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Soulja Boy

Sgt. Records MAJOR Diss Track

Wants Rapper Banned

9/6/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy
is drawing fire from the entire U.S. Armed Forces -- and a retired Army sergeant is leading the charge with a rap response to Soulja's controversial song.

Former infantry sergeant and 5 year combat veteran Leo Dunson tells TMZ he recorded the diss track, "Change Your Name" (below) ... after hearing Soulja's "Let's Be Real" -- with the lyrics, "F**k the army troops."

Dunson -- who raps under the name Sgt. Dunson -- says Soulja's song is, "The most ignorant thing I've heard in so long" ... and adds that it's especially offensive with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 looming.

Dunson says an online petition -- started by a fellow vet -- to get Soulja Boy's music banned from all U.S. military bases is getting support from civilians and all branches of the armed forces.

Now consider this twist ... Dunson and all U.S. troops fight to defend our freedoms -- which includes freedom of speech. So, we gotta ask ...


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Lost all respect for Soulja Boy now, and I'm not even American. I'm an Australian and have great gratitude towards the US troops for fighting with Australian troops against terroism for our freedom. Soulja is just one of them attention whores to promote his new crap music.

1108 days ago


Rappers can rap about whatever they want. In the end, music fans will vote with their pocket books.

1108 days ago


Freedom works both ways, he has a right to say what he did, and everyone else has the right to hate his a@s and to refuse to listen to his music and to say what they want about him. Freedom is great, thank a Vet for fighting for it. Soldiers are willing to die for your freedom, is this punk?

1108 days ago


I have never commented on TMZ before...this is the best story they have ever written about. Sgt. Dunson is awesome and can really rap. Big respect to him and all our men and women over seas, representing the US Military. To those lost on 9/11 and throughout all the US wars.

Diondre (formerly "soulja boy") sucked from day 1. I am glad Dunson is taking him down...and with good reason. Plus Dunson's raps are 100x better than anything I ever heard from Diondre. A label should pick him up. I get rappers are hard and come from a tough areas...I'd rather roll through the hood in LA, NY, or CHI before marching through IED-filled, sniper-covered streets of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Again big respect to Sgt. Dunson. Forget Diondre. Love for all the troops and the US.

1108 days ago


I signed the petition. Thanks TMZ for the link. Our military men and women are always first to respond when tragedies arise around the world. They bring food, aid and comfort. This clown seems to think the freedoms we have in this country are provided by "freedom trees" growing in our backyards or from some generous benefactor. No! Our freedoms are continually being reinforced by our armed forces, while they somehow also help feed and give aid to other countries throughout the world.

1108 days ago


People can say what they want... but, the beauty of our Country - is that there is NO right to anyone to NOT get offended. Thats a misconception that has been thrown around the last few years like its part of the constitution.

I dont like the rapper. I dont like his music. But, that doesnt give anybody the right to try to censor it. If the Army Sergeant and his "petition" is successful in getting the music banned... whats next? That lunatic Church getting a petition for something that us Americans overseas hold near and dear?

It aggravates me to no end - that these soldiers claim that they "fight for our country", "fight for our freedom", "fight for our rights"... but, when it comes time to express that freedom or those rights - if its against what THEY think - they dont think it should continue. Thats a hypocrite. THATS NOT WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR. Thats not what was originally believed when the constitution was written - so, why is it that way now?

If you try to silence the unpopular voice, it will make it easier for people to silence the popular voice. Ask God. He's a casualty of that war in many places.

1108 days ago

Billie Johnson    

You're right he does have freedom of speech thanks to the Soldiers he's talking about. And just like he has the right to say what he wants we in the military also have the right to boycott and be heard as well. So TMZ I gotta ask....why the ignorant question?

1108 days ago


There is freedom of speech and my husband as a soldier fights for that freedom, but others also have the freedom to boycott and not listen to this punk's so called "music" He would not ever have the balls to show his face on a military post

1108 days ago


I think they should ban him, not for censorship, or to impede on his rights, but to possibly save his life. After his comments, I don't think they should allow him around thousands of legally gun toting personnel he just verbally attacked.

1108 days ago


Boycott is fine. But, this isnt about an individuals right to boycott anything - its calling for the US Government to ban the sale of something, based solely on the words contained in it.

People moan, groan and complain about socialism, communism, Government intrusion, excessive Government control - but, when it comes down to it - most would probably feel safer and less offended if the USA took the traits of the former USSR.

1108 days ago


So where are the weapons of mass destruction that the wars were allegedly started for? Funny how the alleged leaders and masterminds were killed before they could say anything. Interesting how the US is STILL stealing oil and guarding poppy fields almost ten years on. Amazing how little US citizens actually know about the war compared to the Australian and British citizens. Our governments don't hide things from us.

1108 days ago



1108 days ago


Reply to My2cents: I think you are going a little too far. They just wanted their own military store not sell Soulja Boy's CD. That's it. They are not asking civilian stores to do the same, ok. Soldiers are still free to buy his CD outside the military.

1108 days ago

The Real JJ    

I cant believe people are actually talking about soulja boy like hes a top rapper or somebody, hes WACK!! But TMZ makes it sound like hes just saying "F**k the army troops," he also said "fighting for what, be your own man." Which is his opinion and he has that right (which is being fought for by the military)to say his opinion. Lupe Fiasco is a better rapper and hes called Obama "the biggest terrorist out" Soulja boy's a duma**, but he still has rights. Petition him??? No one listens to him anyway but these little girls.

1108 days ago


Thats exactly my point... How can a group of people, ANY people... fight for our freedom - then, when something they dont like is said - they ban it? Whether its just in the PX world, or wherever. Ban is ban. Does being over here in Afghanistan, or in Iraq or stuck behind a desk in Ft Benning - give ANYONE the right to say whats good and whats not?

But, before I get blasted for my opinion or comments (which, I have a right to - just as anyone else does, including the pr!ck) I am currently in downtown Kabul and I, without a doubt, fully agree that his stuff should be banned and boycotted - but, that dont make it right. If we ban him for words... whats next?

Just because he offends EVERYONE - that doesnt give ANYONE the right to dictate the terms that people are asking.

btw - on a side note... the Sergeant fully used his freedom of speech in his video, even if it meant trampling on copyright laws - he still voiced HIS opinion.

Thats what America is about. If you dont like something - dont call for peoples rights to be stepped on - express your own rights and live with it.

1108 days ago
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