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Ryan O'Neal

"Dancing with the Stars"

Was Just Too Grace-Full

9/12/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan O'Neal said he backed out of "Dancing with the Stars" because of a bad knee, but multiple sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... he REALLY backed out because he can't stand Nancy Grace.

Sources tell TMZ O'Neal feels Grace has been "disrespectful" to his family ... claiming she has gone after Redmond, who has had ongoing drug problems, and even suggested the reason Redmond is messed up is because Ryan is a bad parent.

We're told Ryan really wanted to do the show, but could not co-exist with Grace.


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Rogue Warrior    

Nancy Disgrace would earn a lot more of my respect if she told her cult like following to combine a bottle of Tylenol with a 5th of vodka every night before bed!!!!!

1104 days ago


He's got a hell of a nerve putting ANYBODY down after the rotten-a** father he's been!!!! I'm glad you are not going to be on the show Ryan you piece of sh*t because I can't even stand to look at you. You are just too fat and lazy. How Farrah put up with a piece of dog sh*t like you all those years tells me SHE must have had something wrong with her. Go drop dead somewhere Ryan you pr*ck! The sooner the better.

1104 days ago


One may or may not like Ryan O'Neal, but it is pretty hard to fault his decision. Nancy Grace is a disgrace to the legal profession (and I've been a lawyer for 34 years). She would rather railroad an innocent person than give them a fair trial, all in the interests of her own aggrandizement. I hope she is voted off Number 1!

1104 days ago


Ya know what? He's entitled to his opinion. It's his right to stay away, after all. I'd probably do the same in his shoes.

1104 days ago


Truth hurts right Ryan? He is a miserable excuse for a father and all he's brought to this world are 3 tormented kids as a legacy. Hope the circle stops with Tatum's kids. McEnroe did the right move, getting his kids away from these addicts.

1104 days ago


Ryan O'Neil is a nut case and seems like a very nasty individual. My wife watches the OWN channel and we both were disgusted with how he treats his daughter and he's angry with everyone. We would not tune in for his show again because it's just depressing.

1104 days ago


I am so tired of these "woe is me" stories. I got to work with people I don't like but you know what? I still show up for the love of my party money.

Obviously, you didn't want to be on the show that bad...

1104 days ago


He such a jerk! What a cry Baby boo,boo,boo,boo......I think Nancy Grace is total sucks with a loud mouth smelling breath oh!

1104 days ago

todd hilley    

Nancy has a top rated show on cable, and liberals seem to hate her because they thind without her that people wouldn't know that Casey Anthony is guilty. the reason liberals think this is they would not know what to think if it weren't for the leftist media and wacky professors.

1104 days ago


Ryan O'Neal has turned into a nut case. What a nasty man. I saw him on the OWN channel and hated the show. Don't know why people would tune in a second time for that crap.

1104 days ago


Good riddance!

1104 days ago


ryan's scared of NAncy!! haha WHAT A ***** !!!! GO NANCY!!!

1104 days ago


At least someone is honest

1104 days ago

Dan F.    

Maybe Casey Anthony could take Nancy Grace's spot on DWTS? Oh, wait, someone might wind up missing....

1104 days ago


Awesome ... can_t stand that misery leach

1104 days ago
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