of IMPACT Ventures back in August -- which owns TNA and Impact pro wrestling.

But there was a massive dispute between Corgan and company chair Dixie Carter -- after Corgan learned the company had been in secret negotiations with WWE.

Corgan sued to take control of the company -- after he loaned it $1.8 MILLION to keep it alive -- but a judge shot his request down earlier this week.

Now, Anthem Sports & Entertainment and Impact Ventures have issued a statement saying Corgan is no longer with the company. They offered no further explanation.

However, Corgan isn't going away quietly ... and says, "FACT: TNA was supposed to pay me to 2 days ago, which they swore to in front of a judge."

"Yesterday they asked for a day to 'get $ together' upon which, (yesterday or today) they'd 'reach out directly' to settle ALL claims. So they lied again and have used the time as a weapon."

"FACT: I have still not been paid, and I'm exploring all remedies including new filings with court and converting to 36 pct. equity."

Translation -- this is a nasty split ... and it ain't ending anytime soon.

Ex-WWE Star Brandi Rhodes Screw Ring Announcing I'm Wrestling For IMPACT!

Late wrestling LEGEND Dusty Rhodes' daughter-in-law, Brandi Rhodes, is gettin' involved in the family biz ... inking a deal to wrestle with TNA Impact Wrestling, sources tell TMZ Sports.

Brandi -- who's married to former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes -- has signed a deal to wrestle for TNA's Knockout Division a.k.a. super hot chicks who fight.

FYI -- Brandi was formerly a ring announcer (not a wrestler) for WWE ... before parting ways with the company earlier this year.

No word yet when Brandi will make her Impact debut.

In the meantime, check out the pics!

Wrestler Robbie E Re-Proposes to Ex-Wife ... With Brand New Ring

Wrestling star Robbie E -- a former contestant on "The Amazing Race" -- is ENGAGED ... to the very same woman he divorced back in 2013 ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Here's the deal ... Robbie originally married fitness pro Tara Sue back in 2011, after dating for 7 years. But their relationship fizzled and they split in 2013.

Robbie dated another woman, fellow TNA Wrestling star Brooke Tessmacher, and the two appeared on 'Race' together last year ... but THEY broke up before the end of production.

Robbie says part of the reason he broke things off with Brooke was because he still had feelings for Tara. So they started dating again in December ... and we're told things have been great.

Which brings us to last night, when Robbie proposed to Tara (again) in the basement of their NJ home ... which he had decorated with tea lights that spelled out, "Will you marry me?"

She said, "Yes" ... and now has a SECOND engagement ring -- since Robbie wanted a new diamond to symbolize a fresh start.

"True love always has a happy ending," Robbie tells us.

As for the wedding, no word on when the two will tie the knot -- but Robbie says they're leaning toward having a very small, low key ceremony.


TNA Wrestlers Put TMZ Photog on All Fours

Sadomasochistic sex just got sexier ... as 3 jacked TNA wrestlers ripped off their shirts and put our photog in a camel clutch ... so he could put the move on his GF.

Here's how it went down -- our camera guy approached Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, and DJ Z and copped to "a wrestling fetish" ... asking for a few pointers in the bedroom.

The guys put our guy on all fours, and for some reason partially stripped down and gave him a lesson that ... well, kind of turned him on.

No judgement here.

TNA Star Robbie E Yoga Makes Me Fart But It Helped Me Prep for 'Amazing Race'

TNA wrestler Robbie E might take the wind-relieving pose a little too literally ... 'cause even though yoga helped him prepare for the "Amazing Race" ... it turned him into a human gasbag.

Robbie and his GF Brooke Tessmacher teamed up for the CBS reality show -- which has already been shot and premieres in September -- and Robbie tells TMZ the yoga helped him get mentally and physically ready for the grueling challenges on the road.

In fact, Robbie got some support from fellow wrestlers DJ Z and Jessie Godderz who teamed up for some "broga" sessions before and after the "Race" ... where Robbie fessed up to the pose that turns him into Captain Flatulation!

Meantime, Brooke used other methods to prepare -- mainly something we like to call, "Puttin' In Twerk." Miley Cyrus would be proud ...

TNA Wrestling Star My Redneck Life is Perfect ... For Reality TV

TNA wrestler "Cowboy" James Storm likes to drink, fight and party -- and he thinks all of those things make him a perfect fit for reality TV.

