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Owners of Jackson Death Home

Star Map Chick Is

Ruining Our Property Value!

9/11/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The owner of the home where Michael Jackson died is suing a woman who is selling maps to movie stars' homes ... just feet from the MJ house.

Linda Welton has become semi-famous for anyone who drives on Sunset Blvd. in the fancy area where MJ rented the house.  She's done a booming business since Michael died, in no small part because she's selling the maps in plain view of the MJ home.

In the lawsuit ... obtained by TMZ ... the owners of the now-infamous 100 North Carolwood Drive claims they can't sell the house because "Potential buyers are bothered upon approach by the quite visible and annoying constant illegal stopping and/or parking of cars in front of the home on what otherwise would be a quiet residential street."

The owners -- Hubert and Roxanne Guez -- claim their property value has plummeted because of the stream of traffic, Linda's lawn chair, coolers and large patio umbrella, and the illegally parked cars.  They also allege Linda is violating the law by essentially having a newsstand on a street corner.

Linda claims she's running the same business her mom did, and her mom already went to court and won a lawsuit giving her the right to sell the maps.  Linda thinks the current case is nothing more than harassment. 

Here's the problem with the lawsuit ...The way we see it, even if Linda went away, there would still be a steady stream of cars loaded with people who want to see where Michael died.



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Wow. Nice eyebrows.

1106 days ago

love mj    

The house looks beautiful all lit up. I couldn't sleep there. Too creepy. I'd probably cry every time I walked by MJ's bedroom, which would remain closed and off limits ...actually, I couldn't walk by it. Love you, Michael.

1106 days ago





1106 days ago


Enough all ready about this creep. He is gone good riddence.

1106 days ago

two cents    

It comes with the terriroty of that house. Maybe they could install landscaping to block the view of the house from the street. Then all people could see would be a wall or trees, etc. They would have more privacy. On the other hand, this leach of society shouldn't be allowed to create a traffic hazzard and public nuisance.

1106 days ago

What I Think    

Maybe they should sell tickets to see the room MJ croaked in. I'd pay a dollar and a quarter to see it myself.

1106 days ago

dennis in sac    

I met this lady before... she's just doing what she's always done. I too parked down the street, walked up to the house, and snapped a couple of photos. Even if she leaves people are going to continue to stop and look. Leave her alone.

1106 days ago


That house is gorgeous, he blessed it by his presence.

1106 days ago

What I Think    

They should also have a gift shop selling miniature figurines of MJ laying in his coffin. They could call them Jacko In The Box.

1106 days ago


Too freeking bad....some of us live across from nightclubs...malls...schools...and in ghettos...go suck yer thumbs rich whiners. the economy sucks at least shes found a way to employ greedy fat jerks dont work for real.

1106 days ago


I was surprised she was allowed to be there selling her maps, and I'm not surprised the owners of the home don't want her there. She may as well have a hot dog stand set gives the neighbourhood the same vibe. The house is beautiful and on a very quiet street on one side, but the other side is quite busy. I can imagine the traffic must get bad from people stopping all the time, especially if they're buying maps. The property is very high off the street behind large walls though so I don't think the noise would actually bother anyone livIng there.

Love and miss you forever MJ.

1106 days ago


Goodness, leave Linda alone! She sold maps to the homes of the stars even before MJ chose this home! Her place is at Sunset Blvd/N Carolwood Drive and I can assure you, this place is anything but a "quit residential street"! Sunset Blvd. is one of the most frequented streets in Los Angeles, one of the principle traffic ateries in LA and the property, we´re talking about, is located between Sunset Blvd. and Monovale Drive....where the former house of Elvis is, by the way.
All I can say is, dear owners of the property at 100 N Carolwood Drive, if you don´t like the hype around stars, why the hell did you let the house to Michael Jackson????

1106 days ago

The Real JJ    

The lady selling the map isn't the reason people go see the house, it's the fact that MICHAEL JACKSON died in that house people go see it. Instead trying to sell the house charge people to come so close to take the pics and see the final place MJ was last alive.

1106 days ago


This just in .. it's the condition of the US economy that is killing the value of your home.

1106 days ago
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