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Nancy Grace

I Never Trash-Talked

Ryan O'Neal

9/13/2011 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace is perplexed that Ryan O'Neal dropped out of "Dancing with the Stars" because of her, telling TMZ, she never said anything bad about him.

Sources directly connected to Ryan tell us ... the actor was all set to do DWTS but dropped out because Nancy has said bad things about his son Redmond, who has had chronic drug problems, and also suggested he was a bad parent.

But Grace tells TMZ, "We have never covered Mr. O'Neal nor his family on our show," adding, "I hate that he dropped out of DWTS; I would have loved to compete with him and wish him the very best."

Grace says she considers O'Neal to be one of the great actors of our time and she finds his relationship with Farrah Fawcett "an inspiration to me."

Nevertheless, O'Neal has bitter feelings toward Grace ... and he freely discusses that in private.


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northern gypsy    

R.O. doesn't have the same core value's as N.G.
it's just not in her nature to be diplomatic !!!
i'm not buying her spin...however...
R.O. is a unsavory character...who knows what's really up !!!

1134 days ago

go home!    

Yeah, i watch Nancy Grace & when i read that original story i thought "I dont remember her ever covering Redmond." Geez Ryan.

1134 days ago


Maybe he just hates her like the rest of America.

1134 days ago


Does the turth hurt Ryan

1134 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Nancy Disgrace trashes everyone including the alleged victims she so emotionally covers.

1134 days ago


LOL, nice picture of Grace! At first glance I thought she had some kind o*****oatee.....

1134 days ago

charley are sucked the bone marrow out of a lil girls tragic death...and all fr money...nancy you are what cancer looks like when it takes human poop is one step above nancy grace!

1134 days ago


He has been an awful role model for his children. Only one of them, his son by Leigh Taylor Young, seems to have turned out ok. I'm betting this is because he didn't grow up around his dad. I'm sure if NG spoke out against Ryan's parenting she was on the money with her comments. Sometimes the truth hurts.

1134 days ago


Ryan O'neil may want to put the crack pipe down. This man is disgusting. I am sure he thinks she said something about him because he is just as bad as all the parents she speaks of on her show. It surely rings true for him. Last night she had a woman on who was arrested because she left her BABY in the bathtub with her 2 year old and the baby died!!!!!!!! Anyone, making comments against Nancy Grace is disgusting. Are you people actually standing up for the s*** that she reports on? Do you honestly think it is okay for a mother to leave a 14 week old baby in the bathtub unattended while she takes a nap? How about the woman who was arrested for playing farmville while her baby died in the tub? Are you standing up for them. The problem in this world is s*** like Ryan Oneil and people who find naps and farmville, fishvilee, drugs, etc. more important than children. Ryan O'neil was arrested for hitting his son's PREGNANT girlfriend, numerous drug charges, he left his kids alone so he could pursue relationships with women and he has scarred his kids for life. They are all a mess because of him. Yes, let's blame the woman who stands up for the children these people abuse and kill. Nice.

1134 days ago


I think that the women who go on this show, unless they are stick thin and trying to promote their careers, are just there to lose the weight off their fat arses!

And, for Grace to say his relationship with Farrah was inspirational is just a little too precious. They were hell on each other till they got older.

1134 days ago


Nancy Grace has talked trash about so many people that she can't recall. But you know what, Nancy? Those you talked trash about will always recall!! They'll ALWAYS recall!

1134 days ago


She's a lady and a professional. That's all. I can't assign the hate against her to anything besides misogyny. Great shot of her, TMZ. Keep it up!

1134 days ago


Nancy Grace usually presents herself in pics pretty well, I don't know how you are able to get these horrible shots of her!!! As for Ryan O'Neal, who HASN'T bad mouthed him???

1134 days ago


Yup, TMZ likes to depict people that Harvey doesn't personally like in a bad light. Nancy Grace no exception. How childish.

1134 days ago


Looks like the pedos and child abusers are out for Nancy Grace's blood. Who else would hate a woman who stands up for children's and victims' rights? Ryan O'Neal was good in his heyday over 30 years ago, but since then he's gone downhill. He's another child abuser and jerk. The way he treated his oldest son is just shameful.

1134 days ago
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