Sources close to Storm say the wrestler is travelling to L.A. next week to develop a reality series focusing on a bar he wants to open near Nashville.

Cowboy has meetings lined up with different network execs and production companies while in town -- and he's hoping to lock down a deal before heading back home.

We're told the show would feature appearances from Storm's famous friends ... and showcase the crazy shenanigans he and his redneck friends would get into at the bar.

Don't worry wrestling fans, Storm isn't leaving TNA ... our sources say he's just looking to "expand his brand."

Honey Boo Boo, you've been warned.

Kurt Angle Popped for DWI Again Checking into Rehab

TNA superstar Kurt Angle has been arrested for DWI again, TMZ has learned -- his 4th alcohol-related arrest in 6 years .. and the pro wrestler now plans to enter rehab.

A rep for the Texas highway patrol tells TMZ, Angle was busted Thursday night in Wise County, Texas following a live taping of "Impact" for Spike TV. We're told police received a call about a reckless driver, and caught up to Angle on the road.

We're told they pulled him over on suspicion of reckless driving, and detected an odor of alcohol emanating from Angle's vehicle. It's unclear if a field sobriety test was administered, but Angle was placed under arrest and taken to a nearby police station.

Angle has a long history with alcohol-related arrests.

In 2007, he was arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania. He was then arrested twice in 2011 -- once for being drunk behind the wheel of his parked car, and once for DWI.

Angle pled guilty to being drunk while parked, but he got off on the other charges.

Late Friday Angle tweeted ... "In light of recent events I will immediately be entering a rehabilitation center." He added, "I am confident that in taking these steps I can begin to address necessary changes in my life."

Ric Flair's Ex-Wife Arrest Warrant Issued for Harassing Ric's GF

Ric Flair's ex-wife is being hunted down by police in North Carolina ... and TMZ has learned its all because she was allegedly threatening the Nature Boy's new girlfriend.

A rep for the Mecklenberg County Courthouse in North Carolina tells us an arrest warrant was issued for Jacqueline Beems at the end of June.

We're told the warrant stems from a series of harassing phone calls she allegedly made back in October to Flair's GF Wendy Barlow Kidder -- who recently appeared with the wrestler on "Celebrity Wife Swap."

However, cops wouldn't go into detail about the harassing nature of the phone calls OR why she took so long to file a complaint.

FYI -- Flair and his wife were still legally married at the time of the alleged threats.

Calls to Beems lawyer were not returned. Flair's camp had no comment.

Ric Flair's Son Died From Heroin Overdose ... Autopsy Shows

Reid Flair -- son of wrestling legend Ric Flair -- died from an accidental overdose of heroin and other drugs ... this according to an official autopsy report released today.

As TMZ previously reported ... 25-year-old Flair was pronounced dead on March 29 after his father discovered him out cold in a Charlotte, NC hotel room.

According to the autopsy report ... traces of the muscle relaxant clonazepam and Xanax (anti-anxiety medication) were also found in Reid's system.

Reid -- who had just returned from a wrestling stint in Japan -- had struggled with heroin in the past ... according to several reports, he overdosed 3 times in 2 years.

After the report was released this morning, Ric told the Charlotte Observer, "I loved him ... He should have been on top of the world, but he was fighting a battle he couldn’t win."

TNA Female Wrestler REAL DAMAGE After Brutal Match

The chick-vs-chick beatdown at Slammiversary XI is already being hailed as one of the most FEROCIOUS matches in female wrestling history ... and one of the TNA knockouts has the battle wounds to prove it.

Taryn Terrell knows ... there's nothing fake about being slammed on your head or launched onto your back from several feet above the ground ... because after Sunday's big "Last Knockout Standing" match in Boston, she was covered in bruises.

The 27-year-old tells TMZ ... she's overwhelmed by all the praise she's been getting since the match ... and says she's just happy to help bring more attention to women's wrestling.

Taryn adds, "People underestimate me for being blonde and bubbly, but I'm an athlete, and I have a passion for wrestling ... I'll do whatever it takes to prove people wrong."

Rampage Jackson Rival MMA Deal After UFC It's a 'Dream Come True'

Former UFC fighter Rampage Jackson is BACK -- officially signing a brand new deal with TNA wrestling and rival MMA company Bellator ... and he tells TMZ, the new contract blows his UFC deal out of the water.

