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Kim K & Pauly D

INSANE Crowd Forces Cops

To Shut Down DASH

9/9/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian plus DJ Pauly D plus Fashion's Night Out equals an insane crowd that forced cops to shut down DASH NYC last night.

As TMZ first reported, Pauly D agreed to work the party at the Kardashians' store in NYC ... for free ... as a wedding gift to Kim and Kris Humphries.

According to sources inside the store ... NYPD had to step in when the crowd of thousands tried to jump the barricades to get to Pauly as he left the store.

We're told cops made the Kardashian sisters and all their employees leave the store and turn off all the lights -- essentially telling the crazed fans, "You ain't got to go home, but ..."



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They paid these people to be there and create a scene.

1137 days ago


That's me in the back row of the picture.

1137 days ago

They might as well have closed DASH. It's not like Pauly D's moron fans can afford to buy anything anyway.

1137 days ago


I cannot believe how ignorant people are now a days with these reality "stars" REALLY!!! All this for them?? A porn star... Ooops... Sex tape dumb as@S and a guy you would be proud to take home??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!

1137 days ago

Where's an insane Muslim extremist with an explosives fetish when ya need them?

1137 days ago


Yeah, Pauly D.'s fans can't afford to shop at SEARS!?!?! I'm just trying to figure out if the KTrash Klan is going to have their product in the appliance, tire, or car service dept.? Sears carries baby osh kosh/LA Gear/Cheap imitation clothing/ and now KTrash. Sears must be desperate for teenage shoppers. I made the mistake of watching Letterman the other night when those bimbo's were on, and my God were their outfits hideous. For girls who are suppose to be style experts, they looked hideous. It looked like they were wearing bedazzled garbage bags.

1137 days ago


I can not believe this!! What is this world coming too??? Now this clown is a star and gets to go to weddings of semi famous people??? You are looking at a picture of 2 people who are talked about the most in life who have actually done nothing in the world to be talked about!!! My head is spinning trying to figure out how this is happening!!!!

1137 days ago


And why are these people considered famous ?

1137 days ago


Mike. Couldn't agree with you more. It's rediculous how saturated TV has become with nobody so-called stars. The only show I'd watch with these clowns is if they had a Survivor w/ Jersey idiot/KTrashians/Kate Hates her 8/Casey Anthony/OJ/Phil Spector/Tyler Perry (And everybody was forced to watch one of his stupid movies even though they're all the same)/Heidi and Spencer/Nancy Grace/Sponge Chaz Square Pants/The Unabomber/ and lots of knives, guns, and plenty of ammunition. Now that I'd watch. I wish a sniper would take out the Kardashians once and for all.

1137 days ago


A total Douche-baiga-palooza!

1137 days ago


Oh, I forgot racist, and unfunny of late night George crater face Lopez.

1137 days ago

If you are wondering why the economy is failing this is exactly the reason. This is what America has to offer the world... Hollywood trash and professional sports with overpaid athletes.

1137 days ago


He's pointing to some smegma on her neck.

1137 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

You know you are unemployed when you have the time to be at a gathering of a wh*re and a douche.

1137 days ago


Had a chance to hear a recording of him in the mix, and surprisingly he is good at it. Haven't looked into it but I assume he was DJing prior to Jersey Shore.

1137 days ago
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