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Rapper Suing Lil Wayne

I Don't Have Beef with Him

9/4/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The rapper suing Lil Wayne for allegedly stealing one of his beats wants everyone to know ... he might be suing Lil Wayne, but he's not "beefing with him." See the difference?

As TMZ first reported, Rich Rick claims the beat for "How to Love" is his ... saying he bought it a few years back from a group of rap producers called Drummer Boyz. But he says the Drummer Boyz double-crossed him and sold it to Weezy as well.

The lawsuit was filed against both Lil Wayne and the Drummer Boyz, but when we asked Rick about it the other day ... he seemed to make it clear his problem isn't with Weezy.


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1147 days ago

reggie franklin    


1147 days ago


Have I been living under a rock lately? How do obscure musicians that I have never heard of and musicians that barely sell platinum selling records afford million dollar cars? They all must have gotten a pay raise in the last decade or something.

1147 days ago

Phillip Moulatsiotis    

I have never even heard of this dude. Its not like it would have been heard by anyone if he had it.

1146 days ago


hahahahhaaaa !!! thats the stuped video ever !! i saw this dudes recording this **** for like 10 time in front of the roosevelt hotel in hooliwood !!! how un professional..
this must be a joke ! im sorry, but yoo should tell the truth, this is not a pap real job..

1146 days ago


lol haters r funny..

1146 days ago

Man of Mice    

The only good version of this song is the one about the Power Glove.

1144 days ago

Big Mama    

Sometimes we think we are so "big" that we dont have to pay the dues in life any more...just put them on a credit go Rich Rick...we got your back....Love you Lil Wayne..but pay up!

1139 days ago

Tashiandra Cunningham    

I "have" heard Rich Rick, and he's the bomb! And if you're not qualified to judge, and if you have and still think're deaf! Either way, youre something...(of course there are a few more things you could be, but, I dont want to be "bleeped".

1139 days ago

Marsalina Overton    

..hey you, the one living under a "rock", stay there until the next typhoon comes...maybe it will wash some sense into you. Rich Rick, keep em coming and dont pay heed to the washed up losers.

1139 days ago

Big Mama    

..Hey "Phillip"..speaking of "heard of"..I have never heard of you..unless..unless you are Phillip Morris that cigarette company guy..oh no way..I think you are just the smoke that comes out of the cigarettes....put a filter on it man...Rich Rick have you ever heard of Phillip..exactly! Me neither lol (But i have heard of Rich Rick)

1139 days ago

Big Mama    

..and yeah, a pay raise was in effect years ago..where you been. And, Phillip, those paper food stamps you have in your pocket arent any good any more either lol Come on up-to-date

1139 days ago

Big Mama    

Now im back for part II, hey "Phillip", speaking of "heard of" .... who are you? Arent you that Cigarette company guy..oops no you couldnt be, just blowing out smoke though lol Rich Rick youre like a NBA star compared to this guy who is a hoola hoop contestant lol keep em coming again

1139 days ago

Davin Carlson    

...hey, Rich Rick..stand your ground man. I like Lil Wayne there still lies the unspoken sportmanship in the music world up dude! Dont steal a beat to pay for your meat! (All beef patties--hold the onions)!

1139 days ago

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