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Michaele Salahi

Secretly Promised to Ditch Hubby

& Spend Life with Rock Star

9/15/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michaele Salahi
's torrid affair with Journey guitarist Neal Schon was so passionate -- the two secretly promised to spend the rest of their lives together ... despite their respective marriages.

Michaele confided in one friend back in 2009 -- when her relationship with Neal had suddenly turned sexual -- "I remember crying so hard once when I told Neal I couldn't see him -- heartbroken. He was always the love I never knew where it would go."

Michaele explained, "We promised one another that we would [...] grow old together into our 80s and always love and be there for one another."

Michaele and Neal even sent sexually explicit messages to each other around that time -- in one message, Schon signed off, "xxxoooxxxoo Kiss, lick, and a nice stiff one 4 ya lol Neal."

But long before it became sexual, their relationship had been filled with suspense -- according to sources extremely close to Michaele, the secret lovers struggled to restrain themselves from the very moment they met in 1995.

And Michaele was determined to keep it all a secret the entire time -- telling Schon two years ago, "I didn't put [our pictures] up on Facebook ever to cherish you and keep you my secret. I love who you are too much."

Neal replied he would never have married his ex-wife in 2001 if he had known the full extent of Michaele's feelings -- but clearly, none of that matters now.



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1133 days ago


Seriously...please stop giving these folks all this attention! What she did was wrong...plain and simple. If you don't want to be with your spouse any longer, at least be adult enough to tell them to their face, and don't parade around behind their back...or run off to leave them thinking the worst.

1133 days ago


IF this is how they truly feel, get divorces and marry each other. I'm not a fan of infidelity, but I don't think you should be be with a person when you want to be with another.

1133 days ago


They'll never grow old together--5 years tops.

1133 days ago



1133 days ago


how sweet..
Psycho Blonde nabs Wornout Rockstar!
Old habit, new people.
He's gonna need heavy therapy after this

1133 days ago


Vortex of Douche-ness

1133 days ago


Michaela must have TMZ on speed dial. How is TMZ obtaining such personal detail otherwise, and so quickly!

This relationship is doomed because they look like Mo and Shep together. She has to squat to kiss the guy. As soon as the pics of them together come out, and he sees how ridiculous he looks, he will end it. JMO.

1133 days ago


I hate to admit it but she is one of the prettier "real houseskanks". Lots of publicity to garner ratings.

1133 days ago

Ghost Rider    

They make it look so easy, never hooked up with one girl in all my years playing guitar because Madonna converted all the young impressionable girls in my generation into guy hating, self impowered, super lesbians. Born to late I guess.

1133 days ago


Does this skank know Neal's track record? He's a talented musician with a wandering eye. He needs to dump Salutty on the nearest curb and never look back. She's immature to share her intimate moments in emails with friends. She's bad news and we should stop giving her publicity

1133 days ago


Did you have to put this up right after lunch? I just sort of vomited.

1133 days ago


Regardless if I like any of these people I hope Tareq puts bullet in Neal's head. This kind of deception is more painful than that bullet that’s coming. Of course she deserves the other bullet.

1133 days ago


TMZ who gives a **** about this whore and this has been please come on!!!

1133 days ago


Feel bad for the husband. Doesn't matter what he was like, this **** hurts to the very depths of your soul.

Women always cheat man. I doubt there's a monogamous woman out there from the ages of 18 to 65.

Men, get a clue. Stop giving these women rings. You know what the outcome is? Her, spread eagle in some seedy hotel home with another guy getting smashed. Oh, and if you file for divorce after she does that to you? She's taking your kids, your house and half your finances.

Wake up and say no to the prison that is known as marriage to men.

For women it's 100% different. When a man cheats on his wife, and she files for divorce, she gets half his **** (or more) the house and the kids. Which is fair, in my opinion.

All we men get is Lifetime alimony to a cheating slut.

Sooo not worth it.

1133 days ago
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