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Soulja Boy

RIPPED By Military Vet

For Anti-Army Rap

9/5/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A proud military veteran is demanding an apology from Soulja Boy -- after the rapper posted a video saying, "f**k the army troops."

Soulja ignited a wave of controversy this week over his new song, "Let's Be Real" -- which includes the lyrics:

"F**k the FBI and the army troops ... fighting for what? Be your own man ...
... I'll be flying through the clouds with green like I'm Peter Pan."


TMZ spoke with Fred A. Flores -- a disabled Marine Veteran who is now a commissioner for the L.A. County Veteran’s Advisory Commission. Flores tells us, "It's a very offensive statement ... especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up."

Flores -- who has two children currently serving in the military -- calls Soulja "Ungrateful" ... adding, "He should apologize to ALL armed forces."

"[The rap] is very irresponsible," Flores stated ... "especially for a person who is an entertainer for the youth of our country."

Soulja Boy's rep refused to comment.


No Avatar


You are so lucky that military personel dont have an access you , u will be very sorry to say things like that. WE MAKE U SLEEP IN YOUR COMFORTABLE BED EVERYNIGHT - FREE AND SAFE.

1144 days ago


IDIOT !! Yes freedom of speech, but you DO know who FIGHTS to keep us free right? Yes, our military.

1144 days ago


Troops and vets always say that they are fighting for rights but they complain when citizens exericse those rights. That is both ironic and hypocritical.

1144 days ago


**** him and his ******* stupid ass rapping.

1144 days ago

SSG Sesma     

First, His "Music" is stupid and horrible. I have Three Combat Tours under my belt. This Boy is irresponsible and ignorant. And other things I wish not to say..But if and when he does apologizes..He could shove it up his @ss. Free Speech thank the troops for that idiot.

1144 days ago


hes right, **** the Army...those idiots killing people all the time...

1144 days ago


I am not happy with the way that this country has become and I don't understand what this war is about [Like most Americans], butThese troops are out there fighting and dying... Giving up their families...and most of all their this little bastard can rest his head. This little ungrateful prick should be sent to fight in this war...perhaps he would have a new appreciation for what the troops lay on the line when fighting for this country.

1144 days ago

david kopp    

This is GREAT! It takes real guts to tell the truth and he is doing it. Good job!

1144 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Not everyone in this country is FOR the war he is just letting people know that. Just like everyone is not religious, not everyone is for Obama etc.

1144 days ago


Actually his song would piss me off more, if I thought anyone really payed attention to this twit. He's totally harmless considering the only peeps that listen to his "music" do not have, nor ever will have, any power in this country.

1144 days ago


the NEXT Career move for SOULJA SAP will be to follow in Gary Colemens footsteps working secuirty at a discount dept store- yelling WHATCHA TALKING BOUT...

1144 days ago


This is a disgrace. With the ten year anniversary of 9/11 upon us, this loser releases this song? So much for being a good influence to his young followers. He should be banned from the radio, youtube, twitter, etc.

1144 days ago


soulja BOY is nothing but a coward. To scared to do anything worthwhile with his life or serve his country. When he's gone many will rejoice.

1144 days ago

Ron Paul    

Expect nothing but insanity coming from this dude in the next few months...

1144 days ago


the troops in Iraq are currently fighting against "terror" which is the dumbest thing i have ever heard, U.S and other countries are always gonna be targets of terror attacks you cannot eliminate it, time to face the facts faux news.

1144 days ago
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