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Soulja Boy

RIPPED By Military Vet

For Anti-Army Rap

9/5/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A proud military veteran is demanding an apology from Soulja Boy -- after the rapper posted a video saying, "f**k the army troops."

Soulja ignited a wave of controversy this week over his new song, "Let's Be Real" -- which includes the lyrics:

"F**k the FBI and the army troops ... fighting for what? Be your own man ...
... I'll be flying through the clouds with green like I'm Peter Pan."


TMZ spoke with Fred A. Flores -- a disabled Marine Veteran who is now a commissioner for the L.A. County Veteran’s Advisory Commission. Flores tells us, "It's a very offensive statement ... especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up."

Flores -- who has two children currently serving in the military -- calls Soulja "Ungrateful" ... adding, "He should apologize to ALL armed forces."

"[The rap] is very irresponsible," Flores stated ... "especially for a person who is an entertainer for the youth of our country."

Soulja Boy's rep refused to comment.


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Kris Manning    

Yeah. Fighting for freedom in Iraq. Don't make me laugh...

1111 days ago

Melissa Jones    

Easy for this punk to say so much as he hides behind a video camera...His 5 minutes are up anywayz....

1111 days ago


This dumbazz. Well, there goes his career. Ice-T was right. Soulja is a punk beyotch.

1111 days ago


This talentless hack is just doing what ever he can to be relevant and get his name in the headlines. This **** would stop if Americans would stop rewarding bad behavior. Anyone who buys that song is a straight up moron.

1111 days ago

nancy carter    

A true MENTAL MIDGET....with a dirty toilet mouth...try rapping ur sludge in another country. Our military men and women fight and die to give you the freedom to voice such trash. Bet you are making your mama proud.

1111 days ago


I'd LOVE to see this little b¡tch get Drafted.. Now 'that' would be Hilarious!! (^_^)

1111 days ago


We respect your right to object to Soulja Boy and appreciate your letting us know you want us to remove their CDs from our stores. The Exchange mission is to provide merchandise and services that our customers want, and an item that may be objectionable to one customer may not be to another. In this case we understand how the controversial lyrics can be found offensive. We're elevating your concerns and passing along your comments to the team responsible for music selection.

In other words, all military post exchanges and AAFES related stores my take all Soulja Boy work off the shelves in a way to boycott his offensive song.
Seriously, What an idiot though. I wanna see him go to Afghanistan. Lol.

1111 days ago

Greg C    

One More thing I should have added to my other comment I was thinking Mr Soulya boy. That is exactly what you are is a boy you have the mentality of child and to down the very people like myself that served for your Freedom Wait maybe you do not know what freedom stands for maybe you should do a tour of duty and clean the latrines like you should .Cause you make me sick to think I served a 4 year active and 2 year reserve for you You ungrateful JERK GET A BETTER JON CAUSE YOU SURE CANNOT RAP A Hole Greg C

1111 days ago

brown dynamite    


1111 days ago


soulja-sap is pissed off because the military would not even want him. I bet he could never pass the required test to get in...I bet he has an IQ OF 50 tops with the xx 20 added - they do not accept rap-tardics like this.

1111 days ago


SOULJA- SAP would have no clue where Iraq even is - I bet this dirty bomb thinks IRAQ is a can of energy drink ...

1111 days ago


He thinks he is "flying through the clouds" because the dumbass is high. He couldn't pass a drug screen for the military much less the physicial demands. **** bag!

1111 days ago


So basically the US military is untouchable and no one is ever allowed to question it according to the military dude. Sounds lame to me. I mean..come on...obviously the rapper dude didn't have to be such a total **** about having something to say against the armed forces or whatever...and he clearly could have been more eloquent and less insulting about it...but at the same time, come the f*ck on. There should be no untouchable topics when it comes to critically analyzing our own surroundings. I don't see anything wrong with that and it's not ungrateful to be critical and analytical. It's mindlessness to just repeat "support the troops" like a f*cking parrot every September 11th. Mindlessness is one of the ways that empires collapse. Get ready you sexy mother f*ckers.

1111 days ago


Are you kidding me...Soulja Boy the biggest moron on planet earth.

1111 days ago

South Beach    

Worthless punk, keep flying on green loser, your crash landing is inevitable.

1111 days ago
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