Rampage tells TMZ, "When you look at my deal in the UFC, and the scope of what my deal with Bellator and TNA is, this is a dream come true."

He adds, "When other fighters get the chance to see everything I'm able to do with this deal and the benefits it provides, you're going to see a big change in MMA. I guarantee it."

Rampage left the UFC earlier this year on bitter terms ... telling us, the UFC treated him like crap and screwed him over financially. UFC honcho Dana White shot back, implying Rampage was an overpaid wash-up.

Under his new multi-year deal with Spike TV, Rampage will compete in Bellator and also appear on TNA's "Impact Wrestling." He also gets a reality show. So far, no word on how much he's getting paid.

As for his old boss, White just sent us this statement: “Good for him. I couldn’t be happier for him. I hope he is happy. And good luck to him.”

Hulk Hogan I Won't Miss TNA Event Because of Burned Hand

Hulk Hogan is refusing to let his charred-up hand run wild on his wrestling plans -- TMZ has learned the Hulkster has CONFIRMED he'll appear at TNA wrestling's big pay-per-view event in Boston this weekend.

It's kind of a shock ... considering Hogan's been undergoing daily medical procedures on his hand ever since he burned the holy hell out of it during a boating accident last weekend.

But TNA president Dixie Carter tells us she talked with Hulk ... and the wrestling legend reassured her that he will not only attend Slammiversary XI -- but he's planning on taking part in a fan interaction event the day before ... signing autographs.

Luckily the 59-year old wrestler writes with his right hand ... the one without the disgusting burn marks.

Eat your vitamins and say your prayers.

TNA Wrestler FINED Over Unscripted Crotch Thrust on Lady Announcer

TNA wrestler Austin Aries was hit with a "severe fine" by the organization this week after he went off the script during a recent live event and shoved his man bits into a female announcer's face, TMZ has learned.

The unscripted crotch-thrusting went down earlier this month on "Impact Wresting" ... when Aries became upset at announcer Christy Hemme for calling him the wrong name during his ring intro.

Hemme was clearly upset during the junk attack ... and afterward, she even tweeted about the incident ... calling it "unacceptable."

But sources tell us ... Aries -- real name Daniel Solwold, Jr. -- reached out to Hemme and privately apologized, acknowledging he crossed the line.

TNA also came down hard on Aries and slapped the wrestler with a fine -- it's unclear how much cash Aries will have to fork over.

As for Hemme, we're told she has spoken with TNA officials and told them she was "satisfied" with Aries' apology.

Wrestling ... it just got REAL, SON!!

Angelina from 'Jersey Shore' No WrestleMania Freebies for You!

Angelina Pivarnick got Staten Island dumped by the WWE -- TMZ has learned the former "Jersey Shore" star tried several times to score free tickets to WrestleMania 29 ... but got no reply at all.

According to our sources, Pivarnick has been contacting every WWE employee she can find in hopes of scoring tickets to this weekend's main event -- which happens to be in NJ.

We're told Angelina was so desperate, she even played the TNA card -- as no one remembers she briefly wrestled in that league -- but again ... no luck.

Sources close to the WWE tell us they were "unable to accommodate her request due to overwhelming demand for tickets."

To add to the insult, the WWE announced this week ... Snooki will be at WrestleMania and will be involved in the event.

Honey Boo Boo Invited to Throw Down With TNA Wrestling Star

Honey Boo Boo is finally getting the chance to learn how to put the moves on fully-grown men -- TMZ has learned, the 7-year-old just got an offer to TRAIN with a pro wrestling company ... and one of the trainers is none other than TNA wrestling star Robbie E!!!

In case you didn't know, Alana "HBB" Thompson and her family are huge wrasslin' fans -- in fact, just this month, the Thompsons got into the ring at a local wrestling event in Alabama ... and even took part in the match.

Now James Pittaro, the owner and CEO of D2W Pro Wrestling Academy in New Jersey, tells TMZ, he wants to make HBB's wrestling aspirations legit -- by turning her into a fully-trained (fake) killing machine.

Pittaro is so serious about the offer -- he's even willing to fly HBB and any member of her family out to his training facility ... and provide hotel accommodations.

So far, no word on whether HBB will accept the offer.

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