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Marc Anthony

Rumors of an Affair with

Jada Are 'Laughable'

9/2/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marc Anthony spoke out last night for the first time about the rumors he had an affair with his "HawthoRNe" co-star Jada Pinkett Smith ... calling the whole thing "laughable."

Anthony told the folks at "Nightline" he's heard all sorts of rumors as to why his marriage with Jennifer Lopez ended -- but he's upset at reports that Jada was involved because "we've been friends for years."

Anthony went on to say he was especially bothered by "the effect it has on family. To Will and Jada, and their children, and their relatives and their loved ones."

Lopez and Anthony announced they were splitting on July 15. Will and Jada, meanwhile, have been dogged by rumors of a break-up for the past few weeks, but insist their marriage is just fine.


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This guy is fugly.

1144 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

Can one of you bash my face in with a bat? If this guy is pulling down all these hot celebrity actresses with that mug, I'm willing to try a face bashing.

1144 days ago


This is all a big scam. From the marriages, to the divorces, to the hook-up rumors. Funny how they ALL are the center of attention after being nobodies for such a long time (except Will), AND it's conveniently great promotion for their upcoming movie. They are eating this all up, and, they don't give a rat's ass about their kids. They're getting more attention than they've had in almost 10 yrs and they feel it's good for their kids' careers. You have to be a sociopath or psychopath to make it in the industries they are in, or to let your kid work in it. No one in the industry is good and honest anymore, if they ever were. The belief that there are good people, and good people subject their kids to such shamelessness, is what keeps the machine going. Way to go TMZ! :) Also, WIll Smith, WTF happened to you? You let the machine take your soul and you haven't batted an eye. It's so incredibly sad.

1144 days ago

PRO US    

Marc Anthony and Ryan Seacrest

1144 days ago


Glad to hear that they're Skyping it in for the kids. I expected no less. JLo latched on to him because she was humiliated over the break up with Affleck. Of course it wouldn't last. She was totally overbearing with Ben as well. AI must be fed up with her primadonna antics and demands but can't get rid of her because her spot would become too much of a revolving door.

1144 days ago


Don't care about Jada,... I wish MA would just roll over already. He looks like a dead pile of ****.

1144 days ago

kisa kisa    

How "Laughable" are they??

1144 days ago



1144 days ago


Why would Jada want to trade in Will Smith for Skeletor? Answer: She wouldnt

1144 days ago


lol like Jada would dump Will for THAT?
Gimme a flippin break. That's like saying Jlo married him for his Looks! hahahahahaha.. NOT
someone please pop his lil Ego

1144 days ago


Hummm.this is not his first divorce ,or hers she had three divorces , he has two ,what is new? why is this people in TV talking about divorces? when he cheated with J Lo, while he was married to Dayanara not one interview ABC out of subjects ? both are homewreckers,she was cheating on her husband "always" she don't have the right to comment about him cheating on her "look who is talking" anyway stop this madness with this people we really don't care! he thinks he is Brad Pitt or George Coolney he is Marco Antonio the latin singer who up stardom because he became J Lo.ghetto hubby.He is talking like is his first and the only kids he has ! he has like 7 kids all together .....ughhhhh!

1144 days ago


where there is smoke there is fire..however Between earthquake hurricane and tornadoes up here in MA who really cares

1144 days ago


It was not fair for these rumours to have to be addressed at all and for Jada and Will to be dragged into it just because a tabloid felt like printing crap. I don't Marc Anthony but that doesn't mean he deserves to be embarrassed by accusations that are simply unfounded.

1144 days ago

Lady B    

Despite the many rude comments about Marc's physical appearance, I still find him to be attractive. Very nice kissable lips too. I also like that he's proud of his heritage and acknowledges where he came from.

1144 days ago


No worries, Marc. Jada and Will say their marriage is "intact", just like yours...was.

1144 days ago
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