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Buzz Aldrin Divorce

We Used to Hang

with Kings and Queens!

9/2/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She kicked it with Queen Elizabeth ... Elton John ... King Juan Carlos and Obama -- but Buzz Aldrin's estranged wife claims she ain't about to give up her super-fancy lifestyle just because she's getting divorced.

Lois Driggs Cannon has filed new court documents -- demanding Buzz fork over at least $25k per month so she can continue to live the same "comfortable lifestyle" she enjoyed with Buzz.

And what does a "comfortable lifestyle" consist of, you ask???  Lois claims ...

-- They traveled to Asia, Australia, South Africa and Antarctica together
-- They attended Elton John's Academy Awards party
-- Annual 2-week ski vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho
-- Annual 2-week beach vacation in St. Tropez and Monaco
-- They lived in a fancy L.A. condo with views of the ocean
-- They attended social/celeb events in L.A. 3-5 times per week
-- They threw fancy parties at their home 2-3 times per year
-- Often attended Cannes Film Festival
-- Often went to the Ascot Racecourse in England

Lois also says she's met multiple U.S. presidents and "most of the royalty around the world" ... and she doesn't want to give up that lifestyle.

But here's the thing -- even if Buzz forks over the cash ... who wants to meet Lois without the MOON MAN by her side???



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Uhhh, HELLLLOOO Lois, Buzz is world famous, not you! $25,000 is ridiculous, don't do it judge!

1146 days ago


Get a job ********!

1146 days ago

Jenny H    

What a piece of **** this woman is!! It is old hags like her that give women a bad name.
Just b/c she was briefly married to an American Icon she thinks she is one now? Her and her Daughter need to get a life and job of their own and leave this poor man alone.
Karma will get them in the end. God bless you Buzz, sorry you are going through this hell.
This woman should be ashamed of herself!! She better count her lucky stars Buzz isn't my father or grandfather b/c I would make her life a living hell! Reading stuff like this really gets under my skin. Greedy is as greedy does.

1146 days ago


Kings and Queens are F ing boring but its fun to watch idiots bend over for them in an emperors new clothes kinda way.

1146 days ago


It is my contention that Buzz Aldrin is actually George C Scott. They needed an actor to fake the moon landing.

1146 days ago


How long could he be making alimony payments??? Shes the crypt keeper.

1146 days ago


What a ****. No wonder he's divorcing her. And nobody's going to want to meet her without Buzz. She's a complete nobody. And sorry, honey, but you can't force people to meet with you and they won't.

1146 days ago

The PMG    

She would've never met any royalty or done any of the things listed if she didn't have a death-grip on Buzz. She can rot.

1146 days ago


Divorce should also mean that you are no longer interested in the lifestyle either. If she helped earn some of that money during the marriage then she's entitled, but just to sit back and live it up with the money's he's made because of his hard work, this sucks. If you want the lifestyle stay married and work it out.

1146 days ago


So you all think that if you marry a woman, spend your whole life with her while she stays home and raises children so you can focus on your career that you can just kick her out on the street when it doesn't work? Even after she has absolutely no marketable skills because she stayed home her whole life and is freaking 90 years old? You've got a lot to learn about the court system. It works both ways. And given the future outlook, you'll see a lot of men in her situation in the future and you won't be so quick to judge all women at that point. When you marry, you agree to support the other person. I'm a lawyer. My husband didn't get a JD and helped work to pay my way. So do you all think it would be fair for me to divorce him (me making 100,000+ and him making 40,000)and refuse to compensate him for all the years he sacrificed so that I could make bank? Me, get to stay in the fancy house while he has to move across town? No. That's not fair. I'm not saying it's fair for me to support him for the rest of his life, but he's def owed something and for me to keep up the lifestyle (car payments, etc). You people have absolutely no idea about the real world.

1146 days ago


I never knew her name until I read this article...sometimes life takes turn and you dont get to live like you used to.....then demand someone one else provide that for you....selfish .....go be bag lady on the street.

1146 days ago


The woman is living a fantasy life both in and out of her head

1146 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

That just does not make sense to me. Just because you are used to a certain lifestyle when you are with someone why would that person be responsible to maintain that lifestyle for you if you are not together anymore. The only people who should get money is the children because they are both parents responsibility. Dividing money you made together during a marriage is fair but to expect your ex to support you is just plain nuts. Your responsibility to your ex should end when the marriage does. That is like saying you should still get sex from your ex because you grew accustomed to it during the marriage.

1146 days ago


Read this: He accuses Ms Cannon, a lawyer WHOM HE HAS PREVIOUSLY CREDITED WITH HELPING TO TURN HIS BUSINESS LIFE around, of having duped him into signing a contract that gave her and her mother a majority stake in Starbuzz, the business that manages and promotes Buzz Aldrin and his Rocket Hero brand. i see both sides...she should just move along & find a new man to promote after all it is his name but he wouldn't have that $$$ without her help. at the time, it was all good but now that he's find new p----y, he wants to ditch her. just give a lump sum and be done with her & NEVER LET ANYONE CONTROL YOUR NAME & WHO YOU ARE!

1146 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

This is the kind of thing that motivates murder/suicides.

1146 days ago
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