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Soulja Boy

Sgt. Records MAJOR Diss Track

Wants Rapper Banned

9/6/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy
is drawing fire from the entire U.S. Armed Forces -- and a retired Army sergeant is leading the charge with a rap response to Soulja's controversial song.

Former infantry sergeant and 5 year combat veteran Leo Dunson tells TMZ he recorded the diss track, "Change Your Name" (below) ... after hearing Soulja's "Let's Be Real" -- with the lyrics, "F**k the army troops."

Dunson -- who raps under the name Sgt. Dunson -- says Soulja's song is, "The most ignorant thing I've heard in so long" ... and adds that it's especially offensive with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 looming.

Dunson says an online petition -- started by a fellow vet -- to get Soulja Boy's music banned from all U.S. military bases is getting support from civilians and all branches of the armed forces.

Now consider this twist ... Dunson and all U.S. troops fight to defend our freedoms -- which includes freedom of speech. So, we gotta ask ...


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What some people don't seem to get is that having the right to freedom of speech does not protect one from speaking "fighting words." Nor does it protect a person making a false claim of "fire!" in a crowed theater, nor screaming "bomb" at an airport. He's young and ignorant, but hopefully he'll learn from his error. Imagine, people have died and are dying for his right to freedom of speech.

1141 days ago

Ron Paul    

American troops listen to Soulja Boy? Go figure...

1141 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Soulja Boy is a Y-lister. The only reason he's not a Z-lister yet is because TMZ keeps his name in the mainstream. His career is over and he is mocked as a rapper the same way MC Hammer was. NO ONE takes him seriously. The majority of his remaining fans are teenaged girls who like him solely because they think he's cute. Stop talking about him and I promise he will go away.

1141 days ago


Just because you have the freedom to do something does not mean that you should. All actions have consequences. This no talent, wanna be thug, punk has the right to say "F*** the Army Troops" and we the troops have the right to call him a no talent, wanna be thug punk, and demand that our stores on base not sell his garbage. He owes every member of the Armed Forces and everyone that supports them an apology for his words and he needs to change his name. Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should, and when you stick your foot in your mouth you just have to live with the consequences. You have the right to tell your boss he is a narcissistic, control freak, and he has the right to fire you for it.

1141 days ago


Also, I didn’t see any of you saying, just don’t buy their stuff, when the Dixie Chicks pulled that stunt when they went to the UK and started bashing the President of the United States. Everyone was all for pulling all of their stuff off the shelves when that happened. It ruined their careers and no one was saying then, “Oh they were just exercising their freedom of speech.” This is no different than that was, and yet now everyone wants to talk about freedom of speech. Save your hypocritical nonsense for people that care to hear it, because I guarantee you that none of the Troops care to hear it.

1141 days ago

the truth    

I can't believe you people all buy the fighting for freedom crap. What have the people of Iraq ever done against my freedom? Nothing, the soldiers are mercenaries of the oil companies pure and simple. My freedom isn't protected when you torture people and kill innocent children 10,000 miles away. **** the troops and **** all you people who support the US military industrial complex that kills millions around the globe to make your gas 5 cents cheaper.

1141 days ago


I realize one can say what they want but come on son, that is the most ignorant comment. Our troops are defending your FREEDOM whether you feel it or not. I guarantee you Soulja Boy couldn't do what our men and women do. Idiot. Who cares if you have money, if you have no SOUL, Soulja Boy, indeed a little boy.....

1141 days ago


I hate rap, but Dunson kicks that wannabes butt in this song !!!!

1141 days ago

DJ Wood    

Free Speech means you are allowed to speak without persecution
from the government/law enforcement. It doesn't mean their are no consequences for your words.

1141 days ago


If people would listen to the whole song he gives a shout out to the troops. I really don't get into the guys music but everyone is overeacting to this. It is a rap song. Get over it. People can say whatever they want to. I don't dislike the military or say **** to them but I am not going to kiss their ass either. They don't keep me free or protect me. If I got a problem I deal with it myself.

1141 days ago


I am the proud wife of a military veteran. He served in Iraq and I couldn't be more proud of him and appreciative of the sacrafice he made. Soulja, it might do you some good to remember that it is with the sacrafice or our armed forces and their family are what give that you have the right to spew such ignorant trash. It also gives me the right to sigh the petition and boycott your "music". I hope you don't sell another record and that all radio stations pull your musi*****il you offer a public appology to our armed forces. You should also change your have lost all right to use "soulja" an have any affiliation, however minor, to our military. You probably chose "soulja" to demonstrate street credibility,, you have now lost all you may have had. Why don't you try spending some time with our military, then you'll see what real men are...just sayin.

1141 days ago


I dont think you guys are reading correctly. The petition isn't asking that Soulja Boy be completely banned from the U.S. just the military bases out of respect for the armed services. Yea freedom is a two way street but we've created a country where ppl have no respect for anyone. It's sad that in a Country where armed forces are designed to protect our citizens and their rights... our own citizens degrade and disrespect those same armed force. Shame on you soulja boy. The worst part is that soulja boy is a fake lil bitch. he came out on TV yapping away about how he did not include bad words in his raps in order to promote a positive way to treat each other. yea a few millions later, that faded fast.

1141 days ago


If we start banning things because they are "offensive," we might as well pull our pants down and bend over for the Taliban.

1141 days ago


In situations like this people dont realize it but Soulja Boy is exposing how pathetic & nuts ppl are in this country.. All you idiots are posting "Lets see him at a Real Military Base".. honestly this guy goes out there & says "F The Troops" and the next thing you know everyone in the Armed Forces & In this Country wants Soulja Boy killed.. You guys are just as cold hearted as the Terroists

1141 days ago

What Da    

What people forget and must remember is that what comes along with free speech and freedom of expression comes responsibility and that there will often be consequenses you can't have one without the other

1141 days ago
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