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Meeka Claxton

No Longer a 'Basketball Wife'

9/6/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Season four of the VH1 show "Basketball Wives" will have one less catfighter when shooting starts next month -- cast member Meeka Claxton is getting the boot.

According to sources involved with production ... Meeka has not been invited back -- and we're told she hasn't even heard from producers since the reunion show was taped a few months back.

We're told the final straw for producers came when Meeka filed a lawsuit against fellow cast member Tami Roman. Tami made it clear -- if Meeka came back to the show, she would not.

A rep for Meeka could not be reached for comment.


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Love it! Hated her! TEAM TAMI!

1150 days ago

Tracy Williams    

Who cares if certain people say they won'*****ch the show because Meeka won't be on it she gave herself the boot Tami had nothing to do with that. Tami is a real chic that don't take no crap, to the point and will go for what she knows if need be. Don't hate her cause she's real!!! I love her she's real

1150 days ago


thats what she gets. didnt nobody like her stuck up a** no ways plus tami gave her what she deserved. she ran her mouth and got popped bet she'll learn to keep it shut now. she didnt fit in with the rest of them anyways. U go TAMI glad you stayed.

1150 days ago


Tammi did tell Meeke that she (Tammi and Royce) were the nice ones and not the mean girls. Why did they not show that piece of footage? They showed all the footage of Meeks lying and talking behind every one's back. Tammi was scared that Evelyn would be mad at her and so she mushed Meeka the face and started the fight to shut her up.Tammi knows what she said and so does Royce. Biut, I do not blame Royce for not egtting into the he +she said. It is childish. sand box-play ground stuff. tammi is going to seriously hurt someone and then what happens to her girls when she is doing her time behind bars? Have some self control Tammi and Evelyn, you can nor force your will on others by fighting. A punch still does not change a person's point of view, it only makes you look silly and immature. Get it together ladies.

1150 days ago


Thank u 4 not returning, as she should not have came, no one goes looking 4 trouble, then when they find it file a motion, chile please! She came on board like she was bout it, n she ain't bout nuthin but DRAMA n TALK. Talk 2 dam much for our show any way, chile they lays hands on this show, back it up or shut up n go home and be a basketball wife, that's fine, but she just don't meet the expectations to the genre of audience tha*****ches this show. Big disappointment and I absolutely love Tami Hood Roman, from Day 1! Meeka needs to drop the suit as well as apologize 4 the drama she's caused. Not saying it's ok to be #Tami'd but eh, she asked 4 it.

1150 days ago

Mrs. D    

She has too much class for them.

1150 days ago


She seems nice enough, but she was like a fly that needed to be shooed away.

1150 days ago


Meeka needs to distance herself from the show and that hoodratty circle of tramps. She needs to continue with her suit again Tami and you have lots of witnesses because we saw the first punch. Tami then got scared and said that she feared for her life. She knows she ain't got a pot to pee in so she needs to keep her hands to herself. Kenny was right to kick her to the curb. If anything, they need to get rid of Jennifer and that speech impaired Suzie.

1150 days ago


She should consider herself lucky. How is Tammy going to hit someone and not expect any reprecussions. She had every right to sue her for hitting her, she should sue her for more money.

1150 days ago


I seriously doubt that Meeka was fired. She probably wouldn't return anyway. She's tooo classy for those wanna bees. Meeka has a career and money and dosen't need to be associated with those old krazy women. Good for you Meeka.

1150 days ago


Oh gee, zzzz... wha? Oh I fell asleep there sorry. Wait who is this broad and why do we care? Basketball wives? So what's next, Congress Wives, Trash Collector's Wives, Shoestore Manager's Wives, oh yeah that would be Peg Bundy, now she was entertaining.

1150 days ago


i think dats wat her BLACK ASS get for tryin to be sumthin obviously she is not witch is a reel basketball wive u r a non muthaeffing i neva liked her for one she is just to fake and im glad tami got up in dat a double snakes and the rest of the wives i love cuz dey reel...except for 2 jenn and mouth all mighty susie but otha den dat im cool with da res and royce u one real bitch and as fo evevlyn ima be honest i dont like her actions but she cool ppls i think u shuld have whoop jenn a double snakes...BYE MEEKA LYER CLAXTON WE WILL MISS U...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1150 days ago


Meeka did talk to much, BUT she did not lie on Tammi"hoodrat"Roman. Tammi know she said that ****, it was on tape if someone would have simply hit the "rewind" button. Meeka has more class than the leader of the pack Shaunie, the author of the confusion. Meeka I don't blame you girl, sue that ass just because she deserves to get her dumb ass shut down financially. She put her hands on you, make her dumb ass pay. Yep I said it! Don't get mad, get even!

1150 days ago



1150 days ago


I agree with a lot of commenters on here. Meeka ran off at the mouth too soon instead of laying back and picking who she wanted to hang with but even if she didn't talk this was not the show for her.

Now that Meeka is gone Tami and the rest of the hoodrats will believe they got pull. Watch all of these fools fall out with one another next season. They need to send Royce home. She is one annoying person.

1150 days ago
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