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Oscar De La Hoya

I Cheated on My Wife,

But I'm No Tiger Woods

8/31/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar De La Hoya
is opening up about why he checked himself into rehab -- claiming he was abusing cocaine and alcohol, cheating on his wife ... and even considering suicide.

The boxing icon spoke with Univision -- saying, "There were drugs, my drug of choice was cocaine and alcohol. Cocaine was recent. The last 2 years, last 2-and-a-half years and I depended more on the alcohol than the cocaine."

De La Hoya says he's been sober for three months -- but he's still undergoing treatment. He also says he's joined Alcoholics Anonymous.

The boxer says he thought about killing himself, but ultimately decided he did not have "the strength" and "courage" to do it.

Oscar also revealed that he cheated on his wife -- explaining, "We are obviously not talking Tiger Woods here, but I was unfaithful."

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Rogue Warrior    

Addiction has no boundaries and he is proof of that. Keep up the good work.

1146 days ago


Wow. Usually you get "Checked into rehab for undisclosed reasons... or "exhaustion"" The honesty is refreshing.

Still, Oscar, you started doing coke at your age? Shouldn't you have known a little better?
Good luck...

1146 days ago


This guy is a douche bag. Period.

1146 days ago


Wow we should start giving cash rewards to men who can actually stay faithful to their wives. ******* idiots!

1146 days ago

Jeff Becker    

He is no Tiger Woods because Tiger does not dress like a woman.

1146 days ago



1146 days ago


lol at all these stories, busting a gut at everyones misery, unbelievable lol

1146 days ago


and if your paranoid as hell lol you end up linking everythin to yourself! I've been on mj hoax sites way too long.

1146 days ago


It's good he is trying to be honest but, from someone who has done both those lol the way he said the drinking was worse. There is a good chance he is lying to himself about that part. Also the Tiger remark. Cheating is cheating and even though I don't like either of these guys, at least he doesn't have pictures of him looking like a scary tranny with other women all over the internet.

1146 days ago


"But I'm no Tiger Woods."
Doesn't matter, you still cheated on your wife.
Douche bag.
I didn't know this guy was still relevant.

1146 days ago


bet your all laughing your heads off in the office and then in come us suckers with our comments!

1146 days ago


Cocaine is so freaking nasty. Along with all those stimulants (meth, crack, whatever). Alcohol is by large the most dangerous physically as far as the complications from physical dependency and withdrawal syndrome. But from an emotional angle, stimulants are super nasty. Being up all night or for days and crashing on cocaine or meth is like a decent into hell. It's an emotional state no one wants to venture into.

1146 days ago


the only thing most of these celebrities are addicted to is fame. every time their career goes down the drain they "confess" to a variety of "addictions" and go to "rehab"...most of the time it's just a way to get publicity and possibly breathe life into their careers. This has been done to death. Time to think of a new attention-getter.

1146 days ago

Quinn Stone    

This is not the first time this loser cheated on his wife/ girlfriends. In fact,I think he left Shanna Moakler soon after their daughter was born in 2000. I never liked this s***bag and never believed that "Golden Boy" image crap for a second.Any man that conducts himself like this is not a man but a parasite.

1146 days ago

Eric Kane    

Does he still get into the wigs & fishnets or was that all a part of the drugs & alcohol?

1146 days ago
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